A Therapist Cannot Be Your Friend. Here’s Why!

Last Update on October 21, 2020 : Published on October 21, 2020
A Therapist Cannot Be Your Friend. Here’s Why!

No matter how close you are your friend, the professional boundaries of a therapeutic relationship could not be maintained with them. No, we are not saying that your friends don’t understand you or help you cross tough times but there are various reasons why your friends must not replace the therapist.

Before indulging the reasons why your therapist can’t be your friend or why you cannot expect professional therapy from a friend, you might want to know the birth of this spark. A few years back,

Kanye West spoke out in an interview and said:

I want to change the stigma of mental health. I use the world as my therapy, as my therapist. I will pull them in conversation of what I’m feeling at that point and get their perspective.’

The stigma revolving around mental health may become a barrier to approach a therapist but understanding the benefits of therapy may surely help in crossing the same. Figured out the point? If not, here are the reasons why your friend cannot be your therapist.

5 Reasons Your Friends Should Never Replace Therapy

If you wish to find some rules of psychotherapy, learn that therapists follow some limitations like:

  • There is no physical contact between therapist and patient.
  • There is no personal relationship between therapist and patient outside the clinic or consultation room.
  • A therapist avoids excessive worrying about patients and maintains objectivity towards the patient.

Other reasons include:

1. A Therapist Will Not Judge You

You can open all your thoughts and feelings in front of a therapist without even worrying about being judged. A therapist gives you complete privacy and confidentiality so that all the things that embarrass you in front of your friends could be spoken out. They observe the pattern of your thoughts and try to figure out solutions with collaborative efforts. The best part is the professional relationship between the two parties that keep judgement out of the picture.

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2. A Therapist Figures Out Problems Like No One Does

Think about sharing your problem with a family member. Although they want to see you happy, they will advise you in a protective manner. Now consider sharing the issue with your friends. They also want to see you happy but they will mostly agree with you to make you feel better.

The best scene is to speak out to a therapist who will look at the problem in a professional and neutral manner with complete honesty and objectivity.

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3. Therapists Are Experienced With Years Of Training

Another reason why your friend should not replace a therapist is that they have a biased opinion towards you. Moreover, they may not be able to understand your psychological behaviors or the professional tools to help you with right actions. Many therapists have done case studies and handled patients that help others with coping mechanisms. Their years of training are simply most effective to treat your problems.

4. Talking To the Wrong Friend May Even Make Things Worse

Not everyone has the capability to listen to you patiently. Similarly, not everyone could be empathetic enough to you. If you are sharing your story to someone who doesn’t keep it confidential or judge you with the next moment, you may feel broken inside. Although some friends are definitely much more understanding and helps you in venting out thoughts, therapists could never be compared to them.

5. They Help You Grow As An Individual

A therapist cannot be your friend because he is equipped with tools that give you insight about yourself. Sometimes we live in delicate situations where acceptance becomes a major problem. However, therapists give you time to grow personally and emotionally. You begin realizing your own potential which might not be that easy to do around friends.

How Do You Know If You Need To See A Therapist?

‘Not yet, I am fine!’ or ‘I am alright.’ could be some of the lies you have been telling yourself for some time now. But did you actually look for the signs that tell you to see a therapist? Well, check them out.

  • You are not able to control the intensity of your emotions. Uncontrollable sadness, anger or hopelessness has been residing in your mind for some time now.
  • If you have gone through a traumatic event and are not able to cope up with it.
  • You are over-relying on substance and feel that it can numb your painful feelings.
  • You are keeping yourself distant from all the activities that you loved before.
  • All your relationships are scraping off the place.

online therapy the new normal

A Word From Author

Working as a blogger and mental health advocate for quite some time now, I understood the importance of therapists very well. When any of my friends look for an opinion, I listen to them carefully but advise them to seek answers with the help of a therapist.

Although it has been noticed that most of them are scared of the stigma, those who actually went for therapy are calm today. This was the time I personally understood why a therapist can’t be your friend or why your friends should never replace therapy.

Indulge in professional help today by dropping us a message at info@calmsage.com and get help of an expert for best outcomes in life.

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