How To Cope With Job Loss Stress During Coronavirus Pandemic?

Last Update on May 18, 2021 : Published on June 19, 2020
Cope With Job Loss Stress

Long term unemployment and recent job loss stress during coronavirus pandemic can become a serious problem for a person’s overall well-being. This stress may also elevate during social distancing, inability to leave home and meeting friends and it may pinch the mental health with distress and crisis. We understand the financial crisis you are going through and the anguish within that is impacting on your personal and emotional relationships.

Lost Job During Coronavirus Pandemic?

Millions of others are suffering from the job loss stress during pandemic and economies around the world have touched lowest grounds. There is no need to blame yourself or any situation even when you are overwhelmed. Just remember, this time will change and you will find a greater opportunity. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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Thankfully, there are some ways to make you feel better and even help you with the question of how to cope with job loss. So, keep your heads ups, give yourself a purpose and fight with the unemployment stress like a warrior.

How To Cope With Job Loss?

1. Let’s Just Face The Reality

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Things don’t go as planned sometimes but this doesn’t mean that we avoid looking at the reality. Grieving and adjusting with the situation is the first step you must take. It is tough to accept the fact of losing a precious job but there is no need to put yourself through a hard time. The sooner you accept the reality, sooner you will be able to move ahead in life.

Have you ever tried conquering your negative thoughts? Well, even if you haven’t, you need to do it now. If you are thinking ‘I don’t have anything to do now. How will I pay my bills?’ then you must switch to ‘I will find something amazing very soon and my bills would be managed for a few days.” A sense of positivity definitely takes up the step. In short, look for the silver lining and once again rethink your career chances.

2. Talk To Your Family & Friends

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During the unemployment stress, you don’t need to feel ashamed of anything. It can happen to anyone and we are sure that your family and close friends understand you. Instead of withdrawing yourself away from your loved ones, you can always reach out to them. You don’t need to expect a solution from every person you are talking to, just let it all vent out.

Talking to your loved ones will not only heal your heart but also improve your relationship with them and lose out the burden. Go easy on yourself! Also, you must make sure that you communicate your situation with your children so that they become a little responsible towards you.

3. Pursue Meaningful Activities

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There might be a loss of a job due to coronavirus but probably the best time to pursue something that brings joy to your life. Now it could be any activity at home or by joining a nearby activity club. However, you must look for something which is not so expensive at the moment and still make you happy. Blogging, painting, dancing, photography or pursuing a new game are some recommendations.

In case you don’t feel like being involved in hobbies, try to enrich yourself with a new skill. Learn a new language, improve coding skills or take online classes so that your resume could look refined for the future applications. In fact, go for resume building once again!

4. Release Your Stress With Exercises & Meditation

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Agreed that you are in pain and facing stress of job loss. But the time is to look for ways to release the tension. You cannot change the situations around the world for now but you can change yourself for the better. Either get a pedometer app or put yourself on a timer for approximately 30-45 minutes. Now this time is meant to jog, exercise in the park, and walk by the lake or workout at home. Whatever you choose, it must burn your negative calories.

And to be honest, a guided meditation is another way to cope with stress and keep the mental health stable. So guys, relax and calm down! You are doing well and will do better, just get away from the stress for now.

5. Apply For New Jobs

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Something which is gone is gone! Now, let’s start with a beautiful journey. There are chances that you don’t get an easy job in this pandemic situation and it may seem as an unbelievable challenge but keep your hopes high, after all you have worked hard on your skills and new resume.

While you are looking for a new job, don’t try to spend too much time on the same. Set a few hours (for example, 2 hours in morning and 2 hours in evening) and take small steps to find the right job. Your constant efforts and positive energy to get a good job is simply possible.

6. Make Budget Plans

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This is very obvious and you must be already on it. With a proper budget plan, you can tackle things in a better way. Payments for kids’ education, mortgage, Credit Card bills etc. could be dealt with by your smart planning. In fact, the world knows about the pandemic followed by the crisis, there is no hesitation in asking for some time from the lenders.

A better sense of control means less stress and manageable coping with job loss stress! We know you can do it.

7. Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Help

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Things getting out of your hands? Ask for help! If you are depressed, anxious and cannot function your life normally then you can go for a therapist or mental health professional. Instead of deciding bills in your mind, place your efforts to talk to them first.

Moreover, you can ask your friend or family members to lend you some bills and promise to return back in the near future. Remember we told you something? You are not alone! Someone somewhere is ready to land your helping hand, all you have to do is step up and ask for it.


Losing a job during coronavirus wasn’t great, we agree! But your approach to find solutions is the best way to lead a happy life. Moreover, you must take care of your eating habits, avoid consuming toxic substances and keep yourself fit & active. Promise us, you can do that! We are here to help as well. Talk to us or drop a message in the comments section below!

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