Benefits of Helping Others | It’s Truly Good For You

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Benefits of helping others

I bet we all have heard of the phrase…

Be someone’s helping hand

While many times we are happy to be that helping hand in someone’s life. On certain days we do have this question popping in our head- Why should I?

Well, let me ask you…

Why shouldn’t you?

After all, helping others is not only a selfless act but also a win-win situation for you!

Wondering, how?

Helping others not only makes you a kinder person but also offers you many other benefits that boost your mental well-being.

It won’t be wrong of me saying here that helping others is indeed a way to help you.

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Let us quickly check the benefits of helping others that you can cherish.

Benefits of Helping Others

1. Helping Others Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Helping Others Lowers Your Blood Pressure

While you are taking all the lifestyle measures to maintain your blood pressure and cut on the risks of heart problems, we suggest you add one more task to your list. Start extending your helping hand more often. Even your small gestures can help you and others a long way. It is found that those who volunteer have a decreased rate of hypertension. So, you can also join a volunteering group and see your physical health improving.

2. Helping Others Brings Relief in Chronic Pain

Help Others

If you are on regular medication or therapies to reduce the symptoms of your chronic pain then you may add another pill to your treatment. This pill is cost-effective and comes with no side-effects label. We are recommending you to help others! Helping others is found to reduce symptoms of chronic pain. So, next time don’t miss a chance to hold the door for someone (it’s your pain reduction dose).

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3. Helping Others Extends Your LifeSpan

Helping Others Extends Your LifeSpan

We all wish to live long and healthy (don’t we?). Well, while you are working on your health proactively start helping others with the same zeal! There are many benefits of helping others that combined together extend our lifespan. This includes our improved ability to manage stress, a better immune system (safeguarding us from diseases), alleviate loneliness, and an enhanced sense of life satisfaction. Thus, not just lengthening your lifespan but also adding quality to it.

4. Helping Others Gives You Inner Peace

Helping Others Gives You Inner Peace

If a lot is going in your life and you need something to hold it all back for you, just try and help someone. It will help you feel calm and peaceful (even studies support this notion). Helping others help us regain our focus and puts chaos at bay thus, making us enjoy inner peace.

5. Helping Others Improves Your Bonds

Helping Others Improves Your Bonds

It is a known fact that acts of good deeds help us build stronger bonds. The same applies to the act of helping others. When you are there for your loved ones and you help them when in any way possible, it gives them a message that you care for them, thus building a lasting bond. Well, you really don’t have to go out of the way to help someone here. Even your small act of lending a pen will do.

5. Helping Others Boosts Your Self-esteem

Helping Others Boosts Your Self-esteem

According to experts when we are engaged in helping others, we experience feelings of social connectedness. This further gives you a sense of being empowered, boosting your self-esteem. PS: The more consistent you are; the more confidence you can cultivate. So, make helping others a daily task in your to-do list.

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6. Helping Others is a Stress-Buster

Helping Others is a Stress-Buster

Many studies show that people who do more charities or are active volunteers have comparatively lower levels of cortisol levels (stress hormones). Donation and volunteering are acts of helping others which takes stress, anxiety, and tension away from our lives. Now, you know a perfect stress-buster for yourself- helping others. So, next time when a stressful situation occurs in your life, just help someone instead of involving yourself in an unhelpful habit.

7. Helping Others Leads to Emotional Satisfaction

Helping Others Leads to Emotional Satisfaction

When you are on an emotional roller coaster kind of day, helping others might help you find emotional stability. The quantity of our acts of helping others is positively linked with the quality of our emotional state. Reason? Helping others gives us a feeling of satisfaction (simple).

8. Helping Others Safeguards from Negativity

Helping Others Safeguards from Negativity

You may think of helping others as a way to change your negative vibes to positive vibes only! Whether it is our negative thinking or feeling helping others can easily and effectively safeguard us from its ill effects. By helping others you will leave a positive impact on their life which will reciprocate in your attitude. Now, get ready to be more optimistic.

9. Helping Others Adds Purpose to Your Life

Helping Others Adds Purpose to Your Life

A study interestingly found that volunteering enriches the sense of purpose in an individual’s life. Ideally, helping others is not a one-way process. While the receiver feels happy and loved, you too feel rewarded, refreshed, and fulfilled.

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10. Helping Others Makes You HAPPY

Helping Others Makes You HAPPY

Did you just help someone? Well, “You Look Happier You Do.”  That’s not just me saying even science supports this notion! When you help others, endorphin (the feel-good hormone) is secreted in your body, making you feel good from within. Surprisingly even while seeing someone help others we enjoy good feelings. So, now it’s time for you to start giving back and let the happy hormones flow in your body.

Let us make the world better for ourselves and others by helping each other…

“We rise by lifting others”

~Robert Ingersoll

Don’t forget to share an act of helping others in the comment section below!

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