9 Signs That You’re Way Too Busy And You Need A Change

Last Update on August 23, 2021 : Published on August 23, 2021
Signs that you're way too busy

Maybe in the 90s “being busy” looked better for building our professional lives. “I am busy” was used as a fair description to describe our typical working schedules. However, in 2021, where everyone is keeping their mental health balanced, “being busy” looks odd.

It’s true that being overly productive is totally out of the question, people generally relate “being busy” with your mental health. This generation is so debonair that they actually put their mental health before anything else. Recognizing that you’re way too busy before you keep your mental health at a stake is a smart move.

Therefore, here are self-recognizing signs that show you’re way too busy and you need to change that before having a meltdown.

9 Signs That You’re Way Too Busy (And Need to Stop That)

1. You Hardly Connect With Your Family

you_hardly_connect with family

If you feel like you hardly connect with your family because you never gave them time to understand you. Maybe you focused a lot on other professional work or any other area that you didn’t get time to understand. If that’s the reason, please give them some time and connect with them.

2. You’re Missing a Sense of Purpose

If you go to work just to work or collect a pay check? Ask yourself, are you doing justice with yourself? Have you started compromising your values with a pay check or other shortcuts? This means you have completely lost a sense of purpose by keeping yourself too busy.

To get back your sense of purpose, read: How to find the purpose of life

3. You Are Constantly Trying to Meet Your Professional Goals

In the urge of constantly working hard to meet our professional goals, we somewhere lose ourselves. We sometimes miss that inner kid but still go back to focus on what’s important for a living. Don’t you feel a little resentful after thinking about this? Therefore, start giving yourself some time.

4. You Are Not Present at the Moment

You are not present at the moment

Do you also end your day by thinking about what’s next on the checklist? Do you also state your phone to avoid others so that they cannot ask questions? Do you find your mind wandering? If yes, please stop robbing your inner happiness and start living the present to the fullest. Live for your loved ones.

5. You Feel Exhausted

You sometimes feel like you’re going through burnout. You feel like you don’t have more energy to put on simple tasks. All these things get turned into irritation and distress. In this way, you’re burning your emotional energy by always feeling exhausted. PS: start doing activities that fulfill your inner soul.

6. You Feel Like you’re a Failure in Your Personal Life

No matter how far you’ve come in your professional life or how many things you’ve achieved in your professional life, you still feel that something is missing in your personal life. And in moments of distress, you also compare yourself to a failure. Therefore, start working on your personal life as well.

7. You Hardly Take Any Off From Your Office

You hardly take any off from your office

Do you remember the last time when you took off from work to spend time with your family or loved ones? Your professional work has turned you into a robot and you are missing the sense of your self-worth. Therefore, try to spend some time alone or with your family members when you’re on-off.

8. You Feel Difficulty in Focusing on Other Things

Can you believe that you’re a person who can focus on official work for hours and when it comes to personal tasks, you cannot even maintain your focus for even 10 minutes? If you’re at this point in life, you really need to start mindfulness exercises to regain your inner-self and to live in the present moment.

9. You Are Not Satisfied With Your Life

You are not satisfied with your life

Sometimes, you feel like you are not happy with your life, and to avoid this feeling, you work even harder. The fact is that it all happens subconsciously and by the time you observe such feelings and emotions you actually do not even know the main reason behind your trouble. To fix this, try to understand the cause of your unhappiness and start focusing on what’s more important to you.

I hope this blog helps you to understand the signs that show you’re way too busy. I hope you recognize these signs and work upon them before they devastate you mentally. Comment down and share your views on moving onto a balanced life. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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