‘What Is Wrong With Me?’ What to Do If You Feel This Way

Last Update on July 30, 2022 : Published on May 25, 2022
What is wrong with me

Indeed, life is full of roller coasters and every day is not the same. Similarly, everyone’s experiences through struggles and hard times are different. Some people can overcome them easily meanwhile, some take time to understand and cope with them. During such phases wondering “what is wrong with me” can be really overwhelming.

I can completely understand that such moments or phases can really fatten up your self-confidence. However, trust me, it does not mean that you are not good enough. It just simply means that life is questioning your abilities and you will have challenged it instead of thinking “what is wrong with me”. Nothing is wrong with you.

Additionally, you don’t have to push yourself to get over this feeling. It will go away but only with the right approach.

This blog will tell you possible reasons you may like something is wrong with you and how to manage the feeling that something is wrong with you

So, let’s get started.

Why Do You Feel Like There Is Something Wrong With You?

Before we explore how to cope with “what is wrong with me?”, let’s first take a look at why you might be feeling this way. The reasons for this feeling can be due to a temporary setback, a symptom of a mental health disorder, or other such reasons.

Let’s explore some reasons below:

1. You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

When you start to believe that something being wrong with you, then you might be experiencing overwhelming feelings. You might not be able to keep up with all the emotions, responsibilities, or things life keeps throwing at you. Even financial stress, family stress, and job stress can be a reason.

2. You’re Stuck In A Rut

Do you feel you’re stuck in one place in your life while everyone else is moving forward with theirs? Well, this can also be a reason you might feel something is wrong with you. If you have got an idea of what your ideal life should be like and if you’re unable to lead that life, you might feel that something is wrong with you.

3. You’re Feeling Lonely

Another reason you might feel that there is something wrong with you is that you’re feeling lonely. Maybe your relationships are strained or maybe you’re not able to make new friends. Many times, you may feel there’s something wrong with you when you struggle with building (or maintaining) social relationships in life.

4. You’re Struggling With Trauma

If you’ve been wondering if something is wrong with you lately, then this feeling could come when you’re struggling with past trauma. Losing a loved one, surviving abuse, or surviving a tragic experience can affect your mental and emotional state making you question if there is something wrong with you.

5. You’re Physically Unwell

Sometimes, the feeling that there is something wrong with you can also be tied to your physical health. If you’ve been diagnosed with a physical illness or are having symptoms of physical distress, then you may feel confused and worried causing you to think there is something wrong with you. Here, it is advised you speak to a doctor for consultation.

6. You’re Lacking Self-Worth

When you’re wondering if there is something wrong with you, then it could be a result of lacking self-worth and low self-esteem. When you’re low on self-esteem, it could extend throughout every aspect of your life and impact your mindset making you think you’re underserving and there’s something wrong with you.

7. You’re Mentally Struggling

Another potential reason for feeling that there is something wrong with you could be an underlying and unaddressed mental health disorder. Disorders such as depression, anxiety, and even personality disorders can make you question your mindset and think that there’s something wrong with you.

It is advised, once again, that you speak to a mental health professional for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

How To Cope With “What is wrong with me”?

1. Come Into Action With a “Plan of Action”

No dear, there is no time to question your abilities and think if there is something really wrong with you”. It’s time to come into action and make a plan! Having a negative mindset will take you nowhere.

Therefore, get things right and make a plan. It might happen that your plan does not succeed at first. However, you can still make changes and make them appropriate accordingly.

Your Plan of Action Could be:

  • Seek help from Mental health professionals, Your supporter, or Your loved ones.
  • Develop Hobbies You can Get indulge in.
  • Read self-help books to overcome your hardships.
  • Develop a Regular Sleep Cycle.
  • Stay Away from toxic people and Make room for your positive family and friends.

2. Calm Down it’s Just a Moment

Calm down it’s just a moment

It’s definitely a moment or a phase since life is full of ups and downs. Therefore, try not to provoke your negative thoughts or anxiety. Try to keep yourself calm and motivate yourself.

You can try to calm down activities or other self-care activities to get through it. or you can also try to:

3. Explore Everything About You

Explore everything about you.

While you try to make a plan and bring yourself into action, also explore yourself. Learn about your weaknesses and strengths so that you can prepare yourself to challenge your shortcomings.

Moreover, try to turn your weaknesses into strengths so that you may never again feel “what is wrong with me”. To explore everything about you, you can try to:

4. Schedule Everything, Even Your Worries

Schedule everything, even your worries

While you’re trying to strengthen your abilities and weaknesses, it is really important to do everything according to a schedule. Even if you need time for yourself or even if you want to cry, schedule it so that you can discover a lot more about yourself. Also, it will help you with better problem-solving skills.

Make sure when you’re worrying or crying, you’re only focusing on problems but also on solutions. Personally speaking, this works every time! Every time I make time for worrying, it helps me with a solution.

5. Self-care Is the Key

Self-care is the key

I know you’re focusing a lot on your body, strengths, weaknesses, career, and life. And this brings us to little self-care because self-care is not selfish and it is important.

While you’re making a to-do list or plan of action, make sure you’re also scheduling time for self-care (at least twice a week). During self-care, you can try:

  • Get sleep.
  • Eat healthily.
  • Focus on skincare
  • Focus on your body
  • Go outside and enjoy nature.

For more self-care activities, refer to Best self-care ideas for a healthy mind and soul

6. Seek Professional Help

Generally, People get what is wrong with me feeling when they are extremely exhausted and burned out. If it’s getting too much on you, you don’t have to keep forcing yourself. Instead, you can chuck everything and get professional help. People get therapy for even polishing their personalities.

Therefore, therapy is not only for disorders or illnesses, you can take the help of a professional to not feel like “what is wrong with me”. And, the good news is you can also seek counseling via online platforms.


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7. Accept Challenges and Reflect on Them

Accept challenges and reflect on them

While you accept all your happiness and successes, why not try to accept your unhappiness as well? Recognize your feelings and allow yourself to feel every inch of your emotions so that you don’t go into that negative spiral again. While you’re accepting it, also learn to reflect on them.

Final Words:

Always remember there is no such thing as perfect. Everyone tries their best and still falls short. Sometimes Difficult Situations can lead to the wrong path but by Asking yourself what is wrong with me, you have recognized an opportunity to get better.

I hope this blog helps you to get over “what is wrong with me”. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading.

More power to you!

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