Are You Quarantining or Quaranteaming?

Last Update on August 16, 2020 : Published on May 22, 2020
Are You Quarantining or Quaranteaming

The world was not aware of this Coronavirus pandemic until it struck the world. We were not ready for this and living our life our way. We were living stress-free and were part of social meetings and outings on every weekend. And then this happened throughout the world.

The whole world is trying their level best to stay in isolation and keeping quarantined to break the chain of this deadly virus infection however it’s been four months now. The government has given little bit liberty to move out for emergencies while maintaining social distancing.

What is a Quarantining?

What is a Quarantining

Quarantining is a lockdown situation where movement of people, goods and services goes on restricted mode. Quarantining is often used in the situation of illness and or diseases. We take this precautionary measure to stay safe from communicable disease. Strict isolation is imposed during quarantine situation and we do not get in touch with people outside our home.

What is a Quaranteaming?

What is a Quaranteaming

This is a new term that is discovered during this pandemic situation. Single young people decided to spend this time of isolation with their friends and moving in their houses so that they do not have to spend this time alone. They are moving in with proper checkups and certifications and staying in small groups so that they can have a good time.

People staying alone or with roommates are taking the decision to move into a better place where they can make a life out of this quarantine situation. The temporary movement will calm them and help them feel less lonely. They are gathering for social meetings within their groups in one place and not meeting others to stay safe. It’s like choosing to live with your besties and locking yourself with them!

Is it Trending?

Who would want to live in isolation and that too for so long? This trend came from east where celebs started putting up together. Even in western countries, celebrities are staying together in big farms or studios where they have almost all the modern facilities. They have their permanent homemaker to take care of the property and the owners.

stay home stay safe

While Quaranteaming, they have collected ration and necessary household items for the entire month and have isolated themselves until the lockdown is over. They are having a quality time partying together in the isolation with all the precautionary measures. We notice them revealing their fun time with friends on social media.

We are hearing different stories of Quaranteaming where even unknown people are teaming together for a few reasons. Either they don’t have homes to stay or they can’t afford their living alone. Being together with specific people gives them financial, emotional, or moral support to face this pandemic situation. People get rid of their anxiety and depression if they stay together.

As a social animal, people crave to be around people and need interaction with each other. Though everybody is connected to each other on the internet, people still need a company to share the table with. People are sharing their couches, cups, dinner, alcohol and private space to live with someone they know they are safe with.

Consider These Precautions

It’s good that you decided to live in with someone on your mutual terms and conditions. You may relax with your ‘COVID-Buddies’ or ‘Quaranteam’ while keeping some safety measures in mind.

  • Ensure that your friend has a clean medical certificate before moving into your property.
  • Ask your buddies to take a shower directly as soon as they walk in so as to avoid possibilities of germs or contamination during the travel. If it was a short distance move, they can consider changing clothes and shoes.
  • Ensure proper sanitization, handwash, and always put on your mask to stay secured.
  • Exchange your thoughts and set rules of Quaranteaming without any hesitation to have a fun-loving time. You can set responsibilities and daily routines for the upcoming time.
  • Maintain six feet distancing even while sitting around in the living room, backyard, or even in the bedroom.
  • If there is anyone with any illness such as Asthma, Diabetes, heart conditions, anxiety, and depression, or a weak immune system, you should pass off the decision of putting up together.
  • The ravage of coronavirus impact is high in kids and elderly people hence you need to take special care of them while putting up in the same residence.
  • Ensure that neither you nor your partners go out at unsafe reach during this Quaranteaming period. If they were self-isolated and are following the safety rules, they are good to be with.
  • If your girlfriend or boyfriend is seeing someone else outside, you should better maintain distance and go quarantine instead of Quaranteaming.
  • Check if your COVID-Buddies are reliable and trustworthy to be your partner to ensure you stay stress-free without any hesitation.
  • If you or your partner were a part of the ‘Red Zone’ area, you should push off the plan for security hazards.

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