8 Times When It’s Completely Okay To Be Selfish (#EmbracingSelfLove)

Last Update on October 21, 2022 : Published on October 26, 2022

One day I decided to go on a solo trip and asked my husband to look after our child for a day. He agreed and I went on a solo trip. The trip turned out to be pretty amazing but I was seriously worried about my 11 months old and my husband.

I asked at that time, am I selfish, what I am even doing here without my family? At the same moment, one quote strike-through the gram, “sometimes you have to be selfish to be selfless!” This quote changed my whole perspective and I finally understood that there are certain times when being selfish is okay! It’s the new way of embracing self-love.

In this world, being selfish is always related to negative undertones and it is also considered self-centeredness. But, when we focus on prioritizing ourselves or our emotional needs, it can turn out to be a normal thing! Self-love helps in increasing compassion, warmth, kindness, and patience so it is completely okay to lean into selfishness for a moment to rejuvenate yourself and bounce back positively.

In this blog, I have listed 8 times when it is completely okay to be selfish and prioritize yourself.

Let’s Redefine the Term “Selfish”

Our philosophies are built in such a way that whenever “selfish” comes into our minds, we start reciprocating the whole situation in a negative way. We start thinking about self-involvement, self-serving, or self-centeredness. But, have you ever tried looking at the situation with a whole new point of positivity, self-care, and self-love?

Do you remember it is completely okay to be concerned about your profit, your interest, and your pleasure without seeking consideration from others? Being selfish simply means, putting our needs first before putting anyone else’s viewpoints. Sometimes, it is really not important to seek validation from others and do something for yourself. You need to stop defining your terms based on others’ validation.

8 Common Situations wherein you can be Selfish to Embrace Self-Love

Being selfish is a normal thing sometimes, especially when you’re doing that thing to rejuvenate yourself. There are certain times wherein “being selfish” is important so that you can take extra care of yourself and embrace the journey of self-love.

1. You are looking for a change

If you haven’t had a moment for yourself in a while, you can take some time out and do something different and unique so that you can avoid the monotonous life. This will help you in focusing on yourself for a while. I always suggest taking such time for yourself regularly so that you can avoid depleting yourself.

2. You are feeling the need to avoid everything

If you are experiencing burnout, it is completely okay to avoid people, places, social gatherings, and events to take some time for yourself and overcome the burnout. During such times, you can enjoy reading a book, painting something, or focusing on self-care. Here are some more ways to overcome work burnout.

3. You want to go on vacation

There are certain times when we want to put everything aside and simply go on a vacation to take a break. It’s okay to feel that way and enjoy a period of recreation and leisure. Moreover, wherever you go on a vacation, try avoiding work and family responsibilities so that you can actually refuel yourself from the exhaustion of the daily grind.

4. You are working toward a goal

If you are working toward a long-term goal for a long time, you must remember that you must take time for yourself so that you can self-improve and self-develop to think about more new innovative ideas. Additionally, it is also important to advocate your emotional needs, they help in empowering yourself.

5. You need rest

Sometimes, we feel tired emotionally, physically, and mentally. During such phases, it is really important to leave everything and take a rest. Taking rest in such situations is important because it may result in memory issues, a weak immune system, trouble concentrating, and more.

6. You are celebrating small victories

If you have recently accomplished something, you must get yourself some time out and celebrate your small victories. It will help in gaining motivation to achieve other big or small victories lined up your way.

7. You need time to deal with challenges

It’s a fact that life is full of ups and downs. Some challenging moments can make us demotivated and harsh on ourselves. Therefore, you must take out some time to build your inner strength and bounce back stronger.

8. You simply need some alone time.

It’s okay if you don’t have any reason, if you simply want some alone time, you can have it and enjoy it till you’re all prepped up to beat the challenges.

I hope this blog helps you be selfish, to be selfless and focus on your emotional needs. Comment down and share your views on “why being selfish can be good for you?” For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

And, don’t forget to prioritize yourself!

Thanks for reading.

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