Do You Have A Type C Personality? (Traits, Strengths, And Impact)

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We all get really excited about finding out which “Supernatural” or “House Of Dragons” character personality we are, right? I mean, the number of online quizzes on these topics is phenomenal and the interest in these types of personality tests only emphasizes how fascinated we are to find out our personality types.

Psychologists and experts in the field of psychology have developed many scientific theories and personality tests to describe personalities such as the MBTI Test (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and the Big 5 Personality Model. But, did you know that there are much simpler personality tests?

We’ll be talking about one of those personality types in this article today! The Type C Personality!

We’ve already explored the Type A and Type B Personalities so let’s take a look at the Type C personality traits below.

Type C Personality Traits


Type C personality is someone who’s a combination of Type A and Type B personalities. They are quiet, thoughtful, focused, and introspective. These people might not find it easy to open up to others emotionally and might find it challenging to express their needs.

Type C people are the ones who can’t decide on one thing until you give them the choice. Here are some common Type C personality traits you should consider:

  • They are consistent
  • They are calm and quiet
  • They are cooperative but controlling
  • They are creative and deep thinkers
  • They are conflict resistant
  • They are perfectionists
  • They find it hard to adjust to change
  • They find interest in little details
  • They are sensitive to others’ needs
  • They are passive and pessimistic
  • They avoid expressing extreme emotions

Are You A Type C Personality?

Personality types can be complicated and it’s not always easy to spot or identify your personality type. We’re all unique with unique traits and abilities so confining them to one personality type can be challenging.

But if your personality type traits match the ones listed above, then here are some questions to help you figure out if you are a Type C personality or not:

  • Do you help others, even if it harms your daily life?
  • Do you consider your decisions carefully before acting them out?
  • Do you get annoyed when you have to work with other people?
  • Do you find it hard to work on self-control when you’re stressed?
  • Do you find yourself controlling your environment?
  • Do you take a lot of time to make sure your work is perfect and flawless?
  • Do you get along with your peers but prefer to work alone?
  • Do you keep your emotions and feelings to yourself and hesitate to voice them?
  • Do you overwork yourself to achieve your goals?
  • Do you find it difficult to express your feelings and needs?
  • Does the inability to express emotions make you feel hopeless and helpless?

If you’ve answered “YES” to almost all of these questions, then it might suggest that you have a Type C personality. However, this is not a conclusive test. The answers to these questions only suggest an alignment toward the Type C personality traits.

Strengths Of Type C Personality


Knowing your personality type isn’t essential but it can help you know yourself better – strengths and weaknesses. Like all personality types, the Type C Personality also has its strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of the best qualities of a type C person:

1.Sensitive To Others’ Feelings

Type C people are sensitive to others’ needs and feelings. They are peaceful and want everyone to work in tandem. Others might often seek their opinions and advice and these people have an innate sense of getting others to cooperate. If you’re a type C personality, then you’re a good team player.

2.Helping Others

Another trait that’s common in type C people is helpfulness. These people want everyone to be happy so they’re always willing to help others to get things done. They are often the first ones to offer solutions and might even stay and work overtime to help their peers.


Type C people are also very dedicated to their tasks. They want to reach their goals and this dedication can increase their chances of doing exactly that. If you’re a type C personality, then you find it easy to spot opportunities and follow through with the solutions you come up with.


Type C personalities are planners and this includes researching all the pros and cons, preparing for the worst-case scenarios, considering every scenario, and preparing for any change that may occur. You always have a backup plan ready to execute.

5.Prioritizing Facts

You might be considered creative but then you’re also someone who puts their faith in facts and scientific evidence. Type C people almost always have answers to all questions and even if they don’t, they take their time to research and find the answer. This ability also helps their creative side and they’re likely to come up with out-of-the-box ideas.

Which Areas To Work On?

Flaws are a part of our development after all. Here are some of the areas a type C person can work on:


Type C people can work more on being assertive and speaking up for what they want. It’s good to care for others but it’s also essential to care for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with saying “NO” when someone asks for help that you can’t offer. Learn to express your needs and communicate your feelings too.

2.Expressing Emotions

When you keep your emotions in, it can create an indifferent image in others’ minds towards you. It’s good to think rationally and not let your emotions get in the way but it’s also essential to express your emotions. Suppressing emotions can create more stress and lower your immunity among other health risks.

3.Facing Conflicts

It’s normal to want to avoid conflicts. You might even find it hard to express feelings such as anger or if you do, you do it in a passive-aggressive way which can be harmful. Disagreeing about something does not mean you get to be angry. You can work on facing conflicts instead of running away from them.


It’s good to work on something until it’s perfect but don’t forget that even imperfection is important. When you focus on perfection, you often lose sight of the bigger picture; the thing that matters. Focusing on perfection can prevent you from moving forward. So try to focus less on perfectionism and more on the bigger picture for once.


Type C people are pessimistic and in a way, it can benefit them but not always. If you’re focused on things that haven’t happened or are not likely to happen, then you may not take the action needed. Pessimism can also make you focus on negative self-talk and increase your hopeless feelings.

How Does Being Type C Affect Your Health?


Did you know there’s a claim on the internet that people with Type C personalities are prone to a higher risk of cancer? While there aren’t many evidence-based studies, there are some studies that may highlight the link between Type C personality traits and cancer symptoms.

When you suppress your emotions for a long time, it can also affect your immunity and make you prone to health-related illnesses.

Type C people can also find it hard to manage stress and keep a balanced hormone system. Type C personality traits are also said to be linked with symptoms of depression and hopelessness.

When you can’t express your emotions or needs, it can lead to depression and cause feelings such as denial, resentment, and even being unwanted. If this is left unaddressed, then it can lead to hopelessness, self-doubt, criticism, and even negative thoughts.

The personality traits you have can strongly influence how you respond to problems and other day-to-day challenges, but they are not the only factors. Other factors can also contribute to decision-making and other aspects of your life.

I hope the Type C personality traits mentioned above can help you recognize your personality and how you can work on the lacking aspects. You can always connect with a therapist if you find yourself struggling with improving your traits.

Let me know in the comments if you’re a Type C Personality and what trait resonates with you the most. You can also email us at for more.

Take Care!

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