Why We Need To Pay More Attention To Women’s Mental Health

Last Update on March 10, 2022 : Published on March 13, 2022
Women and mental health

Mental health is important for every human being but it is important to understand that there is a difference between men’s and women’s mental well-being. Various researches show that women are much more prone to psychological issues whose main reason is the difference in between the brains of men and women.

Author Diane Mariechild said,

‘A woman is full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform’. Women have the capacity to undertake multiple tasks at the same time and it is embedded within their system.

As per WHO,

1 in every 5 women are experiencing some kind of mental illness and there are multiple reasons for it. It includes multiple responsibilities at the same time, facing gender discrimination, domestic violence and many others. Moreover, women avoid asking for help or justification because of the stigma or fear of being called insensitive.

How Is Mental Health Different Amongst Genders?

Let’s understand some factors associated with differences in women’s mental health compared to men.

1. Biological influence:

The hormonal fluctuations of a female play a major role in mental health. Estrogen protects the brain during severe phases during the menstrual cycle and even maintains the structure of the human brain’s neurons. However, women tend to produce less serotonin naturally which is actually responsible for stabilizing mood and countering depression.

2. Social & Cultural influence:

Even if the gender gap is bridging at one end, it is still the same at another. Women face challenges when it comes to socio-economic upliftment in terms of power, status, money, dependence or reputation. On another side, girls are abused physically more often than the boys and results in depression or panic disorder.

3. Behavioral influence:

Women are many times afraid of reporting any violence or abuse due to society’s behavioral ideas. Also, researchers have claimed that doctors are prone to diagnosing women with depression and treat them with mood-altering drugs.

Mental Illnesses: Difference Between Men & Women

1. Depression: Twice as many women experience depression in their lives when compared with men. Such depressive disorders account for 40% more disability in women than 30% in men.

2. Anxiety: Anxiety is although very common amongst all the genders but it has been found that testosterones amongst men have antidepressant and antianxiety benefits. Also, women contribute to higher diagnosis of anxiety than men.

3. Trauma: The risk of developing mental health issues during war, displacement and natural disasters is higher in women. Moreover, PTSD caused by violence and sexual abuse can develop more symptoms of mental illnesses.

4. Eating disorders: With all the obsessive thoughts of body image, body weight and appearance, one can understand why women are more than half of the population developing anorexia and bulimia.

5. Suicide: Women are more likely to attempt suicide. However, it is the men who have committed more suicides.

Hey Women, Take Care Of Yourself!

Women, you go through so many things in your life and that too in one single moment. From being a successful businesswoman to an everyday bread earner, a home based mother to a sister of your brother, beautiful daughter to an amazing grandmother, you have got it all.

And by looking at the above statistics, this International Women’s Day wants you to go sustainable. Here are some ways women can boost their mental health and take good care of themselves.

These self-care tips are not about going for expensive spas and hot Jacuzzis. Neither are related to credit card shopping but these ideas are very simple and shall be practiced religiously.

1. A boost of VItamin D is much required every day and it can be done by sitting in sunshine for 15 minutes. Not only will you get Vitamin D but also experience a good mood.

2. Unplug all devices and leave them behind to spend time with you. Whether it’s a long walk in the park or reading a book in a peaceful place, you have got to own it.

3. Practice forgiveness because those who forgive others have much better mental well-being and a satisfactory life.

4. An active lifestyle is very important for you because not only it makes you physically strong but also cuts out stress. Unwind yourself with 30 minutes of yoga or walk.

5. Laughter is the best medicine to keep the blood flowing and open all the blockages in the body. Laughing out generates emotions and activates pleasure centers. And you know the best part, it makes others smile too.

Pro Tip: This International Women’s Day, promise yourself to seek professional help if stress, depression, PTSD or any other mental illness is bothering you. Team Calm Sage wants you to give a call to the nearest mental health professional or talk to them online today. Grow your mind with beautiful thoughts and a positive outlook.

Happy Women’s Day,

To all the ladies and to all the men who equally support women during their journey of becoming independent, mentally strong and a support system for everyone around them.

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