10 Mental Health Benefits of Reading: Why we should invest our time in reading

Last Update on August 13, 2020 : Published on July 3, 2020
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Various studies show that mental stability stimulates growth and progress in a career. Personally speaking, whenever I feel stressed or anxious, I read books. Books are full of suggestions, ideas, self-help, and motivation. Reading books is considered as brain exercise as well. Reading keeps the brain healthy and strong. Reading always tops the chart when it comes to brain exercises.

When was the last time you read a book to enjoy the benefits or for mental peace? The benefits of reading books are not only limited to knowledge, information, or looking for some theory. If you are not kind of a daily reader then you might be missing out on a lot of benefits of reading. In this blog, I have enlisted the top 10 benefits of reading. Let’s get started.

Top 10 Benefits of Reading:

1. Reduction of Stress

Reduction of Stress-min

Stress reduction is the most important benefit of reading, as reading takes you to another world of imagination wherein you let flow your creative thoughts. Reading completely distracts your brain from stress and anxiety. Creative thoughts and imagination bring back the calm and peaceful nature. So, read anything from now onwards for effective stress management.

2. Stimulation of Mental health

Various studies show that reading improves mental stimulation. Additionally, prevents the body from the possibility of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Reading keeps the brain activity intact and prevents the brain from losing memory. Moreover, you can also read the puzzles and try to solve them to improve mental health stimulation.

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3. Vocabulary expansion

The more you read new books and topics, the more you interact with new words. While reading new subjects and topics, your vocabulary gets inevitably intact which makes your everyday communication effective. Being well-spoken and articulate is also an art that fewer people have. Great vocabulary also increases self-confidence and self-esteem.

4. Increased knowledge

Increased knowledge-min

Whenever we read something, the content gets fills in our head with new facts and information, and the best part about reading is that you can use the information anytime and anywhere. Having great knowledge is really beneficial in terms of growth, career, health, money, and whatnot.

5. Improvement of memory

When we read a book, we step into our world of creative imagination wherein we build characters, backgrounds, and nuances. We kind of plot our own series which improves our memory. How cool is that our own imagination improves memory.

6. Increased Thinking Skills

Increased thinking skills are the benefits of reading novels and stories. As novels are based on mysteries, the plotting and storyline strengthen our analytical thinking skills. The capability to

analyze the details in deeps helps us to determine what’s coming next. The benefits of reading such novels are that the mysterious plotting helps us to solve brain puzzles as well.

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7. Improved concentration and focus

Improved concentration and focus-min

Multi-tasking and hectic schedules lower our productivity level. So, when we read a book or a novel, we immerse ourselves in the book and the details. We kind of absorb every detail and fact while reading which in turn increases our concentration and focus level.

Tip: Whenever you travel or commute, read a book in the meanwhile. Every day 10-15 minutes reading will increase your focus and concentration level in the work.

8. Tranquility

In the introduction section, I mentioned that reading makes me feel relaxed. Tranquility and inner peace are the most important benefits of reading. Research shows that spirituality-based books help us to lower the blood pressure and provides calmness to the body. Reading also stabilizes any kind of mental problem and disorder.

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9. Improved writing skills

Improved and expanded vocabulary skills outcomes in better writing skills. Well-written and research topics are always appreciated. Writing is also considered an art because it requires creative thinking and research which reading provides.

10. Improved creative and imagination power

Improved creative and imagination power-min

Reading books entertain us and also improves our creativity and imagination power. While reading a story-based novel, we immerse ourselves so much in the character that we start creating our own storyline and plotting.

I hope you like this blog. Comment down and let us know which is your favorite book to read when you want to make use of the benefits of reading.

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Thanks for reading!

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