Top 8 Social Issues Teens Struggle With Today

Last Update on August 3, 2022 : Published on March 3, 2021
Top social issues that teens face today

The most sensitive age to mould a personality lies in between 13 to 19 years. This age is already awkward with overwhelming struggles but intrusion of technology and pandemic have completely changed the course of growth.

Now teenagers are not just dealing with hormonal changes, puberty, social pressures but also social media pressures side by side. Some feel misunderstood, some need the validation of their feelings and some are scared to ask for help.

With that, there are other social issues today that teenagers face and undergo serious mental health problems. Such problems could be avoided if we are already aware of social issues and help the kids to cope up with them in due time.

So what are these social issues today that need to be acknowledged and taken care of, on a serious note.

Top 8 Social Problems Of Teenagers:

1. Teenage Depression

It has been reported that 13% of teenagers may experience depression before adulthood, by the National Institute of Mental Health.

In fact, depression rates have grown amongst adolescents more than ever before and there are a number of factors running behind the fact, technology one of the biggest contenders. If there are signs that a teenager is in need of help, there are numerous online therapy services available.

If not treated, depression could begin to interfere in school performance as well as social life and they may feel disconnected from everyone around them.

2. Bullying

Modern kids are facing the concept of bullying more than before. Not just physical bullying but cyberbullying has hiked up and changed the face of common harassment. Every teenager must become aware about bullying, its different phases and how to ask for help. Remind your kids that they must not accept any form of bullying and know ways to stand against it.

3. Body Image

Everyone goes through body changes during their adolescence in respect of body, shape and size. Children go through much mental pressure when they are called out by names like fatty, skinny, gawky or curly.

Such social issues may create problems like eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia or binge eating. The discontentment of body shape also leads to excessive exercises that may leave a negative impact on mind and body.

 4. Substance Abuse

Consumption of alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes and other illicit drugs take a serious toll on an individual’s mental health, especially when their brains are in a development phase.

Teens do not completely understand the addiction that they develop unknowingly. Peer pressure plays a dangerous role and it may cause accidents or costly mistakes, not good for them as well as their loved ones.

5. Sexual Activities

According to Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Data, about 40% of high school students reported as sexually active. Although teenage birth has declined to a great extent, sexually transmitted diseases are still found to be a reason for stress. Although this topic of teen issues is not much spoken about, parents or school counselors must look into the sex education very clearly.

6. On-Screen Violence

Violent media is no less anywhere, be it social media, television or OTTs. Researches have depicted that watching violence can make a person aggressive and drop-down empathy from them. It is necessary to keep a check on what kids are watching and playing and must understand the consequences.

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7. Lack Of Motivation

Mana common problem with today’s teenagers is that they are not as active towards their goals and are more reclusive in achieving them. One of the biggest reasons is distractions through technology and social media. Parents and teachers must put in efforts to encourage teens so that they thrive for their own dreams.

8. Self Harm

A number of temptations, rising use of drugs and alcohol can often inflict someone to undergo actions of self-harm. If any such thing is happening with you or your loved ones, it’s best to ask for help by calling 911 or suicide helpline numbers.

How Can Parents Help Their Teenagers?

  • Instead of complaining and blaming your kids about their actions, you need to take responsibility in helping them.
  • Talk to them often after work hours. Tell them to keep their phones and games away and become a partner in discussion.
  • Take care of their health by providing a healthy and complete meal for nourishment.
  • While punishing them, make sure you are not hurting their feelings or filling them with rage.
  • Listen to their point of view rather than throwing yours.
  • If you can notice signs of stress, depression or anxiety, ask them how you can help.
  • Tell them that you care about them, no matter what!

In short, teenage social issues are certainly not easy to handle but they could be regulated with proper guidance from a counselor or family therapist. If you wish to let your kid connect with a counselor, feel free to message us at

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