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Akanksha Soni



Akanksha is an active lifestyle blogger and writer at Calmsage. She has learnt various lessons on happiness and methods to fight depression through 'Gurus' as well as own experiences. An ardent practitioner of Yoga and meditation, she keeps traveling, writes and interacts with people to feel alive.

Best habit tracker apps

5 Best Habit Tracker Apps in 2024 To Keep Your Mental Health Right

Everyday is a fresh start! And your goals are defined by your habits. Yes, we…

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Best Depression Support Groups

5 Best Depression Support Groups In 2024

Depression support groups allow a depressed individual to express his thoughts, discuss own experiences and…

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Professional online counseling for LGBTQ community

9 Best Online Counseling For LGBTQ Community 2024

Social prejudices and mental health disorders become dual stains in the life of LGBTQ community…

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Top 15 Inspirational Movies To Fight Depression in 2024

Hey fellas! If you are feeling low or your mind is bogging down with stressed…

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Overcome jealousy in relationship

How To Deal With Jealousy In A Relationship?

If you are in a relationship you must have felt jealous at times. Wondering if…

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free anger management classes

Where To Find Free Anger Management Classes That Really Help?

Online anger management classes could be abundant on the internet but finding the ones that…

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Why Holding Grudges Is Bad & How To Let It Go

Why Holding Grudges Is Bad & How To Let It Go?

“Holding a grudge is letting someone live rent-free in your head.” Whenever you are around…

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How Empty Chair Technique Is Used

Gestalt Therapy: Why & How ‘Empty Chair Technique’ Is Used?

The literal meaning of Gestalt is ‘an organized whole that is perceived as more than…

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30 Positive Self Affirmations On Your Wall To Keep You Going

Hey Guys, each one of us wants someone to praise us or tell us that…

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