Authoritarian Parenting: Is It The Right Parenting Approach?

Last Update on October 20, 2022 : Published on October 29, 2022
What is Authoritarian Parenting

In brief, authoritarian parenting is one of the strictest parenting styles. This may amaze you, but yes, some parents still follow the authoritarian parenting style because it focuses more on controlling or disciplining kids, instead of nurturing the child.

In my opinion, the authoritarian parenting style is not the right approach for raising a child because it involves harsh punishments and negative comments. In this blog, let us understand “if it is okay or not okay to practice an authoritarian parenting style?” in this epoch.

What is the Authoritarian Parenting Style?

Authoritarian parenting is a type of parenting style which is characterized by low responsiveness and high expectations from children. The contradictory parenting styles of authoritarian parenting are permissive parenting and authoritative parenting which revolves around high responsiveness and low demands.

Authoritarian parenting can be seen when a parent keeps high expectations from their children and provides less feedback and nurture. When the expectations are not met, children can also be punished harshly in an authoritarian parenting style.

Moreover, corporal punishment and constant yelling are the main characteristics of the authoritarian parenting style.

Characteristics of Authoritarian Parenting Style

Authoritarian parenting is described by Diana Baumrind (Developmental Psychologist). She described that parents play a major role in raising their kids and it is really important to learn about expectations and values we expect from our children so that we can raise our children positively.

In return, when we start controlling our children, it puts a lot of pressure on our children. It is one of the most controlling and strict parenting styles which teaches our children to manage their own behavior.

Such parenting characteristics do not reinforce positive behavior in children. Below are some of the common characteristics and examples of authoritarian parenting:

1. High Demands, Less Response

Authoritarian parenting is all about setting high demands with children but becoming less responsive when they need support or help to accomplish something.

2. Unforgiving Yelling, Less Warmth or Nurture

Parents who are harsh, aloof, or cold on their children follow authoritarian parenting which revolves around unforgiveness instead of guiding them to the right values.

3. Harsh Punishments, Fewer Explanations, or Feedbacks

Whenever children are not able to meet their expectations, they resort to corporal punishments instead of providing feedback or explanations.

4. Strict Discipline, Few Choices

People who follow authoritarian parenting provide fewer choices to their kids and there is no room for negotiation as well.

5. Impatient Behaviors, Less Communication

Such parents expect their children to obey them but they keep on engaging themselves in undesirable behaviors. They do not invest time in openly talking about feelings or other things.

6. Incorporate Obedience, Less Trust

Authoritarian parents know how to control their children and how to incorporate obedience in them but have less trust in their kids.

7. Unwilling Negotiations, Less Compromises

Authoritarian parents only look for black and white and react strictly whenever something goes off track. They don’t believe in compromising with their children.

8. Extraordinary Shaming, Less Motivation

Whenever it comes to following the rules, they focus on setting strict rules instead of providing guidance. Additionally, they also use words or phrases that lower the self-esteem of children.

Causes of Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parenting style is not intentional but is a learned behavior. It can be due to strict upbringing, negative past experiences, and more. Below are some of the common causes of authoritarian parenting:

  • When parents are raised through the same parenting style
  • When parents are less agreeable, less empathetic, and more hostile in nature.
  • When parents are the victim of mental health issues like self-doubt, anxiety, depression, negative thinking, and more.

Impacts of Authoritarian Parenting on Children

The outcome of an authoritarian parenting style can never be positive, it is full of side effects like:

  • Raise of the fearful or shy child
  • Putting your child at risk of developing mental health issues
  • Development of aggressive behavior
  • Reduced prosocial behavior
  • Difficulty in adapting to social situations
  • Reduced self-esteem
  • Hyperactivity and less problem-solving skills
  • Struggle with self-control

Positive Strategies to Adapt for Raising Positive and Happy Children

In my opinion, it is always a better idea to avoid authoritarian parenting, instead learn to adapt positive parenting styles like permissive parenting or authoritative parenting. Additionally, you can also connect with a counselor to learn new positive and healthy habits to raise a positive and happy child.

Moreover, you can also try the below-mentioned tips for avoiding the authoritarian parenting style:

  • Learn more about positive parenting styles
  • Learn about your parenting style so that you can adapt new healthy strategies to raise a child.
  • Try having open communication with your child and be a good listener
  • Establish healthy rules and settings
  • Try to apply logical consequences and make them learn about their mistakes

Brownie Tip: Along with authoritarian parenting, you must also avoid practicing tiger parenting, uninvolved parenting, overprotective parenting, and other types of parenting that involves less responsiveness.

Key Takeaway: Types of Positive Parenting Styles Covered by Calm Sage!

You can also learn about the below-mentioned parenting styles that involve around positive development of children:

I hope this blog helps you understand why we should avoid practicing authoritarian parenting style. Comment down and share your positive-parenting experiences to motivate other parent readers. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

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