Things You Should Never Say To Someone With Depression

Last Update on November 20, 2023 : Published on August 13, 2020
Worst Things to Say to Someone With Depression

Depression is an unknown battle; you never know the struggle of another person. We often get into a situation wherein we have to empathize with the depressed person. But, somehow we always end up saying something inappropriate. Some statements are really inappropriate that they can again trigger the symptoms of depression in a person who is already fighting with depression. And sometimes, we end up saying the worst things to someone fighting depression.

Most of the time, we unintentionally state some statements which are not good for the mental health of the person. Hence, we should always avoid the use of such statements and should not use them specifically with the person with depression. Therefore, I feel that there is a need of clarifying “things you should never say to someone with depression.” 

In this blog, I have enlisted some wrong statements which we should never say to someone with depression. Additionally, I have also enlisted a mini guide for “what to say to a depressed person.” This guide will help you to have a productive conversation with a person who is already fighting depression blues. So, let’s get started.

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Worst Things to Say to Someone With Depression:

1. “Cheer Up!”

2. Lighten Up!”

3. “Why can’t you just act normal”

4. “Things are not that bad, stop pretending”

5. “You become what you think.”

6. “You should not take those pills.”

7. “Get a grip”

8. “Go smooth, bro\girl”

9. “A hot bath always helps upset people.”

10. “Get a better job to do.”

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11. “Smile and the world smiles with you.”

12. “Your face looks fine.”

13. “You don’t look depressed.”

14. “You have gained weight.”

15. “You have lost weight.”

16. “You are such a self-centralized person, you always think about yourself”

17. “You are being selfish now.”

18. “Well! Everyone goes through depression once in a lifetime, it is normal.”

19. “You are nothing, just an attention-seeker.”

20. “Why don’t you try smiling and laughing more.”

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21. “You are only doing this for attention.”

22. “Everyone goes through a rough patch, so what is normal…Chill!”

23. “You should wear nice clothes.”

never say these things to a depressed person

24. “You should focus on becoming a better person now, stop ruminating!”

25. “In this way, you’re only hurting yourself.”

26. “Depression is not a disorder, so chill!”

27. “A person of your age should be having fun right now.”

28. “You should set a positive mindset, you become what you think.”

29. “It’s your own karma!”

30. “You should see a mental doctor, this is not a hospital, this is an office, start working.”

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31. “It’s all in your hands, start thinking better.”

32. “Don’t snap on me, snap out of your own problems.”

33. “I don’t care; you are acting like a child now.”

34. “It was your entire fault.”

35. “For how long you want to feel this way.”

36. “This attitude won’t take you anywhere.”

37. “Stop thinking about it, things are going to be fine.”

38. “Go away”

39. “Leave me alone.”

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40. “Go out with friends and chill.”

41. “Get a life.”

42. “I can’t help you in this way.”

43. “Your face is so depressing, that it makes me depressed as well.”

44. “You need to give yourself time.”

45. “Have you started reading holy books”

Instead, You Can Use These Statements for Someone With Depression:

1. I will be there for you.”

2. “I care.”

3. “Do you want to talk?”

4. “Can I help you with cleaning?”

5. “Let’s consult with a doctor.”

6. “Would you like to have some company for a while?”

7. “Let’s have coffee together.”

8. “You can talk to me anytime.”

9. “Keep going, we can do this together.”

10. “You are strong.”

11. “Be with me.”

12. “I don’t want to leave you alone.”

13. “Hold my hand.”

14. “I understand.”

15. “It’s okay to feel this way.”

16. “Do you want to talk about it?”

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Small Take Away

Sometimes, maybe the person with depression is not ready to talk. Make sure you don’t become harsh on the person. Instead, try staying with them at the moment and hold their hands. Sometimes, just holding the hand and not saying anything also works.

I hope this blog helps you to avoid the worst things to say to someone with depression. For more such informational content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

Brownie Tip: Whenever you are in a conversation with someone who is depressed, make sure you express your own feelings in a correct manner. Always, make your statements clear from your perspective and make sure you are not hurting the sentiments of the other person. 


Sometimes, maybe the person with depression is not ready to talk or may be unable to express their feelings or emotions. Make sure you don’t become harsh on the person. Instead, try staying with them at the moment and hold their hands. Sometimes, just holding the hand and not saying anything also works. Additionally, always support them and do not forget to say that “you are always with them.” I think it’s the best thing to say to a depressed person.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ant Tiquity
    Ant Tiquity

    I would add to the list of things Not to say: “You can always talk to a priest”

    1. Aayushi Kapoor
      Aayushi Kapoor

      Hi Ant, thank you so much for adding one more "not to say" in the list. Indeed, suggesting someone talk to a priest should never be an option. Keep reading and keep suggesting. Love from Calm Sage.

  2. Vindhya Mehra
    Vindhya Mehra

    I would like to suggest here with one point to reduce the depression or suggestion for them who are depressed - to Increase their social circle, and interact with more people and friends, because that will definitely help out it.

  3. Tayani

    Another one should be "just go for a run"

    1. Aayushi Kapoor
      Aayushi Kapoor

      Thanks a lot for your suggestion. It means a lot. Keep reading more

  4. Aayushi Kapoor
    Aayushi Kapoor

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Keep reading more

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    Super Thanks for sharing this thing with us keep writing such thing and update us.

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