Teen Counseling Review: Helping Teens Thrive Through Professional Guidance

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Last Update on May 11, 2022 : Published on November 20, 2020

TeenCounseling is a reliable platform for online therapy for teens where parents seek the appropriate counselor for their teenage kids. It is a part of BetterHelp which happens to be one of the largest counseling services of the world.

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Telehealth services are a new trend nowadays and have a remarkable impact on the population. For those who didn’t want to visit a therapist in person or were shy of being judged by society, online therapy has proved to be the right solution for them.

Similar is the case with TeenCounseling which offers options like phone calls, and text and video call for counseling.

Teen Counseling

Key Features: 

  • Average Price:​ $45-$65 per week
  • Mobile Apps: iOS, Android
  • HIPAA-Compliant: Yes
  • Session Types: Video, chat, and phone calls
  • Area of  Expertise: Teen and Kids Counselling

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Teen Counseling Specialties & Areas of Expertise:

It is interesting to know that TeenCounseling appeared in 2013 with one clear goal: Helping teenagers to sail through tough times.

One can find more than 1000 licensed counselors who are independent experts and readily assist teenagers in fighting the tough problems they are dealing with. Variety of problems that haunt teenagers include:

Counseling for troubled teens is an important part of recovering from the difficulties, hence shall not be avoided.

NOTE: If a teenager is trying to hurt themselves and is going through urgent crisis situations, one must call emergency numbers- 911 or 1-800-273-8255.

Let us figure out how to sign up, get the payment processed, and working of TeenCounseling here in order to look for teenager psychotherapy.

Signing Up For Teen Counseling

Signing up for TeenCounseling is an easy process and can be understood by a teenager as well as a parent very easily. As soon as you land on the website, you need to select if you are a parent or a teen by clicking on the button.

Signing Up Of TeenCounseling

Now comes a small questionnaire which requires to be filled according to the option selected above. Your age, gender, problems you are facing, past therapeutic experience, suicidal thoughts, country, etc. are asked if you select ‘I’m a Teen’ above.

Your identity remains anonymous. This form goes into the process to find a suitable counselor for the teen. Although a therapist is assigned to you when you complete the whole sign-up process by entering your contact information and paying the selected fees.

After the Sign-in Process, you will have to provide details of your parents or guardian or the person you will take consent from.

Who will pay and provide consent

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Working On Teen Counseling

To begin the process, you are asked to complete a questionnaire. Here, you fill out the problem troubling your child or the situation they are going through. The therapist understands the case and as a parent, you start talking to them and understand them. Once you approve the therapist and his approach, the child can come into the picture and connect with the counselor.

Online counseling for teens could be stepped up via text, phone calls, and video calls. There are separate rooms dedicated to children and therapists for counseling and the communication remains absolutely secure from the outside world.

If the child is feeling low, they can drop the message in the room anytime and the therapist gets back to them as soon as they are available again. Do not worry about the usage of applications and websites as a non-techie can also understand the usage very easily.

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Pros and Cons of Teen Counseling:


  • Free seven days trial.
  • Parents can communicate with their child therapist independently
  • The discussion between teen and counselor is discreet.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use mobile app
  • Unlimited counseling is provided after a flat price payment.
  • All counselors licensed professional counselors
  • Instantly matched to a therapist even before payment.


  •  Counselors may not be able to reply as quickly as expected due to time differences.
  • Therapists cannot prescribe medication
  • No human interaction while signup process

Teen Counseling Privacy Policy:

It is understandable that privacy is a major concern when teenagers’ therapy is taken into account. The good news is that your privacy is taken very carefully and seriously with safety and confidentiality as major elements.

The private chat rooms for discussion are rigged with 256-bit encryption and the platform overall uses SSL encryption system to keep security maintained. Moreover, all the therapists and counselors follow strict privacy laws and are state-certified.

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You may not be able to connect the Teen Counseling prices with insurance companies but this is another positive point. None of your personal information would be shared with third parties, keeping your privacy intact.

In fact, your phone number is also not shared with the therapist. Yes, TeenCousneling follows all the required laws to keep teenage issues and their privacy a priority.

Teen Counseling Pricing Details:

Teen Counseling-Pricing
Teen Counseling Pricing Details

The concept of flat membership fees is applicable to the service receivers and they range from $45 to $65. Let us also give you the options that exist with TeenCounseling.

$45 per week: It includes unlimited text-based counseling with your therapist. However, if one wishes to have a live therapy session then they can pay $25 for every session.

$65 per week: It includes unlimited text-based counseling with your therapist as well as 4 live therapy sessions. You can cancel the membership plan as and when you feel like it.

Teen Counseling’s Counselor Qualifications:

The team of experts one can find with Teen Counseling include:

  • Psychologists (Ph.D., Psy.D)
  • Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT)
  • Professional Counselors (LPC)
  • Clinical Social Workers (LCSW)

All the experts hold Doctoral or Masters’s Degree in their respective fields and have completed training and formal education to guide teenagers. A parent can be sure of the quality and professional counseling from the experts, hence if your child is experiencing difficulties then you must visit the Teen Counseling website today.

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Is Teen Counseling right for teenagers?

As far observed, teen counseling serves services for a specific niche i.e. teenagers and their parents. So, if you think your teenager needs someone to talk to or has mental health issues, Teen counseling is definitely made for you. It is the best company for seeking parental advice as well.

Mental health issues of teenagers revolve around bullying, social anxiety, anxiety, depression, sleeping issues, chronic stress, and more. the point to be noted is that this company only works after parental consent which means they provide security and safety together.

Moreover, therapy sessions are only designed for 30 minutes and as of now, they do not offer any kind of medication management. Therefore, I might not recommend this company for severe mental health issues like severe depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, panic disorders, and more. However, in mild cases, this company is the best for teenager issues.

Additionally, teen counseling does not offer any type of emergency service therefore, if your teen is struggling with suicidal thoughts, you might have to look for other suitable options. Moreover, children with psychosis and psychotic disorders are not a good fit for availing of the services offered by teen counseling.

Bottom Line:

Many experts, as well as clients, have credited TeenCounseling as a credible platform for providing therapy for teens. No child shall go through a mental health problem but if he or she is, it is better to ask for help today. Remember, you are not alone! Rise and ask for help today by clicking the button.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is teen counseling worthwhile? 

Yes, Teen counseling is helpful for teenagers. It protects the teenager from harmful behaviors and it also works on personal changes which revolve around mental, psychological, social, and emotional. Teen counseling is best for dealing with anxiety, family issues, depression, bullying, stress, and other mental health issues. 

2. Which type of therapy works better for teenagers? 

There are several types of therapies that work for teenagers like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), family therapy, interpersonal therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). 

3. Why do teenagers need counseling? 

Teenagers need counseling because these growing kids sometimes deal with mental issues which do not provide a safe space for them to process their emotions and thoughts. With the help of counseling or therapy, they can understand their ongoing physical and mental changes and can develop confidence, dignity, respect, and empathy for others. 

4. Does teen counseling accept insurance?

No, Teen counseling does not accept insurance like BetterHelp.

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