The New Trend of Emotional Decluttering & Why You Need To Practice It

Last Update on September 6, 2023 : Published on August 28, 2020
The New Trend of Emotional Decluttering

You might have often heard of decluttering your room, desk, or space to enjoy the benefits of tidying up your place. Plus, who doesn’t like clean surroundings!

Hey, but what about the chaos within? Ever considered decluttering your emotions and beginning the journey of healing?

If not then it is about time to make this new trend of emotional decluttering a part of your daily life. We all often bottle up or suppress our emotions thinking that avoidance will help them vanish but little do we know that by doing so we are creating a messy pile within.

And this pile is no different than the pile of clothes in your room or papers on your desk, it makes you feel uncomfortable from within. So, it becomes important to tidy up on the inside too! The best way to accomplish this goal is by emotionally decluttering all the piled-up and buried emotions.

Get… set…

Wait… first, let us check some other benefits of emotional cluttering.

Perks of Emotional Decluttering?

Emotional decluttering is a great tool to get away with a pile of unexpressed emotions. But, is that the only benefit that emotional decluttering has to offer, or there is more?

  • It allows you to embrace your emotions, understand them, and feel them with more clarity and awareness.
  • It gives you a way to embrace your authentic and real self so that you don’t have to pretend to be someone else.
  • It helps you cultivate joy and happiness from within (as you won’t be bottling up your emotions anymore).
  • It releases your disowned, unwanted, and buried emotions, healthily.
  • It allows you to practice unconditional love and gratitude.
  • It lets you see both sides of life, that is, positive and negative.
  • It makes it easy for you to forgive yourself and others.
  • It heals you inside and outside.

If you wish to enjoy all these benefits (and more) then it is time to emotionally declutter your life!

Let the journey of emotional decluttering begin! GO…

The Six Sure Ways To Practice Emotional Decluttering

1. Dump Your Emotions

Don’t hoard your emotions just dump them! But, where and how? The best way to dump your emotions is by penning it all down. Grab a journal or a paper or open up your notes app, and start expressing your feelings onto it. Write down your anger, frustration, sadness, insecurities, and all other emotions. You will feel light and free.

With religious and regular dumping of your emotions, you might even get a new perspective of your feelings and channel them in the right direction. Just remember to be real, raw, honest, and free.

Don’t forget to keep a cup of herbal tea by your side while journaling to keep yourself active and motivated!

2. Shut The Chatter

Let us do a small exercise! Close your eyes, focus on the center point of your forehead and think of nothing.

100 thoughts coming to your mind? Despite the instruction that you have to think of anything your mind still chooses to have a chatter session. This mind chatter is constantly trying to control your mind taking you away from the present.

So, to stop this mind chatter you have to stop swinging in the past and dwelling in the future. This will help you unload the unnecessary baggage of emotions and thoughts of your mind. There are various ways to make it happen but the best one is to meditate. But, if you want a quick fix you may simply focus on your breath.

You can also watch our webinar on “Being in the moment.” It will help you shut the chatter, emotionally declutter your brain space and allow you to be in the present.

3. Empower Yourself

Not all emotions and their stories are unhelpful! Some of these emotions and stories related to them might make you happy while others teach you important life lessons. So, create an emotional room in your mind space for such emotions and the stories linked with them. You can use these emotional life stories to empower yourself.

While happy stories of helpful emotion will always put a smile on your face. The not-so-happy stories will teach you important life lessons. Either way use your emotions and stories related to them to empower yourself instead of letting them drain you. Don’t forget you are the writer of your own life so feel free to document your story your way! Good luck.

4. Set Boundaries

An important aspect of emotional decluttering is blocking away the channels of unhelpful emotions. The best way to achieve it is through setting boundaries. But then when and how to set boundaries?

To check when you should set boundaries just ask yourself one question “Will I be doing it happily?” If the answer is “Yes” do it, but if the answer is “NO” set a boundary!

No is a powerful tool that will help you set your boundaries, block the channels of emotional burden, and practice emotional decluttering.

 5. Tap Your Emotions Out

Do you ever wish you had a vacuum cleaner to clean your brain space just like you have it to clean your room? Well, what if I tell you that there is one such technique that will work as a vacuum cleaner and help you with emotional decluttering? You might be as amazed as I was when I first found out!

This technique is known as the Emotional Freedom Technique. Through this, you will be able to tap on your emotions and release them. Thus, regaining emotional stability and attaining healing.

6. Say Bye-bye To Toxicity

If the relationships and people in your life weigh you down instead of bringing you up, be the Elsa of Frozen and “Let it go.” Your tribe has a big impact on your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. So if there’s any toxic person or relationship in your life let them go!

I read a beautiful line that empowered me to end unhelpful and negative relationships in my life. It goes like this… “Maintaining relationships with toxic people is betraying the relationship we have with ourselves.” Next time when you find it difficult to end a toxic relationship or let go off negative people in your life just read this phrase out loud to yourself.

But, what about the ties that you can’t break no matter what? Well, place them in a place where they exist but no longer influence the way you feel. It will take time but remember it is important in emotionally decluttering your life.

With these six sure ways of emotional decluttering, you will be able to deal with emotions healthily and won’t be hoarding them anymore! Remember while time will heal you by providing temporary relief it is you working on your emotions that can truly make a big difference.

So, what are you waiting for? Go declutter your beautiful brain space and redecorate it with healing.

A Message From Author

Sigmund Freud said

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and come forth later in uglier ways.”

I couldn’t agree more. On days when I bury my emotions I might feel better but next time some distressing event takes place my emotions weigh me more down (You all might relate to it as well).

That’s why I started emotional decluttering and I did witness changes in myself. Trust me the journey of healing through emotional decluttering is beautiful. So, I will suggest you give it a try and bring much-needed changes in your life.

Feel free… feel healed!!!

PS: Don’t forget to share your emotional decluttering experience with us in the comments section. We will be waiting to hear your healing story!

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