10 Common Dreams And Their Meanings Explained By Psychology

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Last night, I had a dream; I found that I had failed the examination which I was going to appear the next morning!!

How scary it was!!

But wait, does this mean anything? Am I really going to fail my examination? What if my dream comes true?

We all have been in a place wherein we have dreamt of failing an examination. Do you know why this happens? Well, dreams can be connected to psychology.

Dreams gain everyone’s interest and attention especially when they are recurring, we get the curiosity to learn about them, which is a good thing. When we begin to understand our dreams and or our dreaming patterns, we bring reality to our thoughts and feelings.

Gaining understanding and knowledge about dreams provides a better personal insight into us. In this blog, let us read about 10 common types of dreams and their meanings according to psychology.

What is Dream Interpretation?


According to psychology, dreams are described as the royal and straight road to our unconscious mind and it can be suggested that studying dreams provides a door to our hidden and unconscious wishes which are connected to neurosis.

When we begin to analyze our dreams and symbols related to them, it can be a great source of understanding of our personality and it can be entertaining too! All of such analysis and self-reflection study comes under dream interpretation. Dream interpretation is based on modern theories of dreams.

10 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

1.Dream: Falling

Falling from a great height is one of the most common dreams experienced by everyone. You might have heard myths about this like we are going to die (well, it is not true). Let this myth, stay the myth!

What does psychology say about falling from a great height?

According to dream interpretation, falling means that something is not going on a track. It can be related to considering a new direction, rethinking a choice, or thinking twice before taking any action. Psychology also says that it can be related to fear in real life. It actually means that you need to let go of your worries and focus on the present.

2.Dream: Naked In Public

Okay! This dream is scary because it is related to feelings of shame, embarrassment, exposure, and vulnerability. But do you know it could mean the totally opposite according to the dream interpretation!

What does psychology say about roaming naked or being exposed in public?

According to psychology, it means that the person might want to be acknowledged, admired, or seen. Meanwhile, it can also indicate that you are afraid of revealing your shortcomings or imperfections in public according to the “Dream Dictionary for Dummies” book written by Penney Peirce.

3.Dream: Someone’s Chasing

Dreams that feature being chased by an attacker or a known person can be terrifying because we mostly experience such dreams and it builds curiosity in our minds that why that particular person was chasing us! Let’s see what psychology says about this…

What does psychology say about being chased by an attacker, an unknown person, or a known personality?

Dream interpreters suggest that it means we are trying to avoid something in our life. It also indicates that we are trying to escape our desires or fears. Meanwhile, it also depends on the identity of the chaser, below are some common types of examples:

Being chased by an animal

When we are being chased by an animal, it indicates that we are trying to hide our anger, desires, passion, and other related feelings.

Being chased by a stranger

Being chased by a stranger indicates past trauma or abusive childhood experience.

Being chased by the opposite sex

Being chased by the opposite sex means we are afraid of love, ghosted, or haunted by our past relationship.

4.Dream: Losing Teeth

Losing teeth in a dream can be an overwhelming experience. But wait; does it indicate your anxious thoughts? Do you know losing teeth can have multiple meanings according to psychology?

Losing teeth is related to self-protection, assertiveness, and decisiveness.

Let’s see what can be the possible reasons behind losing teeth according to psychology?

  • Indicated worries about your appearance or attractiveness.
  • This indicatesthat you might be concerned about your personality or ability to communicate. If that’s the reason, read this blog: How to communicate effectively?
  • Indicates that you’re concerned about saying something embarrassing to someone.
  • Indicates that you’re concerned about your power, ability, strength, competence, and potency.

5.Dream: Dying

Death is another of the common dreams we get and it causes worries and negative thoughts. It also depends on who is dying in the dream.

Let us see what dream interpretations tell us about the dying or death of a loved one, according to psychology.

According to dream interpretation, it can be related to the fear of the unknown or anxiety. According to the book “Dream on It: Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life”, “Like death, change can be scary because—also like death—we do not know what is ‘on the other side of the change, which is why the dreaming mind equates change with death.”

 The author of this book also suggested that it reflects fear of change (especially with children). It can also be related to a comforting presence, engaging or watching with the deceased, distressing experience, loved ones waiting, unfinished business, and more.

6.Dream: Examination Failure

Test-taking dreams and failure dreams are the most common dreams we see, especially the night prior to our examinations. It’s quite obvious that such dreaming is related to fear of failure.

What does psychology say about examination failure dreams?

It is well written in the book “The Hidden Meaning of Dreams” by Craig Hamilton-Parker, “Examinations are stressful experiences in which you are made to face up to your shortcomings.” Such dreams are highly expected when our learning and gasping challenges are on the horizon.

7.Dream: Infidelity

This modern era is quite strange and dating is completely different these days, dreams related to infidelity, cheating, and multiple dates have increased. And, getting such dreams is completely distressing especially when your relationship is in turmoil. In such cases, people really want to find answers and in return start judging their partners.

What does psychology say about examining infidelity dreams?

While such dreams are directly connected with the fear of infidelity, getting such dreams definitely does not mean that your partner is cheating on you. It can be related to the fear or trauma of your past relationships, childhood, or anything.

It also reflects that you might be facing issues with trust, communication, loyalty, and space. Meanwhile, it also shows that something needs to be corrected, you and your partner can share your feelings, and start work on fixing your problems.

8.Dream: Flying

Many people get dreams wherein they feel themselves flying. Well, flying dreams make us happy, excited, and liberated, but sometimes, they can be frightening, especially for people who have fear of heights and fear of large buildings.

Let’s see what can be the possible reasons behind flying dreams?

According to psychology, dreams related to flying have two sides. On the first side, they indicate feelings of independence and freedom. On the other side, they indicate a desire to escape real life or wish to flee.

While most of the dreams are related to flying alone, it shows the desire for an independent aspect. As it is related to feelings of happiness, pleasure, and excitement, it can also depict our sexuality based on restraints and social norms.

9.Dream: Pregnancy

Pregnancy dreams are overwhelming and bring us to an unknown fear of fertility. While you will be amazed to know that pregnancy represents creativity to fear according to dream interpretation.

Let’s see what can be the possible reasons behind getting pregnant dreams?

According to dream interpretation, dreams related to pregnancy show that the dreamer might be developing deeper love with the partner. Such dreams are mostly seen during difficult times of relationship.

Even if you do not wish to have children, such dreams sometimes reflect positivity developing inside you. It can also be related to something positive like getting a promotion, getting a home, or anything.

10.Dream: Getting Power

Dreaming about getting power, position, and money can be common as it is related to dreaming to achieve goals. However, according to psychology, such dreaming can also be related with being powerless and dreaming of getting power.

Let’s see what can be the possible reasons behind getting power, position, or money dreams?

Dream interpretation indicates that people who dream about getting power or position are mostly not in a position of money, position, or power.

Other types of common dreams

  • Discovering new places
  • Being dressed up awkwardly or inappropriately
  • Unable to find washroom
  • Arriving late at work
  • Finding money
  • Hosting dinner or parties with a deceased loved one or family member
  • Losing voice
  • Standing on a cliff
  • Running late
  • You cheated on your partner

I hope this blog helps you with the 10 common dreams and their meanings. Comment down and share your views on the same. If you wish to know more about common dreams, comment down and will get back with more common dreams and their meanings. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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