Therapy can be an active treatment for various mental and emotional problems. Find which therapy suits you and how each work with our well-researched blogs


What is Filial Therapy: Techniques and Benefits

Filial therapy is a combination of family therapy and play therapy. Filial therapy is for those…

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Amwell Alternatives

Top 10 Amwell Alternatives To Consider For Therapy & Counseling In 2022

The mental healthcare sector is improving its reach by connecting the people in need of…

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Compassion Focused Therapy

Compassion Focused Therapy: How Does It Work?

Being compassionate towards yourself and others is a very important aspect of life. Compassion has…

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What You Should Never Tell Your Therapist?

“What should you never tell a therapist?” A common query among people who have been…

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Calm Alternatives

Top 10 Free Alternatives To Calm App You Should Consider For Meditation

“Learn to be calm and you will always be happy” – Paramahansa Yogananda Feeling calm…

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Japanese Water Therapy

Japanese Water Therapy: Does It Really work?

Japanese water therapy is quite popular in Japanese medicine and among Japanese people. In fact…

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Ajna Light Therapy

Ajna Light Therapy: All You Need To Know About This New-Age Alternate Treatment

Light is what you need to face the dark - inside and outside. Light plays…

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Best Online Speech Therapy You Can Go For [2022]

The world is now virtual, everything is available online from entertainment to treatments. Online speech…

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text therapy

Things To Know About Text Therapy? How Does It Work

It is a virtual world now and texts have a major role to play. To…

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