Mom Rage: Causes, Effects And Treatment

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Mom rage usually affects mothers during pregnancy or postpartum stage and even after years of having a baby you can experience mom rage. It is very normal for us to expect an angry outburst of anger tantrums from babies but did you know new mothers can have the same behavior.

‘Mom rage’ is nothing unnatural. It happens and it happens to a lot of women. Imagine you being busy all day taking care of your baby along with your household chore and balancing your work with it and when you finally lay on the bed to relax your tiny little munchkin wants a feed. You ask your partner to hand over the bottle and they begin their rant about how tired they are. Now, that’s going to make even a rock angry.

Postpartum anger or rage is common but if you recognise mom rage in you or someone you know it’ll be best to speak to a professional and learn some anger management skills. Motherhood rage is not simply a phase of anger tantrum, it can be an indicator of underlying mental health issues. Never take mom rage lightly, always get it treated.

Let’s understand ‘mom rage’ in detail…

What Is Mom Rage?



Mom Rage also known as maternal rage, motherhood rage or maternal anger is an intense feeling of anger or rage during or after pregnancy. Motherhood rage isn’t an accepted psychological diagnosis but it acts as a strong indicator of some underlying mental health condition.

Mom rage can be referred to as the unexplained anger experienced by new or old mothers. It looks like you have entered an anger fit in it’s full potential. These anger fits are often of a destructive nature and have the ability to interfere with your normal routine functioning.

Even though postpartum anger and rage may seem frightening and terrifying, it can be managed if you know some techniques of anger management for moms. If not, we’ll help you with some tips to manage postpartum anger and rage.

What Causes Mom Rage?

Well, mom rage is common among new moms there are a few things that can specially trigger postpartum anger and rage. Let’s take a look at the causes of mom rage;

Effects Of Mom Rage


Mom rage or motherhood rage of course is not limited to herself. It affects people around her, especially her children. Mom rage can have negative implication son her children as well as her partner and family member;

  • Children may feel unsafe around you
  • Children might develop emotions and behavioral issues
  • Children might become overly compliant
  • They might copy your mom rage
  • They might develop maladaptive attachment styles
  • Mom rage can create distance between you and your partner
  • It can foster marital discord
  • Mom rage can develop feelings of shame and guilt in both partners
  • Will distance your from your children

Ways To manage Mom Rage

When it comes to mom rage, the first thing you need to do is get professional guidance. There are various therapeutic options that can help you with your anger issues as a mother. You need to keep in mind that mom rage doesn’t only happen to new moms, it can happen to any mother who is at risk.

Let’s look at a few ways mom rage can be managed;

  • Learn anger management for moms
  • Engage in self take
  • consider therapy
  • You can even try medication to manage your mom rage
  • Learn to anticipate triggers
  • Stress management techniques
  • Mindfulness based relaxation techniques
  • Learn to establish some boundaries
  • Try couple therapy
  • Keep a check on your diet, sleep and exercise
  • Invest your time in recreational activities that you enjoy

That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this blog about mom rage interesting and informative. Mom rage may seem like a minor discomfort but trust me if you don’t manage mom rage it can turn into a severe mental health condition. Mom rage has adverse effects on your children as well as your family members. If you identify mom rage in you or someone you know, encourage them to get help.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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