What Are Sound Baths & How This Ancient Practice Promotes Mental Peace

Last Update on October 26, 2023 : Published on July 3, 2020
What is Sound Bath

Does sound baths literally mean bathing (like bubble bath) or is it diving in the pool of different sounds? Many of the readers and inquisitive minds wondered what sound bath was when they first heard this term. Well, we mean to give you a complete guide on sound baths including their working, health benefits and those tools which produce calming and healing effects.

What Are Sound Baths?

Sound bath is a form of self-care where one gets deeply immersed in calming sounds and vibrations. These sound frequencies have the power to heal the soul. One falls into the state of deep relaxation and meditation and starts visiting their inner emotions. This journey itself is positively self-perpetuating when the stress, depression or disorders begin to exit from your body. As and when the session of sound bath meditation ends, the person feels lively and vibrant like never before.

Is Sound Bath An Ancient Practice?

Sound Bath An Ancient Practice

We already have an idea that there are various types of meditation and many of them have their roots in history. Similarly, Greeks and Tibetans utilized the technique of sound bath to cure various bodily issues like insomnia, mental disturbances, etc. For example, try to realize that when you are stressed in today’s scenario, don’t you want to put on some music that helps you refresh your mind and mood? You do, right? Music has always been a driving force in calming your nerves down.

However, sound baths were used in many other cultures to cure high blood pressure, improve metabolic processes and even balance the chakras of the human body.

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What Are Some Health Benefits Of Sound Bath?

As we have an idea by now that sound bath healing can balance the body chakras, restores the calm and relax the body-mind, there are some more health benefits associated with it.

  1. Release stress and anxiety: Sound bath takes your brain into a meditative state which heals the psychological disorders to a greater degree.
  2. Strengthens the nervous system: Sound bath is not only helpful for mental benefits but also physical benefits. As the heart rate and blood pressure is controlled by the vibrations and frequency, the overall nervous system is strengthened.
  3. Helps in improving focus: Once you learn to focus on the sounds during a sound bath, you certainly become focused in life and start avoiding any kind of distractions.
  4. Find the inner peace: You are able to reconnect yourself with life once again after attaining soul and body consciousness.

Which Are The Most Common Sound Bathing Tools?

There are different instruments that create a variety of frequencies. Moreover, professionals make combinations of instruments for sound bathing depending on the healing session. Some  common sound bathing tools known are:

1. Tibetan Singing Bowl

tibetan Singing Bowl

Made up of different metals, the sounds produced by Tibetan singing bowls gives a balanced body and mind.

2. Crystal Singing Bowl

crystal Singing Bowl

Crystal singing bowls are made up of quartz crystals and they are sometimes played along with Tibetan singing bowls to create a replenished energy within.

3. Chimes


Wind chimes are usually hanged inside our homes as well because they are capable of making the surroundings clean and beautiful.

4. Gong


Gongs produce a loud sound vibration when struck and this sound bath is good enough to release all the negative energy from the body and mind.

5. Digital Sound

Thankfully, you can go for a sound bath at our home in peace while playing the digital music on phone or laptop. Although these sounds are not as effective as the real instruments, they still help in relaxing the body and mind effectively.

How Do I Prepare Myself For Sound Bath?

This preparation means physical and emotional cleaning of the body & mind. We are giving you some tips here before you reach for a sound bath or prepare yourself for the same at home.

  • Get into comfortable clothes for the therapy of self-love.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and eat light food before the session.
  • Make sure you are able to control your thoughts for only positive.
  • There must not be any distractions that break the trail of beautiful thoughts.

Once you are prepared to learn the technique of sound bath from a trained practitioner, you will be asked to undertake breathing exercises first. Later, you will be asked to follow savasana or calmly lie on the mat. The sound bath begins and you slowly get into the deep state of relaxation. Lights are also dimmed to set the mood. During the whole session of 60 to 90 minutes, you must concentrate on positive energy and positive thoughts and everything else is sidelined with the energy of a sound bath.

Some people are concerned that they would fall asleep and the thought alone stresses them. Dear, do not worry if you feel sleepy. Sound bath therapy acts differently for every person and it is absolutely okay if you sleep during a good journey of thoughts, the only concern is you must stay positive in any which way.

When Are You Trying Sound Bath?

Surely, there is a positive energy within you to get the sound bath therapy. We would love to know your experience if you have tried it or if you haven’t, when are you going to try it? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Happy meditating & Happy reading!

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