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Akanksha Soni

Akanksha is an active lifestyle blogger and writer at Calmsage. She has learnt various lessons on happiness and methods to fight depression through 'Gurus' as well as own experiences. An ardent practitioner of Yoga and meditation, she keeps traveling, writes and interacts with people to feel alive.

Types of discipline for children

Understand Types Of Discipline For Children: Avoid Corporal Punishment

Kids would always want to do things that they want and don’t wish anyone to stop them. Ya, it sounds good but practically it is not the right...
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Become a better storyteller in anxiety

How To Be A Better Storyteller In A Socially Anxious State?

After understanding the power of storytelling on mental health, I was still running in a dilemma and nervous if I could be a better storyteller. My anxiety rushes...
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Anhedonia: Causes, Signs & Treatment

Losing your interest in activities that you used to enjoy and find pleasurable earlier could be felt by many people. However, anhedonia takes this feature to a greater...
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Dance movement therapy

Dance Movement Therapy: A Beautiful Emotional & Mental Support

Dance movement therapy (DMT) or dance therapy is therapeutic for your mental and emotional health. It also allows a person to achieve cognitive, physical and social integration. From...
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Double loop learning

Double Loop Learning: Value Underlying Feelings

Business theorist, Chris Argyris, formed the concepts of modern organizational development and organizational learning theory. One of the most important ideas is double-loop learning which focuses on behavior...
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best video therapy services

Best Video Therapy Services Of 2021

The demand for video therapy has risen by 50% during the first quarter of 2020 when compared to the same quarter in 2019, as reported by the Centers...
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Panic attack vs anxiety attack

Panic Attack vs Anxiety Attack: Know The Difference

‘Panic attack’ and ‘anxiety attack’ are two terms that often leave people confused due to similarity in symptoms. Despite the shared symptoms between the two, there is a...
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How Is Behavior Therapy Different From Psychoanalysis?

Must have heard about a number of behavior therapies, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy while searching for mental health help? In that scenario, the term Psychoanalysis also brushes aside....
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Couples therapy exercises at home

Top 15 Couples Therapy Exercises To Try At Home

Couples can visit a therapist anytime and at any age in order to keep their relationship alive and save it from falling apart. But healthy relationships are those...
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Top social issues that teens face today

Top 8 Social Issues Teens Struggle With Today

The most sensitive age to mould a personality lies in between 13 to 19 years. This age is already awkward with overwhelming struggles but intrusion of technology and...
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