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We all are tolerating different things in our lives and while the things that I am tolerating might be different from yours, there is one thing common in both. No matter what your tolerations are they are always draining you and sucking on your energy.

In fact, some experts also suggest that tolerations create frustration, distraction, and worries in an individual’s life. That is why it becomes important to know your tolerances and eliminate them.

Tolerations: What are They

Tolerations are the stressors, situations, or conditions that are interfering in our lives and causing irritations. Although they can be worked upon, we continue to stew over them. Due to this, it can be a little tricky to identify the tolerations as they might have just blended with our lifestyles.

Luckily, once identified it is easy to eliminate them. Tolerations are like anchors that hold you and your energy down, often making you feel sluggish and unmotivated. They are not devastating but the fact that they trap your creative energy, flow, and vibes, they are better eliminated than left unattended.

Elizabeth Scott, MS, says, “Your tolerations, or those stressors we encounter in daily life that sap us of our energy, can be difficult to identify at first because we’ve become so accustomed to tolerating them. They can often blend in with our lifestyles. Fortunately, tolerations are often easy to eliminate.”

Know Your Tolerations: What are You Putting Up With

It is often said that to free up your energy you must first identify the demons capturing it. The same applies here. To eliminate the tolerations in your life you must first know your tolerations. Now before I share the classic way to make it work let us first understand the type of tolerations and the areas where they can be seen.

Areas of Tolerations:

Areas of Tolerations

What are your Tolerating: Steps to Find it Out

From the above graphic one thing is clear that tolerations (our energy trappers) are the little things that come across our way causing annoyance (without us knowing). Some of these are so trivial that we barely notice them! So to keep a track of what we are tolerating in our lives and further punch them out of our lives here are the steps to follow.

Steps to Know Your Tolerations

Step 1: Grab a pen or paper. If you write a journal then go for it.

Step 2: Ask yourself what you are tolerating in your life in each area that we just discussed above. Whatever little or big thing comes to mind that causes you annoyance just pen it down.

Step 3: You can also ask your family members and friends to get an outsider’s (yet known person’s) perspective. As sometimes we are not aware of the things we are putting up with.

Step 4: Find answers to the following question and jot it down:

What if your life is not working as you would like it?

Step 5: Your list of tolerations is ready. Time to eliminate it!

*What is the toleration that topped your list? Share it with us in the comments section!*

Eliminating the Tolerations: Ways to Free Up Your Energy

You might be surprised by finding out the toleration of your life. When I did this activity I couldn’t have many tolerations at first but then the list went on. Certainly, all my energy was trapped for a reason. With that said, let us begin our rescue mission by eliminating these tolerances from our lives. You got this buddy!

Ways to Eliminate Tolerations:

We are discussing the two most popular and effective measures to eliminate these tolerances. Pick the one that you think you can work with and set your energy free!

The 7 D’s to Eliminate the Tolerations

Here are the 7 D’s to eliminate tolerations that you can put to action after identifying the tolerations. We have taken the example of “messy wardrobe” to explain each of D’s of eliminating tolerations from your life!

Do It: Plan for action to remove these tolerations (just do it). If that messy wardrobe is your toleration, clean it up right away!

Dump: When you throw toleration out of your life, just strike it out from your list. Don’t forget to remove “messy wardrobe” from your toleration list.

Delegate: If your toleration can be better taken care of by someone else, ask for help! If you need extra help to clean that wardrobe, call up a friend or ring your mom.

Discuss: This one works when toleration is coming from a person. Discuss it with them and figure out ways to find a solution. If your partner is giving you a hard time by not cleaning up his messy wardrobe, have a word with them over it.

Deal With It: Some tolerations might fall beyond your control, which could not be changed. For such tolerations, accept them and change your mindset for it. Ok, so your roommate is a little messy with her wardrobe lying on the ground! It is okay! Look at her positive qualities instead.

Divide: If it is big and major toleration in your life, you can divide into smaller tasks (thus smaller tolerations) and work on them (one at a time). This saves your energy and efforts! If you have a big wardrobe with 10 different sections (or more), divide your work each section-wise and start cleaning buddy!

Due Date: There might be some tolerances that can’t be struck out right away, give it some time! Work on ways to eliminate it and keep your patience mantra handy. If you can’t clean your messy wardrobe as it is broken and you are collecting money to get a new one, it is okay! Keep patience with yourself and the process.

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Other Ways of Eliminating Tolerations

After knowing what are you tolerating in your life here are some other things for you to try:

1. Ask Yourself Questions

Let us analyze these tolerances at a deeper level by asking ourselves a few questions. It would be great and make a bigger difference if you can manage to write these answers down.

  • How do my tolerations work for me?
  • Am I ready to free up my energy?
  • What would life be without tolerations?

2. Examine for Pivotal Tolerations

Pick up your list of tolerations that you just created! Now look for pivotal tolerations, the ones by eliminating which, other tolerations will also resolve. For example, If your old vehicle (which is in serious need of repair), makes you late for work, and more, try to fix it up. It will automatically put down the other tolerations linked with it!

3. Create Flourishing Environment

From the above discussion, you can figure out that the tolerations are coming from the environment around you. Therefore, creating a flourishing environment is suggested. Add the elements of positive energy to your surroundings.

This can be achieved by:

Note: If these tolerations are taking too much of your energy consulting a mental health professional is suggested.

Benefits of Eliminating Tolerations: Special Section

First thing first! Eliminating tolerations is like removing a heavy and unwanted weight off your head, shoulder, and heart. PHEWWW…

Following this here are few other benefits of eliminating tolerations in your life:

  • You save your energy and get the chance to channelize it in the right direction.
  • You grow as a person at the individual and social level.
  • You move past your fear and feel happier.
  • You can influence others for the same.
  • You feel calmer.
  • You reduce your anxiety and frustration levels from your life.

Author’s Note

These little that we are putting up with or avoiding or just simply denying in our lives do end up consuming us emotionally, physically, and mentally.

It is best that you take some time out for yourself, identify your tolerances, and work towards kicking them out of your life. With this tolerance detox, you are sure to get your energy, focus, and that carefree smile back!

Take the challenge and remove the friction! Good luck!

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