Conscious Escapism: The Much-Needed Break From Spiritual Journey

Last Update on August 28, 2023 : Published on March 23, 2021
Conscious escapism

From celebrities, world-renowned scholars, scientists to the common man; spiritualism has shown a path to deal with suffering in numerous cases. With a number of physical and mental aspects of spiritualism, conscious spiritualism helps a person in identifying those aspects of life which do no good. However, this path lets you take care of yourself, with what you see, listen, eat and watch.

The concern of conscious escapism rises when obsession of spiritualism takes all over you. For example, consuming healthy food becomes an obsession for someone who knows that a healthy diet keeps the body balanced. If the individual then consumes unhealthy food, he or she might feel guilty and may even expect changes in social life.

In a similar fashion, spiritualism may mean practicing meditation, reading spirituals books, being in nature, helping others and doing things that heal your soul. But during this process, if you want to enjoy a drinks night with friends, watch the latest release on Netflix or not cook your favorite meal, is it not possible?

We often try hard and harder to actually achieve our spiritual goals but it is much better if you take breaks, allow yourself to participate in activities that you love, and treat yourself with comfort. Such breaks are equally therapeutic, depending on the frequency and depth of indulgence.

What Is The Difference Between Conscious Escapism & Unconscious Escapism?

Break From Spiritual Journey

Escapism is considered as a behavior where an individual leaves reality and looks for comfort in some other place. Now escapism has two versions; conscious and unconscious. Now those who are ardently aware of their actions every day know that they are taking a break and engaging in different behavior. This is called conscious escapism.

In the case of unconscious escapism, the person is not self-aware of his or her actions. This escapism is the instant reaction to discomfort and unpleasant feelings. It could be seen as a usual way to cope up but this distraction could also take you away from yourself.

Why One Should Seek Conscious Escapism?

Conscious escapism a cheat meal that gives you happiness satiates your craving and brings you in peace. You know that you can manage calories later but you want to treat yourself in the best manner.

Similarly, this spiritual break doesn’t mean that you have left the path of spiritualism or do not respect it anymore. You are just avoiding the tipping points.

1. Depriving yourself only leads to anxiety. Being a spiritual person doesn’t mean that you cannot get angry with your spouse, put restrictions on diet or can’t watch a series of Netflix. Every human emotion is equally necessary to express for a spiritually active person too. The added layer of goodness is the control of actions according to the environment.

2. Going far in any direction creates stress. Yes, in case you are depriving yourself while moving vigorously in one single direction, you may be able to meet up some stress rather than enlightenment and peace.

3. It’s not an excuse, see it this way! No one is going to ask you how you are actually feeling and what you want except your own self. So, burn the feelings of anxiety, the stress of guilt and focus on routine escape.

How To Find Conscious Escapism?

As unconscious escapism may prove to be detrimental, controlling your impulse and acting in a direction to protect your sanity is how you need to start.

1. Play ‘Equal & Opposite’

Find yourself a valuable substitute to get rid of a prolonged habit. The substitute must give you inner satisfaction while calming down the impulse attached to unhealthy habits. However, this new valuable substitute shall give you energy and control rather than making you feel lethargic. For example, if something is bothering you then talking to a friend or family member might help you more than chanting ‘mantras’ for the next few hours.

2. Moderating ‘Goodness’

Anything which is not moderate will only hamper you and it is equally applicable to mindful spiritualism. It is known that mindfulness provides you tolerance power for all the good or bad habits, healthy or unhealthy desires and various tendencies.

But conscious escapism allows you to take a step back in any situation and manage the actions in moderation. You are not dependent on one single route and find ways to be happy.

Follow healthy means of escapism like:

  • Listening to music or practicing meditation on music
  • Go out with friends for meaningful conversations
  • Read a book of your choice
  • Go for a vacation
  • Start painting or drawing
  • Practice dance
  • Cherish a glass of wine in moderation

Such actions are healthy distractions and help you disconnect from everything, including spiritualism for some time. It also provides you a much-needed break that you might have even not realized before. Moreover, there is no need to engage in every little emotion. Sometimes a good strong coffee, an action movie, and cuddling with your partner also help to relieve stress.


With the knowledge of conscious escapism, circle the concept of spiritual bypassing as well. This concept will again help you decipher the real aspects behind spiritualism and how practicing it, taking a break from it and re-practice it again can send immense positivity within you.

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