How To Make Someone Smile & Feel Happier Within?

Last Update on January 27, 2022 : Published on January 12, 2021
ways to make someone smile

“Make someone smile whenever you can, you never know how much of a difference you could be making in their life at that moment”

The greatest act of kindness is spreading a smile amongst people around you selflessly. As you already know a smile is contagious, you can become the torchbearer, right from your own place. The power of a smile and its health benefits are so strong that even therapists recommend smiling as a part of therapy.

Even the ancient scriptures and writers have proven that making someone smile gives you immense satisfaction within. If you also wish to feel that pleasure and create a positive environment around you, you must be looking for ways to make someone smile.

Well, give some extra touch of kindness, see and value every human being by paying attention to them. Let’s make everyone smile with these methods.

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7 Ways To Make Someone Smile:

1. Ask Someone About Their Best Experiences & Give Ears Completely

There are people around you who have multiple thoughts, dreams, passion, and related experiences that they wish to share. But alas, the world is very busy giving them ears.

Moreover, they may also be looking for solutions that are acting as a roadblock in their dreams. You can become a mood booster as well as a guide who asks questions which acts as an effective way to make someone smile.

2. Celebrate Important Dates For Others


If you wish to make someone’s important day special, keep their important dates saved in your calendar. On getting a reminder, just send a nice message, flowers, or a small gift to make them smile. Even if you are not close to them, just wishing them would not only make them feel special but also you.

3. Compliment People

Compliment People

There are many positive things about every human being but we often forget to notice or compliment them. Once you give them a sincere compliment for what they are doing or how generous they are around people, you give them a chance to improve and become better.

Moreover, you may also notice them smiling all day long. Thanks to you!

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4. Tell Someone Why You Are Grateful To Them

It is said that successful people are often those who begin their day by thanking others for whatever they have accomplished. It is always recommended that you take a brief moment from your busy schedule and just tell someone that you are grateful to them for being around you.

Liftman presses the button for you, say ‘Thank you, sir’! Grocery sellers deliver vegetables at home; smile at them and be thankful for saving your time and energy.

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5. Encourage People

If someone sees themselves in a negative situation for whatsoever reason, you could be an encouragement. People may not be able to see an optimistic view in their period of difficulties but showing them a channel of positivity is what is required.

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6. Tell Someone (Mailman or Watchman) That They Are Doing Great

Another side of encouragement but people who don’t get encouraged for their regular efforts deserve it. If you cannot encourage, just ask them ‘How are you today’ or ‘Thank you for what you do everyday’. In fact, asking them for some water or juice is also being cooperative enough.

7. Remind People That You Love Or Care For Them

Listen to your loved ones, show them your love, make efforts to bring positivity, and tell them that you love and care about them.

A simple and good message or calling them once in a week reminds them that you are just a call away and be there when they need it. If possible to meet in person, give them a hug, go out for dinner or give them a nice pot of growing flowers.

8. Tell Them You Are Proud Of Them

To make someone happy is not so tough if you keep yourself in their shoes. Maybe you just need to tell them that you are proud of them if they have achieved something. It is even applicable towards your parents.

Heard it right? Yes, we mean it. Praise your parents in front of others or even alone but tell them that you are not just grateful but proud of them to make them smile.

9. A Handwritten Note

Do you know what happens when you actually write a letter? Your thoughts may swirl up for a moment but what you bring down on paper is pure and flawless.

When you give a handwritten note to someone expressing your gratitude, thoughts, and feelings, it definitely makes them smile. Instead of asking how to make people smile, write it all down on paper.

10. Words Of Encouragement

Because there are so many negatives swirling around the world, it becomes very difficult to stay motivated and pull out from the fuss. Making someone smile when they are feeling low and bummed is a beautiful act.

Try encouraging them or simply ask them if they are alright and need your help. Let them express and your solutions can probably help them smile again.

11. Smile At Everyone

Smiles are contagious! It is free of cost and the easiest thing to do! We are sure that you don’t need many reasons to explain why you should smile at everyone. If you can’t do so, take it as a challenge and notice how people react to your smile.

However, we are talking about only courtesy here and you can show that with one warm smile. (We are certainly not referring to creepiness!)


Now that you have found ways to make someone smile, how would you like to make your loved ones have a fruitful life? We are sure that you have a lot of love hidden inside you and some acts of kindness would only make life better for you as well as make you feel happier within.

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