Radiating Positive Vibes Through Body Neutrality: Let’s Appreciate our Body!

Body Neutrality

I was always judged for having a clumsy body. No matter how much exercise I do or how much dieting I do, the fat never leaves me! Someone introduced me to the concept of body positivity. If I tell you, body positivity used to be an ideal way of cultivating relationships with our bodies.

However, there is a new term, body neutrality! Body neutrality is the new concept of considering your body as a healthy body so that we can engage with our physical selves as well. The best part I like about body neutrality is that it does not tell you to love your body or practice self-love! It is something different than other body-positive ideas.

This article covers the movement of body neutrality; it also tells you how body neutrality differs from body positivity along with how you can accept this concept for radiating positivity within your body. So, let’s get started.

What is Body Neutrality?

The concept of body neutrality is based on the idea of acceptance. It tells us to accept our bodies as it is and its current form. Body neutrality totally differs from body positivity as it does not ask us to get indulged in mantras, self-love, or positive talk.

Practicing Body Neutrality

Moreover, it asks us to encourage our body of what it is capable of performing, it asks us to acknowledge that if we try to focus more on positivity, it might turn into toxic positivity and it may not function properly as it is doing right now.

Body neutrality focuses on attaching more yourself with your body and it totally discourages fretting about your physical appearance. It asks us to see our body as a functioning group of organs. As per research, people are more engaging with body neutrality than the movement of body positivity.

Differences between Body Neutrality and Body Positivity

Body Neutrality Body Positivity
Body neutrality encourages us to appreciate our body as it is and its functionality. Body positivity is based on physical appearance.
Body neutrality also focuses on accepting our bodies as they are functioning well and they are helping us to live. Body positivity is based on “everyone is beautiful.”
The concept of body neutrality brings more happiness and peace to the people with marginalized bodies. Body positivity focuses on encouraging people to love their physical selves.
Frequent headaches or muscle aches Feeling dizzy or short of breath
It is not based on self-love. Only fits people with typical beauty standards.

Practicing Body Neutrality:

Here are some ways to accept your body as it is with the concept of body neutrality:

1. Self-Talk

Acceptance does not come quickly. To change the mindset and accept your body as it is, you can start communicating with yourself. You have to adapt a neutral mindset wherein you can start with:

  • Acknowledging the functionality of your body
  • Acknowledging the sickness or illness you might have
  • By performing self-love activities that uplift your neutrality about your body

2. Mindful Communication

Sadly, we live in a society wherein everyone has their different point of view about an ideal body. However, we are slowly moving towards suppressing unrealistic standards. In such cases, mindful conversation with others can help you and others to understand the concept of body neutrality. If it begins to be toxic, simply quit such conversations.

3. Eating Healthy

When I say body neutrality, it does mean you can adopt unhealthy eating habits. It is also about eating healthy and concentrating more on your physical self and taste buds. Choosing the right food for your body will enhance your physical wellbeing. I am not asking you to diet. It’s just I am telling you to eat healthy which suits your body.

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4. Clothing

Of course, you can wear anything that is comfortable for you. Don’t let judgmental notions come into your mind. However, you can choose such dresses which present your inner self and makes you comfortable. Do not let fashion or unrealistic standards ruin your comfort.

5. Exercise

Every human being gets benefits from movement. You might not be an exercise person, however, to keep your body fit, get comfy towards exercising. I am not asking you to burn fat, it’s just to keep your body active and choose activities that bring joy. You can try:

  • Swimming
  • Roller skating
  • Dance party
  • Dance class
  • Cleaning
  • Learning musical instruments
  • Cycling
  • Walking

6. Social engagement

We cannot deny the fact that social media is complex. I know it helps us to stay connected with our loved ones but on the other hand, it also presents unrealistic body positivity. If someone is promoting such content, you can simply just unfollow them or mute them on social media.

Body Neutral affirmation

I hope this blog helps you to understand and practice body neutrality. Comment down and let us know how body neutrality helped you to accept your body as it is. For more such inspiring content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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