Top 30 Calming iPhone Wallpaper To Relax Your Mind

Last Update on December 15, 2023 : Published on April 14, 2020
Calming iPhone Wallpaper

Why do you need a calming wallpaper for iPhone?

Do you look at the iPhone day in and day out all because you have to pick up calls, answer texts, edit documents and what not?  Does your iPhone stress you out and constantly remind you of your work pressure? Time to spice it up! Here are some relaxing and calm iPhone wallpapers which will refresh your mind. You can download them for free.

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Just when you think you can no longer pick your phone and look at the beeping screen, you could instead look at a soothing iPhone wallpaper which could be a serene scenery or a magnificent matte painting of a universe and get all pumped up. You would instantly get mesmerized by awesome visuals and enchanting color schemes.

It goes without saying that a calming iPhone wallpaper is capable of taking your mind and even heart of all the stress that you are going through.

Top 30 Calm iPhone Wallpapers

Here is the list of iPhone wallpapers to calm your mind:

1. Cool Blue Waters With Sun Shining

Cool Blue Waters With Sun Shining perfect for iphone screen

This one’s a simple image that portrays a lot. It is a calming and serene image of cool blue waters with the sun smiling from the top. The whole composition would immediately refresh your mind.

2. Rocky Riverside

Rocky Riverside calm wallpaper for iphone

A beautiful relaxing iPhone wallpaper of a sea or riverside scene. The serene color combination with visuals of greenery all around and rocks beautifully snapped is sure to mesmerize you. You can also check Calm Backgrounds For Desktop

3. Sand Pouring Down A Cave

Sand Pouring Down A Cave relaxing wallpaper for iPhone

This image is open to thousand interpretations or maybe even more. The calming iPhone wallpaper probably depicts an image of a recess in a cave where sand is pouring down. It could also be sun rays which are beautifully pouring down through a whole like sand. Undoubtedly a soothing iPhone wallpaper to revitalize your soul.

4. Vibrant Underwater

Vibrant Underwater a calm iPhone wallpaper

A vibrant and captivating image of sun rays diving right underwater. The image further encapsulates by showing small specs of rays of light as if snowing down.

5. Wouldn’t You Want To Be Here

relaxing and calming iPhone wallpaper

Looking at this wallpaper you would for sure be reminded of a vacation. Take a gander at the serene mountains and lush greenery in the backdrop, while you are sitting on this board with water on each side. Truly a magical image that’ll sway you off your feet and move you away from the humdrum of daily chores.

6. Gigantic White Mountains

calm and soothing wallpaper for iPhone

Ah! White mountains! Get away from the monotonous urban life by looking at this wallpaper which shows you gigantic White Mountains in the background and a person’s silhouette and rocky surface in the foreground. This person might as well be you, what say?

7. Fall In Love With Yourself

iPhone wallpaper to calm you down

Love has a feeling of calm and warmth combined and this calming iPhone wallpaper exhibits just that fact. The wallpaper is simple yet beautifully designed. The whole concept would motivate you to fall in love with yourself. here is the some inspirational uplifting movies on netflix

8. Cloudy Sky Above Mountains

Cloudy Sky Above Mountains a calming wallpaper

In this soothing iPhone wallpaper there are three components – a cloudy sky, misty mountains and a river. The whole color scheme is a little dark but visually it is appealing and something that’ll easily help you unwind. here is the top colors to bring positivity

9. Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis cool iPhone wallpaper

We hope that you have a chance to be a spectator to the wonderful Aurora Borealis. But, till then why  not have this soothing and calming iPhone wallpaper which will virtually take you to the location itself.

10. River Surrounded By Pine Trees And Mountain

River Surrounded By Pine Trees And Mountain

What can be more pleasing to the eyes than waterfront pine trees? It’s a scene that you would probably want to see every morning. And, now you can view this scene anytime you want. All you have to do is spice up your iPhone screen by downloading this wallpaper.

11. The Boat Is All Set For The Sail

The Boat Is All Set For The Sail a relaxing iPhone wallpaper

This calming iPhone wallpaper will make you want to hop on to this boat and take a good round in the waters that ensue. Afar you can also see some trees and not to mention, there is a clear sky to enhance the grandeur of the scene. What adds even more is the misty demeanor of this wallpaper.

12. There Is A World Of Knowledge Beneath That Conscience

There Is A World Of Knowledge Beneath That Conscience

How about a wallpaper on your iPhone screen which keeps reminding you of the fact that you are capable of way more than what you think you are. There is a world of knowledge inside you. Once you believe in that, you’ll be able to unleash power which until now was hidden.

13. Rings Of Saturn

Rings Of Saturn a calming iPhone background

What could be more enchanting than the rings of Saturn? The relaxing iPhone wallpaper gives you a peep into this wonderful planet and not to forget the other aspects – which are probably the stars, the million other galaxies and what not? You can capture all this right inside your device.

14. Nightwalk in The City

Nightwalk in The City wallpaper that relax your eyes

A peaceful night walk in the city is probably the best way to release stress. It would probably be the time when everyone around would be asleep. There won’t be any vehicles or people bustling around like swarms of bees. It would be just you and your city – calm, quiet and beautiful.

15. Fishing Atop A Building Immersed In water

Fishing Atop A Building Immersed In water a calm image

Love fishing? Wouldn’t you want to grab your fishing rod and fish in an area like this? Imagine standing atop a building partially immersed in an ocean with the vibrant blue light of the moon shining and enlightening the whole ocean.

16. Serenity At Its Best

Serenity At Its Best - keep calm wallpaper

Imagine sitting by the night sky and being a spectator to this visual; with water in front of you and mountains and greenery all around. Wow! It is truly a calming scene of a night sky. Surely it’s a brilliant and vibrant color scheme and awesome foreground and background images.

17. Breathe In The Air Of Confidence

Breathe In The Air Of Confidence

Maybe you often breathe in and out to calm yourself down. Here’s something that’ll take your inner power to a whole new level, next time when you breathe, breathe in as much confidence as you have and exhale any doubts that are stopping you from moving ahead.

18. An Era Which Exists In Imagination

An Era Which Exists In Imagination - a relaxing wallpaper

Looks like a kingdom which once bloomed with happy souls. Their happiness still smiles through the clear water and the lush greenery. Having this soothing wallpaper will take you to an era which probably exists in one’s imagination.

19. Futuristic Matte Painting Of A City

Futuristic Matte Painting Of A City - a calm iPhone wallpaper

How about a relaxing iPhone wallpaper gives you a picture which you might have not imagined in your dreams. Ever thought your city could look like this? This is the magic of matte painting. This soothing iPhone wallpaper won’t just calm you but surprise you to the core.

20. Yes You Surely Are Enough !

Yes You Surely Are Enough, calm mpbile background

A wallpaper which doesn’t just calm you down but gives you immense strength to stand strong under all circumstances. If nothing else is calming you down and you are all boggled by things around you, believe that you are the biggest force. Even if not now, you will for sure be able to get through the toughest of the situations.

21. A Soulful Walk

A Soulful Walk, best iphone wallpapers

Probably just another youngster, taking a walk. Actually, the image seems to be a deeper depiction of what we yearn to have at times. Amidst meeting hundreds of people every single day, there comes a moment when we want a time with ourselves.

22. A Soulful Sail In A Boat

A Soulful Sail In A Boat, calming backgrounds

If you have had a long and tiresome day at work, look at this calm wallpaper and imagine sailing across a river in this very boat. Imagine being a spectator of a sun set in this very boat. You wouldn’t want this ride to end ever, would you?

23. A Bunch Of Lilac Flowers

A Bunch Of Lilac Flowers, calm wallpaper for phone

The image of a bunch of flowers makes for excellent soothing wallpapers. From the very image you can get a feel of the softness of the petals. Each petal shows million shades of one single colour. Truly one of the best iPhone wallpapers I have come across.

24. The Flight Of A Bird

The Flight Of A Bird, calm wallpaper for iphone

This relaxing wallpaper pictures an elegant flight of a bird. The image though still, you can still probably listen to the calming sound of the flapping of the wings. And, if you have got the feel of the flight, you might just want your dreams to get wings too.

25. Beautiful Landscape And Water Encompassing Mountain

Beautiful Landscape And Water Encompassing Mountain, soothing wallpapers

Surrounding a huge mountain, you can see a partial waterfall and a vast landscape with few people making their way probably to their homes. The composition makes for a great soothing wallpaper, isn’t it?

26. Spectacular Universe

Spectacular Universe, peaceful iphone wallpaper

Wonders of the universe don’t stop to astonish. It is a fast that the universe is endless and unconquered. There are probably spectacles that haven’t yet been discovered and this image might just be a glimpse of that.

27. Droplets Of Water

Droplets Of Water, calming wallpaper for iphone

These droplets of water look like diamonds falling in the dark and make for a great calming background. Plus, the dark background beautifully compliments the water droplets.

28. Book And Specks

Book And Specks, peaceful wallpaper

If you are an avid reader like me and romanticize novels and books every waking moment, nothing better can calm you down than a pair of spectacles and a book. Even if you are not a voracious reader you would still find the wallpaper very relaxing and soothing. For calmness you can read calm quotes

29. A Rainy Evening on A City Street

A Rainy Evening on A City Street, relaxing background

This is such a calming and unique picturization of a rainy evening. You can see silhouettes of people walking with their umbrellas. Street lamps and lights from other sources too add on to the magnificence of the composition.

30. Logs Submerged In Water

Logs Submerged In Water, calming background

Nature always has some or the other element that can get you the peace you have been yearning for. Take this peaceful iPhone wallpaper which consists of a few logs submerged in water. Far away you can see a foggy background that has a forest on the other end.

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Other Calming and Relaxing Wallpapers:

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Why Do You Need A Calm iPhone Wallpaper

Let’s face it when there is too much stress around, sometimes our mind gets blocked. Then we are not able to focus on anything. You might try listening to calm music or watching a video but still the visuals happening around may distract you. And we cannot stress enough on the fact that how important is to calm down?

Calming down is very important in order to rejuvenate yourself. To get your focus back, a calm iPhone wallpaper can instantly help you rejuvenate and not just you it can also motivate others around you as well.

Which Wallpaper Did You Like?

We are sure that just by having a mere glance at the above relaxing iPhone wallpapers you are now filled with renewed energy and are all set to get back to whatever it is you are doing.

How do you keep yourself calm?  How do you de-stress yourself when you are completely worn out and need to take a break? and which of the above calm iPhone wallpapers did you like ? Do let us know in the comment section below. For more such enriching content, keep reading Calm Sage. You can also follow us on all social media platforms, the links of which are mentioned below.

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