5 Best Online Therapy Services For Kids To Protect Their Mental Health

Online therapy is one of the best channels to connect with a professional expert and tell them the problems you are facing openly. When it comes to teenage, this age is itself challenging with body ch...

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Top 3 Professional Online Counseling For LGBTQ Community

Social prejudices and mental health disorders become dual stains in the life of LGBTQ community members. The emotional challenge that members go through needs strong support for their best health. Whi...

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How To Deal With A Child’s Emotional Behavior?

Some children may get impacted by new surroundings and act overwhelmed with feelings like anger, resentment, fear or stress. During COVID 19, many kids have started misbehaving with their parents, fac...

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7 Tips On How To Help Your Loved One With Addiction

Addiction is dangerous, not only for the person consuming intoxicants but also people around them. You just cannot bear the sight of your loved one getting dissolved in negativity and continuous addic...

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What Is Sleep Restriction Therapy For Insomnia?

Sleep restriction therapy is a behavioral therapy used to treat insomnia. This therapy is based on the concept that spending excessive time on bed often develops insomnia. If one spends limited time i...

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Therapy Guide: Is Anger Therapy Right For You?

With constant stress and irritability, anger takes place in our lives. We all have experienced anger somewhere in life. However, if your level of anger is increasing day by day and turning into unpred...

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Humanistic Therapy: What Is It & How Does Humanism Work?

Humanism is a thought which believes the finding goodness in every individual is of utmost importance to have a fulfilling life. The psychology based on humanism is very simple to understand and encou...

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Aversion Therapy: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Aversion therapy can be called as a behavioral therapy that helps a person in treatment of bad or addictive behaviors. The therapy is associated with unpleasant moments attached to the repeated behavi...

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Emotion Focused Therapy: Learn About Your Emotions During Therapy

Emotion-Focused Therapy or EFT is a type of psychotherapy that prioritizes self-emotions and makes it a guide to take decisions. This therapy is based on the fact that when an individual lacks emotion...

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