7 Common Marriage Problems And Their Solutions

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Marriage problems

Like life, marriage is also full of ups and downs and perfect isn’t a word made for marriages. Even if I talk about my marriage, last week was full of an emotional ride for both of us. But, his way of not giving up on me kind of encourages me and motivates me to stay together.

While I was sitting and having a cup of coffee, I laughed and thought that these are very common problems of marriage and I should not react emotionally instead I should look for solutions.

I think this is the only reason why I am sharing my personal experience here through my writing. Personally speaking, I think we should look at these common problems as an opportunity to grow our relationship stronger.

In this blog, I am sharing 7 common problems of marriage and their solutions on the basis of my personal experience. So, let’s get started.

7 Common Marriage Problems and Solutions

1. Money Problems

Money Problems

In most relationships, the major cause of stress is money problems or maybe different pays. Financial stress causes stress and if not handled on time, it may even reach the point of separation or divorce.


  • Smartly spend your money.
  • Save in a joint account.
  • Do not compare pay.
  • Cut down your debts
  • Keep money aside while discussing personal problems.
  • Discuss with your partner before spending money on something.

2. In-laws

I am not saying that in-laws are a cause of the problem, however; sometimes they can impact most of the major problems. Meanwhile, for some couples, in-laws are like social support but for some, they might cause issues like communication gaps, misunderstandings, and more involvement in your marriage.


  • Discuss with your partner and set boundaries.
  • Effectively and peacefully convey your messages to your support system.
  • Do not get too involved in fighting in front of them.

3. Religious Differences

Religious differences can make your relationship or marriage weird in the early stages as both of the people are getting to know each other religiously as well. If you both are religiously different, it might get tricky to manage such differences. Or if one is atheist and the other is a believer, it might get weirder.


  • Welcome the opportunities to learn about each other.
  • Show support to your partner
  • Celebrate each other’s beliefs.
  • Unite together, work as a team, and give time to each to understand differences.

4. Busy Schedule

Busy schedule

The working couple may not get time to even see each other and talk. If I talk about my marriage, we both are working and both have different working schedules and due to this we often do not get time to discuss with each other before taking steps.


  • Take out at least 10 minutes and talk.
  • Mutually take all the decisions.
  • Try to connect during breaks.
  • Plan a discussion time on weekends.

5. Time management

Since we both are working, we only get time to talk on weekends. In the early stages of marriage, we didn’t get time for each other and it led to fights, arguments, and anger. Later, I found that this is really a common problem and we should solve it together.


  • Keep telling them that you love them.
  • Keep finding time for each other.
  • Make dinner together so that you can have a little chat.
  • Exercise together so that you can know and understand each other more.

6. Communication Gap

I was so single before my marriage and this resulted in independence. I used to make my own decisions; I really enjoyed “me-time”. However, after marriage, I found that letting my partner know is really important to keep my marriage healthy.

During the early stage, I used to make my own decisions without even discussing them with my partner.


  • Take your own decisions; however, just let them know whatever you’re up to.
  • Communicate frequently.
  • Plan small dates and talk about everything.

7. Chores

Of course, chores do not have a gender label, and additionally, when you both are working, you should understand your responsibilities towards house making as well.


  • Do not divide your chores, understand them and work accordingly.
  • Do not put a gender label on chores.
  • If you run into a problem, discuss it.
  • If you both are working, schedule time or a day for cleaning.

I hope this blog helps you to look at these common marriage problems as an opportunity and strengthens your relationship with your spouse. Comment down and share your experiences of challenging common marriage problems.

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Thanks for reading!

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