How Often Should you Talk to Your Therapist: Therapy Guide

Last Update on March 8, 2022 : Published on October 18, 2020
How often you should talk to your therapist

Sometimes, going into therapy can be a really mysterious procedure. Due to running stigmas around it, it can be really hard sometimes to improve mental health with the introduction of coping strategies. Also, stigmas leave various people about how actually therapy works and how they can actually make the most of the therapy.

The most common question I have observed people asking is “how often should they talk to the therapist.” This blog tells you how frequently you can contact or talk to the therapist. So, let’s get started.

Different Timeframes for Different Models

Different Timeframes for Different Models

Some of the therapy models require more time or we can say more frequent meetings, like psychoanalysis. For most people, psychoanalysis can continue for a few years as well (it completes the severity of issues).

Talking about the most common therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has defined cores which require 45 minutes of weekly sessions. CBT hardly stands for a few months.

Coming onto family, group, or couples therapies, these types of therapies run on the basis of requirement and need. Specifically, such therapies are practiced according to the availability of your therapist. These types of sessions can also be scheduled online (due to pandemic). Remember, the longer the session, the more effective it will be. The therapist provides extra time for each individual for sharing their experiences. The therapist also allows some time for figuring out new coping skills and lends support whenever needed. It might take a little time to get in sync with your normal routine and therapy routine.

How Individual Therapy goes

How Individual Therapy goes

There are various studies going on the effectiveness of therapy on the basis of the time. So, as far as observed and research, it shows that approximately 12-16 therapy sessions are required to change lifestyle and introduce coping mechanisms for clients. Each therapy session should be of at least 45 minutes, says research for better outcomes. It has also been researched that 3-4 months of weekly sessions are more feasible for the client and the therapist both. However, in severe cases, therapists schedule treatment according to the goals and complexity of the issues.

Talking about online therapy, you can check with your therapist twice in a day or five days a week according to your schedule and routine. This might shock you a little bit, a study performed by Columbia University shows that “computerized cognitive behavioral therapy satisfies people more” than in-person therapy or we can say traditional therapy methods. So, talking about how often you should talk to your therapist, all the studies proves that it all depends on your needs and availability of the therapist while undergoing traditional therapy or online therapy.

For people with fewer concerns, it generally takes only a few weeks to set them on the road to their desired goals. For people with trauma, it might take more time to explore their trauma and relational support. However, therapy is for everyone and addresses all the concerns. The stigma needs to really remove. Indeed, therapy is wonderful, adaptable, and flexible for everyone.

All procedures are flexible

Talking to your therapist whenever you want to remove your stress instantly. The entire therapist tries to support and helps people to synthesize their feelings with the introduction of coping strategies. Regardless of the complexity of the condition, the therapist provides essential insights to help everyone heal and improve their mental health.

With this statement, I want to bring this fact into light that the therapist-client relationship works like a collaborative partnership. I think the particular reason why people are opting for therapy over staying quiet is that people feel safe in a non-judgmental background. Additionally, they improve and set goals from the feedback given during therapy sessions.

Providing feedback is considered to be an important part of therapy. It is always important to check with your therapist and get appropriate feedback on your progress. Therefore, according to this you can really make your therapeutic process flexible and opt for your therapist whenever you feel low. Make sure you’re booking appointments with a therapist who is available whenever you need them.

I hope this blog helps everyone to break the stigma around talking to a therapist. Comment down your queries regarding “how often should you talk to your therapist.” For more content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

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