Are You A Gamma Male? Check Out These Gamma Male Personality Traits To Know!

Last Update on January 3, 2022 : Published on November 30, 2021
Are You A gamma male

By now, you’re well aware of four of the six male personality types; Sigma, Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Where alpha males respect leadership, sigma males are independent and confident. Similarly, beta males are submissive and loyal, omegas are self-assured.

In the socio-sexual hierarchy, each of these male personalities has a place and each personality has different characteristics. On the hierarchy, alpha males and sigma males rank on the top, followed by beta males.

Following beta males, we have delta males, then gamma males, and lastly omegas. Even though gamma men are ranked fifth on the hierarchy, there are many admirable traits that these men have.

Let’s take a closer look at who is a gamma male and the gamma male personality traits that can help you know if you’re a gamma male.

(Please note that this is not a formal test. All the gamma male traits noted in this article are solely based on the author’s research and is not meant to offend anyone)

Who Is A Gamma Male?

The gamma male is a combination of the alpha male and the beta male. A gamma male is fun-loving, adventurous, and eager to experience it all. Although, the gamma male may get restless if he’s idle for long periods.

Gamma males are hopeless romantic partners and obsessive when it comes to their hobbies and interests. However, to escape the low rank, gamma men may see themselves as sigma or alpha males. This fantasy or the delusion they create helps them come to terms with their lower rank.

Gamma men love putting their families and loved ones first and while they love having fun, they are always mindful of their responsibilities.

Now that we know who is a gamma male, let’s take a look at their personality traits.

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Are You A Gamma Male?

1. You Are Adventurous

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Gamma men are interesting but not as much as alpha. As a gamma, you tend to be adventurous in life and create your own path away from others’ opinions. You aim to please others and will do whatever it takes to feel fulfilled in your life. You love exploring life (and the challenges it brings).

2. You Are Intelligent

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Gamma men are often regarded as intelligent beings. As a gamma, you may be incredibly successful in your profession but there’s a small drawback. To succeed in your field, you often miss socializing with others, resulting in poor social skills, loneliness, and lack of confidence. While you may know more than enough about different topics, you may lack awareness of how to be in a social environment.

3. You’re Kind And Empathetic

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One of the best gamma male traits is that you are kind and empathetic. You’re good at treating others and also good at understanding how others are feeling. Unfortunately, you also suffer from the nice guy syndrome. You’re more often than not stuck in the friendzone and are unlucky when it comes to finding meaningful and healthy relationships.

4. You’re A Hopeless Romantic

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Gamma males are hopeless romantic partners but ironically, they are the ones who struggle the most when it comes to finding the right partner. You love the idea of romance and having a fairy-tale romance. Although, if you express your feelings in a big romantic way, there’s a good chance that you’ll be rejected.

This brings us to the next point!

5. You Struggle To Date

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Because you lack the power and confidence of the alpha male, the mystery and intrigue of the sigma male, you often struggle to find the right potential mate. You’re intelligent and while that can be appealing to a potential partner, it can also put them off. Potential partners are often taken aback by your entitled attitude. This can highly affect your potential dating scene.

This brings us to…

6. You Struggle With Delusions Of Grandeur

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Another interesting gamma male trait is that they often struggle with delusions of grandeur. To compensate for your lower rank, you may often create a false reality where you feel you’re entitled and above all others. You see yourself as the alpha and believe that others not struggling in the dating scene are just “players”. You believe that you’re better than the other males on the socio-sexual hierarchy.

7. You’re An Avoidant

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One of the big differences between an alpha and a gamma is that alphas aren’t afraid of conflicts. As a gamma man, you’re a conflict avoidant. As conflicts make you uncomfortable, you usually engage in a passive-aggressive communication style. Another drawback of this male personality type is that a gamma male has a fear of failure and this makes you avoid taking risks – whether in the workplace or social situations.

8. You’re A Follower, Not A Leader

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Alphas and sigmas often lead as examples, however, gamma males are more than happy to follow orders. This eagerness to follow others can come from feeling incapable of making life decisions or incapable of taking risks. More likely than not, you often find yourself avoiding conflicts and failure, hence you’re happy to follow the lead rather than be the lead.

9. You’re Often Resentful

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As I’ve mentioned in the above points, gamma men believe that they are the alphas and should be entitled to such. This kind of behavior often leaves you feeling confused when your potential mate overlooks you for an alpha or a sigma male. This delusion combined with your ego can make you feel resentful towards your potential partner and the man they pick over you.

10. But, You’re Also Self-Aware

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What helps you stand out is the ability to be self-aware. You’re often aware of your actions and their effects on others. This gamma male trait might be the key for you to get far in your life. It is said that males with alpha traits can become gamma men when they develop self-awareness and self-consciousness. Being self-aware is what makes you likable and independent.

Writer’s Thoughts

There are some good and some bad traits of the gamma male but they don’t necessarily define who you are. If you don’t like being a gamma male, you can change by changing your behaviors.

You are kind, empathetic, self-aware, and fun-loving and while your other traits such as being resentful, having a big ego, or avoiding conflicts can make it harder for you to change, you need to understand that change isn’t always bad.

Stop avoiding change, start taking calculated risks, change what you believe is holding you back from reaching your dream life.

Hopefully, this blog helped you understand gamma male personality traits and where a gamma male ranks on the socio-sexual hierarchy.

Remember, whoever you are (or choose to be), you’re loved by all. Be true to yourself and always strive to be the best man you can be!

If you’re struggling with change, you can always connect with a professional counselor or write to us at

Are you a gamma male? Let us know in the comments below!

Take Care!

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