Does Shopping Can Work as a Therapy? Learn How?

Last Update on August 25, 2021 : Published on February 28, 2020

“I  feel low but that dress can make me feel better. Let me grab it”

If you have ever found yourself doing it then, welcome to the club!!!

When I am in a low life state or feeling of distress makes me restless, I  treat myself with different things that help to bring happiness back in my life. And without a doubt, shopping or retail therapy does add to my list of “Treat Yourself”. Apart from being a personal mood-uplifter shopping can indeed be therapeutic for all of us.

If you are surprised to hear that and wish to know, how shopping can be actually therapeutic for you, then keep reading…

Disclaimer: Shopping or retail therapy is not a form of conventional therapy. If your feelings of discomfort are persistent, then seeking help from experts is recommended.

Benefits of Retail Therapy or Shopping Therapy:

1. Shopping Relieves Stress:

Studies have revealed that shopping reduces blood pressure, which in turn, reduces the stress experienced by an individual. This is a major reason as to why shopping works as a therapy.

2. Shopping elevates Mood:

Various studies have shown that shopping releases Serotonin- the feel-good hormone. The secretion of this hormone makes you feel good immediately; thus, elevating your mood.

So when you buy something materialistic you also buy happiness and health along with it. Stats suggest that almost 62% of shopping is done merely to uplift the mood.

3. Shopping boosts Self-esteem:

As mentioned above, when you make a purchase, you tend to feel good! However, this feel-good vibe is not only limited to a state of mood but also extends its benefit to making one feel good about themselves.

This, in turn, fuels an individual’s self-esteem thus, giving the power to come out of a situation stronger and healthier.

Now if you are wondering why this happens, the answer lies in the fact that…

1. You are being treated well by the sales associates at the shopping outlet. This indeed works as building social relationships, which is a known way to bring good vibes to your life

2. The environment of shopping is likely to stimulate happiness, with everything being new bright and nice around you

3. It works as a distraction from the current mood state or even the state of life

5. The products that we choose to shop are the ones that increase our self-image thus, channelizing positive vibes

6. If the shopping is for any consumable item, then it works for filling up the deficiency in your body. This further helps to fight the feelings of blues or stress

With all of this combined the final output is- “Happy You”


It is important to note here that, there is a very thin line between using retail therapy and turning into a shopaholic (compulsive buyer).

So, make sure you don’t go to the other end of it. To help you remain on the therapeutic side of it, we have some healthy practices to share with you.

Practical Ways To Alleviate Depression And Anxiety With Retail Therapy

1. If while shopping you have a single cloud of regret hovering over you, ditch the plan, go home and enjoy a movie instead

2. You can actually go back home and think if you really need that product or have something similar to that. This will help you hold back your thought and aid in savings

3. If the product does not make you feel content then drop it or return it, because in this case, the sole motive of your shopping goes in vain i.e., to feel happy

4. Set a budget before you go out to get a happy shopping experience. This will stop you from unnecessary and heavy shopping

5. Apart from setting a budget, you can also make a list of items that you wish to shop for. However, if it reduces the amount of happiness shopping brings to you, just jot down the broader categories to stay focused

6. You can take someone along with you to make sure that you are not going off-board while making your purchases

Personally speaking, these tips do help in maintaining that line of being therapy-oriented rather than going over budget. Along with this, it helps to keep the shopping experience stress-free.

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Now, next time when blues try to make you feel low, hit them hard with a happy shopping time!

Do let us know in the comment section below that did shopping help you to boost your mood? If yes, please feel free to share your experience and inputs on the same.

Take care and happy shopping to you…

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