Why Meditation is Important? Benefits of Meditation

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Before starting meditation, I have been asking myself why meditation is important, why you should practice meditation in your daily life, why meditating is good for you.

And the day I started meditation I realized that it actually work amazingly not only on your mental health but also your physical health, I myself felt the importance of meditation. If you are a professional worker or house maker, it doesn’t matter. The reason to meditate is to make the most out of life. I am the same and I know people who are reading this also believe in the same.

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If you’re already a meditation practitioner, you must have experienced its importance, but if you’re a beginner or thinking to meditate. Through this blog, I am going to tell you about the 7 great reasons why meditation is important for us. So let us begin with why you should start doing meditation.

7 Reasons Why Meditation is Important:

1. The Demand for a Modern Life

When I see people with their hectic life and schedules, they actually require some personal time to get peace. Even neuroscience has proven that meditation actually affects our minds and brain.

The history of anthropology and neuroscience suggests the need for meditation in modern societies. Meditating is important to make quick decisions in stressful situations. If you are constantly stressed, you should start meditating to prevent your body and mind from the damage.

2. Reclaim Ownership and Get Back On Your Steps

Just like placebo and nocebo effect, there is one more powerful benefit of meditation. When you allow yourself to chill and do nothing for some time, it makes you realize that you are in proper control, or sometimes it helps you to recognize new ideas and suggestions. Just take out 10 minutes from your routine and do nothing, just give yourself some time.

Reclaim ownership and get back on your steps

3. Focus only on Fundamental Skill

I do understand that with all these hectic schedules, multitasking is really important. But when you multitask, your body requires glucose to feed the brain. In case, you do not get sufficient food, your brain gets weak and you become inefficient at achieving things. Therefore, to be productive, we require training our minds to focus on tasks and to avoid distractions.

4. Remove Anxiety

You waste a lot of time when you are anxious such as anxiety does not let you sleep properly. Therefore, to reduce anxiety, start meditating. It will help you to control your horses.  Additionally, meditation provides mental calm and peace when you are in trouble. Meditation provides you the ability to take a stand of yourself. Removal of anxiety is one of the reasons for meditation.

remove anxiety

5. Clear Instructions

Meditation delivers clear instructions like who are you, what do you need in life, what you need to do, etc. meditation helps you to say “No” when you actually want to. Meditation provides a clear path to your goals. Automatically, you start to sense the wrong intentions of people with meditation. Meditation helps you to be confident and removes the fear of judgment from your life.

6. Reconnect With Peace

In a world full of chaos and unnecessary drama, The Important thing is that are you reconnecting yourself with mental peace? meditation helps you to connect with peace and people who really support you. Meditation makes you feel like you have already achieved most of the things and you should be glad of your life. Meditation removes the feeling of jealousy and judgment. Reconnect with peace lets you explore the world and learn from it.

reconnect with peace

7. Happiness

At the end, happiness and peace are the important things to have when you go to bed and wake up. Happiness puts a great value or an impact on life.

Therefore, our goal and priority is to be happy and make others happy. And meditation lets you do that. Meditation helps you to be nice to people and inspire people. In return, meditation also provides you inner happiness and peace.

Physical and Mental Benefits of Meditation:

benefits of meditation

  Mental Benefits of Meditation
  Physical Benefits of Meditation
 1. Provides calm and peace to the mind  1. Lowers blood pressure
 2. Soothes and comforts the inner body  2. Reduces the physical tension
 3. Provides more strength to tolerance and sensitiveness  3. Provides strength to the immune system
 4. Brings clarity and takes away all the worries  4. Slowdowns the aging process
 5. Controls anger and energizes  5. Removal of psychosomatic disorders
 6. Provides and alleviates self-confidence  6. Keeps us recharge all-day
 7. Promotes personal growth  7. Bethany Hamilton
 8. Shawn Anchor  8. Prophylaxis against stress

Tips to Keep in Mind While Doing Meditation:

    If you want to make the most physical and mental benefits of meditation, follow the below-mentioned steps to keep in mind while starting a meditation.

    1. Get yourself in a comfortable position.

    2. Make sure that you follow the strict routine and you perform meditation in a calming peaceful place (like: garden area).

    3. Always sit in a straighten position, try to lengthen the spine. This helps to increase blood circulation.

    4. If you are a meditation beginner, start with small. Increase your time span daily, but in the beginning, keep it timeless so that your body can adapt to the changes.

    5. With all the new changes, do not forget to be kind to yourself. Meditation will teach you self-love and self-compassion, be ready for that.

    6. There will be days when your brain will say no to meditation. But, remember that meditation is a self-healing practice and you have to stick on it.

    7. If you feel alone while doing meditation, you can find a meditation buddy.

    8. Remember, practice makes perfect. You might be performing the meditation in the wrong manner in the beginning. But, keep on doing it, practice makes perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Meditation

1. What meditation does to the brain?

Meditation has various neurological benefits like enhanced connectivity among the regions of the brain. Meditation improves concentration, attention, and psychological wellness. Studies show that meditation helps to prevent aging. I really don’t want to go with facts and science. So, I am just providing the basics. If you still wish to check how brain connectivity works you can go on Google and read all the related facts.

2. What is the psychological importance of the brain?

Understanding the process of the brain is really vital for psychologists because it tells about human behavior and mental states. Additionally, neuroscience shows the history and activity of human behavior which is intertwined with mental and behavior processes.

3. Why is posture so important to meditation?

Postures in meditation are important because a bad posture lowers the intensity of your focus and attention which results in mind wandering. Additionally, make sure that your posture is comfortable. So, make sure that your posture is always correct.

4. Can we drink something during meditation?

It totally depends on the type of meditation you have opted for. Like there is chocolate meditation wherein you take a bite of chocolate and meditate. Similarly, some of the practitioners start their day with tea or coffee meditation. In this way, you check with your partner or guide.

5. What time should we choose for meditation?

You can meditate at any time of the day which is suitable for you. The main objective of meditation is to feel positive and you can choose your time. Just keep in mind that, choose your time and fix that time to enjoy the effective results of meditation.

With this, our blog came to an end. I hope my thoughts and reasons helped you all to find out why meditation is important and why you should meditate.

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Thanks for reading and keep meditating!

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