Things To Learn From A Trauma Therapy

Last Update on September 28, 2020 : Published on September 10, 2020
Things to learn from Trauma Therapy

To begin with, I want to tell you that you can use these tips for every type of therapy. The first thing I learned about therapy is that we become so closed to our therapist that we end up showing, no matter if we feel okay. Basically, trauma therapy is practiced for people diagnosed with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Therapy is known to be really effective for the treatment of PTSD, later than you can begin with self-help effective strategies to cope with PTSD. While you begin your therapy sessions with your therapist, here are some lessons to learn from your trauma therapy. So, let’s get started.

Things to learn from a trauma therapy

1. Say no to Comparison

Say no to comparison

Understand that everyone has a different story, personality, mindset, experiences, sufferings, and healing. Therefore, do not compare your side with someone else’s side. Focus on your own recovery and healing. Things work differently in therapy due to different personalities. Your therapist knows better about you, trust his\her instincts, and let them help you during the process of recovery.

A comparison is of no help and will slow down the recovery process. Listen to your therapist and focus on yourself.

2. Replace your emotional thoughts with “wise mind”

Signs and symptoms of PTSD commonly trigger emotional thoughts. Emotional thoughts will take you in a negative situation and nothing better will come out of such negative thoughts. Therefore, try to replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Also, you can try mindfulness activities to establish inner peace and happiness.

You can also try our creative meditation series to establish positive thinking.

3.It’s okay to feel this way

It’s okay to feel this way

The most basic thing to understand from your therapy sessions is that it’s okay to feel this way. To keep up with the spirit, you should learn to keep the hope and peace along with you. Such elements will help you take proper sleep. Furthermore, surround yourself with positive people. To overcome this, try our mantras for peace and comfort.

4.You are more strong than this

My therapist always used to tell me that I am strong. Whenever she used to say this, I felt a little anxious in the beginning. But, after some time I started using this phrase as my superpower. One way that I used to follow during my recovery process is to stand like a superhero and used to repeat “I am way stronger than this.” Try this technique; the superhero technique is really effective to keep up with the hope and spirit.

5.Learn to let go

Learn to let go

It may take a little more time to master the feeling of letting go of anger and resentment. One tackled properly, I bet you are going to get more close towards recovery. Feelings of anger and resentment related to the trauma should not be carried for more time, try out mantras for anger management.

6. The past is the worst place to live in

As mentioned above, you should not be the prisoner of the past. The past is the worst place to live in and to overcome the issues and establish inner peace, we should all learn to live in the present moment. You can master this learning with mindfulness. Practice mindfulness with our mindfulness blog series:

7.Love yourself a little more every day

Love yourself a little more every day

A little more self-love towards your inner peace and happiness is proved to be really effective and can fasten the recovery process. Therapy teaches us to not become so harsh on yourself. Therefore, practice self-love and self-care by investing your time into the activities you love or enjoy.

8. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe

Breathe…breathe….breathe and try to live in the present moment. Do not let emotions take over your inner self and move towards healing every day. Feel how peaceful it feels to live in the present moment and how blissful it feels to be surrounded by people who support you. Learn how to make the most of the present.

Feel the vibrant energies and involve your inner self in the healing process. trash out all the negativities and establish positivity.

I hope this blog helps you to overcome PTSD. Comment down and share your experience with us. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

More power to you!

Trauma therapy is practiced for people diagnosed with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While you begin your therapy sessions with your therapist, here are some lessons to learn from your trauma therapy.

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  1. Amara Smith
    Amara Smith

    i supoort with 4th point. usinf positive affirmation can help to biul confidence and inner strength so you can recover from that trauma.

  2. Romil

    Thanks for this blog.... ayushi can just please tell me Does trauma ever go away?

  3. mariya jonsan
    mariya jonsan

    Trauma therapy is the best and we can learn so many things as you suggested.

  4. Kerin

    You Are Not Alone! Live in the moment and enjoy your life again.

  5. James

    Very well written blog I really like the way you explain things. Breathing definitely helps and it helps in trauma therapy.

  6. Swarnakshi

    Inner peace and happiness are very important. Thank you for such a motivational post

  7. Amara Smith
    Amara Smith

    yes we should embrace all types of emotion but never stick to one or let those emotion hurt you

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    An amazingly helpful informative blog I read today that was worth spending time on

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    Harshita Singh Chauhan

    breathe, breathe, and breathe!! Yes, this is the best thing to learn from therapies.

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