2021 Headspace App Review: Is It The Right Choice For You?

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A few years ago, a friend of mine suggested that I try meditation when I was going through a particularly rough patch in my life. Her response was met with reluctance and skepticism but even then I put my faith in her words. There are hundreds of meditation apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store –  I tried some of those apps my friend suggested but I didn’t find any of them satisfactory.

Nonetheless, when I learned about Headspace Meditation App, my interest was immediately piqued. For a beginner at meditation, Headspace offers user-friendly and effective sessions along with other interesting offers from bedtime stories to guided meditations.

In this article, I’ll write an honest and open Headspace App Review that I hope will help you decide if you’re nervous about picking the right meditation app as a beginner.

Overview Of The Headspace App

Product Name Headspace: Meditation & Sleep
Available On iOS & Android
Price $12.99/month & $69.99/year
Free Trial Available Yes
Payment Option Visa, Mastercard, PayPal

Headspace introduces a guided meditation and mindfulness app which has a user-friendly interface that makes meditation fun and super easy to practice. One of the most downloaded and used meditation apps, Headspace is the app to use if you’re a beginner to meditation and mindfulness.

Overview Of The App

The app offers a free Basic pack which includes a -day beginner’s course that will guide you through the basics and essentials of meditation and mindfulness. It’ll teach you how to build a strong foundation upon which to practice meditation.

The Headspace app will help you learn how to breathe, live, and meditate – mindfully. This app is specifically designed to help you improve focus, induce calm, manage stress, and improve sleep.

Headspace’s co-founder and co-creator of the app Andy Puddicombe, a former monk, will guide you through every step of the meditation process. Apart from the free basic course, there are “courses” and “singles” that you can try to learn more about meditation and mindfulness.

How Does Headspace Work?

How to Get Started with Headspace

The app is very user-friendly and intuitive. Unlike other apps, Headspace does not ask for any personal details or questions. There are some high-quality animations and infographics that make you want to learn more.

After you download and open the app, it’ll ask you to sign in either using your email address or with an existing Google account, Facebook account, or your Apple ID. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be directed to the main screen of the app.

At the bottom of the main screen, you can navigate easily between tabs; Meditate, Sleep, Move, and Focus. The main screen also has a search button on the upper right that can allow you to search specific topics using keywords such as “meditate”, “stress”, etc.

While on the left side of the main page, you can access your Profile that will allow you to connect with your friends (sharing the app via a link), your Stats (where you check your activity), and your Journey (where you can track your progress with monthly check-ins)

What Are Headspace Features?

Headspace Meditation App has four different features that you can focus on:

  • Meditate
  • Sleep
  • Move
  • Focus

1. Meditate

headspace Meditate section

In the app, you’ll find both – meditation courses and single programs. The courses are a set of guided meditations that can center around acceptance, grief, happiness, anxiety, financial stress, loneliness, etc. Single programs can center around topics like alone time, connecting body and mind, finding purpose, focus, etc.

The single programs are meditations that you can try during stressful moments like interviews, fear of flying, etc.

You can choose your instructor, however. From what I could access, I could see having three instructors I could choose from. One of them was Andy, the co-creator of Headspace. You can choose between a male narrator and a female narrator. The meditation course is usually between 3-20 minutes.

2. Sleep


Sleep troubles are one of the most common reasons, apart from stress, that drives people to practice meditation. Headspace app has a solution for you if you’re seeking a solution to your sleep problems.

The sleep content on the app includes relaxing storytelling narrated in soothing voices, breathing exercises to help prepare you for sleep, calming soundtracks for you to drift off to, and 3D recordings from around the world. The tracks are usually 40-45 minutes long with breathing exercises 5-10 minutes long.

3. Move

headspace move section

The Move section of the app has a collection of low-to-medium intensity workouts that are usually 20-30 minutes long. These exercises – yoga and cardio workouts – focus mainly on the mind and body connection.

Olympian Kim Glass and Olympic Diver and yoga instructor, Leon Taylor will coach you through your sessions and will teach you how to focus on your breathwork. The classes in Move focus on reframing stress and anxiety through yoga, meditation, and cardio.

4. Focus


Focus offers a tangent of music, guided exercises, and 3D recording from around the world to help you improve your focus. Some of these playlists will feature soothing and calming music while others will be “Energy Shots” featuring Kevin Hart or Grammy-winning band “Arcade Fire”.

Headspace also has a set of courses and programs for kids to help them learn meditation, breathing exercises, mindful activities, and lessons on kindness.

Headspace Free vs Paid Features:

If you’re looking for free-content on the Headspace app, then you’ll have access to one of the courses – the Basics course. In this 7 days free trial (billed monthly) or 14 days free trial (billed yearly), you’ll get 10 sessions for free. After you’re done with the Basics, you can subscribe to the app (billed monthly or yearly).

The free trial also gives you access to a “Quick Breathing Exercise”, “Today’s Meditation” (3 free sessions), “Stress Release”, and “Focus Music”. With a paid subscription, you can get access to “Sleepcast”, “Meditations”, “Mindful Cardio” courses among other things.

Headspace Pros and Cons:

Like all apps, there are some benefits and drawbacks to Headspace as well. Pros & Cons


  • Free trial with 10-day sessions available.
  • User-friendly interface with content to suit your needs.
  • Animated content to help explain concepts easily.
  • Downloadable and offline access to sessions available.
  • Scientifically-backed content.
  • Family-friendly and content for kids available.
  • Workout classes are instructed by Olympians.


  • A subscription is needed to access extra content.
  • Offers only basic meditation content.
  • The focus is more on introductory courses that might not be for advanced or experienced meditators.
  • The cost of a subscription may be higher than other apps.

How Much Does Headspace Cost?

How Much Does It Cost

The subscription cost for the Headspace app is as follows:

  • Annual subscription with first 14 days free costs $5.83/month, billed yearly at $69.99.
  • Monthly subscription with the first 7 days free costs $12.99/month.

After the free trial, the annual subscription will be automatically renewed each year and the monthly subscription will be automatically renewed each month.

Why Choose Headspace?

Headspace app offers many amazing features from guided meditations to daily exercises, from sleep exercises to stress relief cardio workouts. The app is easy to use and can be perfect for users looking for specific content.

The best part is that it offers a 7-day and a 14-day free trial. You can download the app by clicking on the links below and start your free trial before subscribing to the app.

Headspace For iOS

Headspace For Android

Headspace vs Calm: Which is Better and Why?

Headspace vs Calm

Calm is another meditation app that is one of the most used and downloaded meditation apps. Both Headspace and Calm are free to download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store and both offer free trials with limited features.

Here are some other differences between the two that you need to consider:

Cost Comparison of Headspace and Calm: 

Headspace: A monthly subscription of $12.99/month with a 7-day free trial and an annual subscription of $69.99/year with a 14-day free trial.

Calm: An annual subscription of $69.99/year or a monthly subscription of $14.99/month with a 7-day free trial. The app also offers a lifetime membership for $399.99.

Content/Features Comparison of Headspace and Calm:

Headspace: The app offers guided meditations, SOS exercises, mindfulness cardio workouts, and has a sleep section with breathing exercises and meditation to help better sleep.

Calm: This app offers sections such as 10-minute guided meditations, short meditations, mindfulness series, sleep stories, and Calm Masterclass.

Both of the apps are easy to use and navigate.

Which To Choose?:

Both apps are designed to help you improve your life by reducing stress, improving focus, and better sleep. Headspace and Calm offer guided meditations and exercises (some with celebrity narrators and instructors).

While Headspace is a creative and illustrative app, perfect for beginners to meditation and mindfulness, Calm is a little on the somber side with calm and soothing backgrounds. Calm can be used by beginners and advanced meditators alike.

Both apps are easy to navigate so the call to use which app depends on your choice and needs.

Final Verdict: Is Headspace Subscription Worth The Cost?

Headspace is an amazing app for first-time meditators. It is easy to use with a simple interface and is somewhat affordable compared to other apps. The app teaches at least eight different meditation techniques derived from Burmese and Buddist traditions. One of the plus sides is that the app is co-created by a former monk.

The app covers a wide array of topics. Some of what stood out to me were:

  • Coping with cravings
  • Dealing with distractions
  • Dealing with regret
  • Pain management
  • Mindful Eating
  • Self-Esteem
  • Transforming Anger
  • Exam Prep
  • Racing Mind
  • Mental Chatter
  • Motivational Run/Jog
  • Intention Walk/Run

Among others. If you’re experiencing symptoms of the following, then the Headspace app can be helpful for you;

Why would I recommend Headspace? It takes out the intimidation factor that meditation often accompanies as the app makes you feel comfortable with its illustrative graphics and animations. Meditation is simpler with Headspace.

This review is solely based on my experience using the app and is in no way intended to offend anyone. This is an open and honest review of the Headspace: Meditation & Sleep app.

For more information, you can connect with us on our social media pages or write to us at info@calmsage.com.

Until then, stay happy, stay safe!  

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