Why Am I So Scared Of Death Lately? 10 Reasons Why You’re Scared (And How To Stop Worrying)

Last Update on January 5, 2022 : Published on December 24, 2021
Why Am I So Scared

“I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” – Woody Allen

Who isn’t afraid of death? You might not think about death all the time but it’s always there. Like life, death is inevitable. Talking about death is taboo in many cultures but not talking about it doesn’t make it go away.

People rarely openly express their fear of death because no one wants to dampen the mood or maybe they are too afraid thinking about death that they avoid talking about it.

In any case, all of us still think about the inevitability of death, what happens after we die, and how will our loved ones feel after we’re gone.

It’s normal to be scared of death and in some cases, contemplating the unavoidable might help you make important life-changing decisions. Maybe help you chase your dreams, live your passion, or find your life’s purpose.

However, if you’re wondering, “Why am I so scared of death lately?” then let’s delve deeper and look at some potential reasons why you’re thinking about death so much.

Why Am I Scared Of Death?

Why Am I Scared Of Death

Did you know that death anxiety or fear of death is called ‘Thanatophobia’? Well, this fear or phobia can cause a person to experience severe anxiety and distress when they think about death or are exposed to death, regularly.

For example, doctors, nurses, and emergency workers might be more vulnerable to developing a fear of death than others. However, many people may develop this fear without any certain triggers or factors.

Is it okay to be scared of death?

In the last year, many people have been exposed to death – in their families, close circles, workplaces. Many a time, people develop a fear of death because they struggle with not knowing how to move on or understand the loss of their loved one.

Being scared of death is normal. It’s okay to fear the unknown, especially when your beliefs and values – cultural, spiritual, or religious – don’t mesh with your reality.

Why Do I Think About Death So Much?

Why Do I Think About Death So Much

Well, apart from unexpected losses and unmatched beliefs, there are certain psychological reasons why you are thinking about or are scared of death lately:

1. You Lost Someone Close To You

One of the most common reasons why you might be scared of death lately can be because you recently lost someone close to you. When this happens, we tend to think about morality more than ever. The experience can be devastating especially when you’re not prepared for it.

If you start feeling stressed or anxious about death, you can try to take a step back and look at the situation from a different perspective. Think about the circumstances, age, cause, etc.

2. Funerals Cause You Discomfort

In general, people are uncomfortable with arranging or attending funerals. Many people might believe that if they attend a funeral that they might be next. It’s all superstitions but still, funerals might cause such thinking. These fears are often irrational and are caused by cultural beliefs.

If funerals make you uncomfortable you can try to talk to people who’ve been to funerals before and politely ask about their experiences. The more you talk and dismiss your irrational thoughts, the more your fear and discomfort in funerals will decrease. You can also ask a friend or your support person to attend a funeral with you.

3. You’re Dreaming Of Death

One of the common reasons people are scared of death is because they dream about death. Many cultures believe that dreaming of death is an omen and they might lose their loved one or they might die unexpectedly.

In such a case, you can try reading more about dream interpretations as many religious and spiritual perspectives say different things about dreaming of death. You can also ask yourself if you’ve recently lost someone close to you that might be triggering such dreams.

4. You Have Unresolved Trauma

Any unresolved trauma in your life can also cause you to think about death. Situations like witnessing the death of your parents or a sibling can also cause you to fear death. It is perfectly natural to be scared of death in such cases.

You can try to seek therapy and resolve any trauma. If you keep suppressing the trauma it can manifest later and turn into a phobia. Talking to a grief counselor can help.

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5. You Have Unresolved Relationships

If you have any unresolved feelings about a relationship that is making you feel anxious then it could also contribute to your fear of death. You might be worried about what would happen if you die without mending the relationship.

You can try to take steps to fix the relationships and ask for forgiveness if needed. Be ready to forgive others. It might be uncomfortable in the beginning but it would ease your worries and dial down the fear of death.

6. Your Life’s Purpose Is Still Missing

Another reason why you’re so scared of death lately might be because your life’s purpose is still missing. Many people have a clear purpose and they work hard to reach their goals but sometimes you don’t know what your life’s purpose is and the worry can become overwhelming, turning into the fear that you’re running out of time.

You can try to start writing your goals and define your life’s purpose. Create a plan on how you can achieve your goals. Work every day to reach your goals and dream. This will help you embrace life and less fear about death.

7. You’re Worried About Your Family

Older adults are more likely to worry about leaving their families behind as they see themselves as the head of the house. They believe that without their support their families might not be able to survive. This fear or over-worry about leaving families to fend for themselves might also be causing you to fear death lately.

You can try to plan your finances accordingly, get your life insurance policies, and get all documents ready to ease your mind about death and the what-ifs.

8. You Haven’t Planned Your Future Yet

Planning your future is important – not only for yourself but for your loved ones. If you haven’t done any future planning, then this might also be contributing to your fear of death. Not having a plan for your loved ones after you’re gone might be giving you nightmares.

You can try to get some end-of-life documents ready or consult with a financial planner to effectively plan your current finances so that you’re less worried about your loved ones.

9. You’re Scared Of Dying Alone

One of the common reasons why many people are scared of death is because they’re scared of dying alone. Loneliness might be a very big factor in contributing to your fear of death lately. Other than loneliness, you might be scared of getting sick without anyone to care for you.

You can try to make a plan that you can use in an emergency. You can keep your neighbors or friends on speed dial. Make sure that there are people who check in with you if you’re living alone.

10. You’re Worried About Your Legacy

Another thing that might be making you feel scared of death might be the thought of leaving this world without leaving your legacy behind. You might be worried about your contribution to your family, your community, your society.

You can try to make a list of some accomplishments you’ve achieved in your life, how you’ve helped others, and how you’re continuing to make a difference. It might help you come to terms with accepting your legacy and place in the world.

How To Stop Worrying About Death?

How To Stop Worrying About Death

Like we overcome our other fears, the fear of death also includes taking control of our anxiety. As soon as you accept your feat, you’ll give yourself the power to take control.

One of the best ways to stop worrying about death is to seek therapy. Therapy provides a safe space to share your utmost fears and thoughts while working towards building healthier coping habits.

No one can avoid death but letting what hasn’t come to pass yet can make you scared of living your life to the fullest. You need to accept that death is a part of life and no matter how much it scares you, you can’t waste your life, your precious time worrying about something that you can’t control.

Instead of worrying about something that’s out of your control, live in the moment. Instead of being scared of death, you can embrace your life, change your negative habits, and live life your way, on your terms.

If you’re scared of death lately and can’t seem to escape it, you can connect with a professional below or write to us at info@calmsage.com. I hope this article helped you answer the question, “Why am I so scared of death lately?”.

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Don’t just survive, live!

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