Surprising Health Benefits Of Smiling : Reasons to Smile Everyday

Last Update on January 27, 2022 : Published on May 26, 2020
Health Benefits Of Smiling

“Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you.”

Why don’t you open your phone’s selfie camera or webcam and give yourself a broad smile right now? If you are following me and doing the same, your mood must be getting better than it was seconds before. Isn’t it?

Now with the same smile, look at people around you. It’s time to get up, go and talk to them! Even a simple ‘Hello, how are ‘syou?’ with your smiling face is enough to brighten up other’s day. There is no way that they won’t smile back at you or don’t feel cheered up.

That’s the power of a SMILE I was talking about. Now imagine that when so many moods can turn up with a smile, how great the other benefits of smiling would be.

A sparkling smile on your face not only makes you attractive amongst numerous people but also displays your mental strength, real joy within your soul, and ability to connect with others smoothly.

So, don’t overlook the advantages of smiling, learn them right away and never refrain from it.

Moreover, if you don’t believe that a smile is contagious and can lighten your surroundings, watch the video!

Amazing Benefits Of Smiling & Laughing:

1. Smiling Relieves Your Stress

1. Smiling Relieves Your Stress


It may sound a little different but you can trick your own stress by smiling, either passionately or by force and count it as the benefit of smiling and laughter. When you are tired, loaded with multiple thoughts and cannot understand what is happening in your life, close your eyes and smile. I assure you that your inner being wants to feel better and throw away all the stress instantly. In fact, your future decisions improve by itself.

2. Smiling Makes Your Mood Better

always smile

Overthinking, stress at work or anything that has changed your mood for bad can instantly be done right. How? Of course, with your smile and laugh. This is probably the best benefit of smiling. Even if you can’t do that on your own, watch a funny video or play with your pet. Smiling thankfully triggers release of mood boosting neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. When you already have a natural antidepressant with you, you certainly do not want any further assistance to smile. Consider this as the health benefits of smiling and laughing.

3. Smiling Lowers Your Blood Pressure


Believe it or not, a good and prolonged smile can help in lowering your blood pressure to an optimum level. This natural drug frees you from pain and your body suddenly begins to feel active once again. Studies have proved that if you laugh your heart out, your heart rate increases for a moment followed by relaxation of muscles, decreased heart rate and low blood pressure.

4. Smiling Makes You Look Younger

Smiling Makes You Look Younger

One of the best benefits of laughter! What did you just say? Yeah, you heard me right! Amongst the other benefits of smiling, your youth maintains itself as you naturally lift your skin up while smiling. You feel not only happy and satisfied but even appear younger. So in case you are trying multiple face packs to remove your wrinkles and lift the face up, try smiling first.

5. Positivity Surrounds You When You Smile

Positiv when u smile

Even if a negative thought is pinching you really bad and you wish to get out of the zone right now, you can surely try the dose of smiling. Want to go for an experiment? Try imagining a bad thought when you are smiling! Could you? I am sure it is really tough. So don’t even bother but understand that this advantage of a smile keeps your happy vibe tag along. Hurray, another health benefit of laughter.

6. Smiling Gives Better Relationships

Smiling Gives Better Relationships

Suppose your spouse comes back home tired and you are ready with a smiling hug as soon as he nears you. How would he or she feel?

Or imagine your friend is having personal troubles and he wishes to meet you. Your positive attitude topped up with some chocolates and a large smile can make his day beautiful than ever.

With these examples, you can understand that your own smile makes others feel relaxed and improves your personal relationships with them to a great degree. You can hear them saying ‘Oh I just like to be around this person’ more often. Even the studies suggest that when you smile, you are more likeable amongst others and it helps in improving your overall well-being. Add this in the list of the benefits of laughter for sure.

7. Smile Makes Your Immune System Strong

Smile Makes Your Immune Strong

Consider laughter for health as a therapy! You might feel surprised with this benefit of smile and laughing but Mayo Clinic has reported that smiling releases certain brain molecules which are helpful in fighting stress. As they have indicated that negative thoughts bring down the immune system, it is important to smile and laugh to stay positive. Many people even indulge in laughter therapies in order to improve the overall immune system, especially women after giving birth to babies.

8. Smile To Have A Longer & Healthier Life

smile to have a longer life.

When you are feeling young and alive inside you, a long and healthy life waits for you ahead. Another study has indicated that smiling and positive emotions help in increasing the lifespan. Well, that is something! And is definitely the biggest advantage of smiling!

9. Challenge Yourself To Smile

Do you know that your smile can help in solving the biggest problems of your life? For example, if you simply smile and stay calm in front of a person who is angry, he will surely try to calm himself quickly. The chances of heated arguments go down and you are again able to make a better relationship with others. Give yourself the benefits of smiling from now on! You can even choose to write everyday on how your smile made things easier for you and your surroundings.

Can’t smile? Challenge yourself then!

  • Bring a powerful poster which tells you to smile and stick it on the wall, right in front of the bed. As soon as you get up, follow what it says. Yes, SMILE.
  • Set mobile wallpapers that encourage you to smile. You can even check free and cool wallpapers on our Facebook
  • If you are waiting somewhere for your appointment or standing in a queue of grocery shopping, smile.
  • OUR CHALLENGE: Capture your pictures with a huge smile! Remember that there are approximately 19 types of smile. So we challenge you to try them out, make a collage and send it to us. We will definitely add your photos on our social media pages.

Are you smiling right now? You should. If you still have doubts, watch a funny video of Mr. Beans and spill out the laughter around you.

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