4 Ways To Master Unhappy Emotions

Last Update on April 19, 2021 : Published on January 11, 2020

There are times when you get this sudden wave of unhappy emotions in your life. It can be a reaction to an event or can be caused by the long self dwelling thought process. The way you look at it now can be challenging and it might seem like you will never be able to get over it but to be honest, you can and you will.

The only thing, you need to remember next time you feel low is that you are strong enough to fight your battles, and therefore you can pass through these tough times.

How to Master Unhappy Emotions:

You do not have to live in fear of being stuck in this situation or the feeling, as it will change with time. Turn the frown into smiles whenever possible and try these tricks whenever you are feeling low. As you are trying to find a solution, let us tell you that this is one step ahead in the direction of mastering unhappy emotions.

Ways To Master Unhappy Emotions

1. Look around and learn:

Look around and learn

The best way to change the unhappy emotions is to accept the fact that no emotions remain the same. The circumstances are bound to change with your actions and this will require an effort. Emotions are a reflection of our thoughts and situations. Displaying a reaction to any of the happenings around us is just a  proof of being human. Thus if we look forward to changing the attitude and stay positive, it will help us.

So next time you find yourself in this situation and rather than sulking try to learn from it. See if you can journal that and understand it better the next time, you read it. It helps us organize your thoughts and therefore you are not letting the emotions rule… Rather we turn it into a lesson and try to ease out the hyper reactions and stop hurting ourselves because of it.

2. Listen to Music

Listen to Music

Yes, listening to music can help as it has healing powers which will help you get out of your unhappy emotions. There is music for each mood and expression meant to be felt by human beings. There are times when we are not able to put our emotions in words, we look for songs that are easily conveying the message. This also works vice versa, there are certain songs which bring smiles on our face and give us hope.

Artists have penned down these songs for people to understand that certain emotions demand to be felt and you are not alone to be in this situation. While this sends a positive message with the words also the tune works magic on your brains, making it calm. The science behind music helping you out in unhappy emotions is that the dopamine is released as a result. This will turn your brain to feel good and thus the body will be released from other pressures and you start to enjoy it.

3. Exercise-


Try to involve yourself in some physical activities as it will release the happy chemicals and make you happy indeed. Sitting by yourself and harbouring the sad feelings will not result in anything good. Unless you are trying to retrospect your actions and you tend to change your reactions to it in the future. You must try to do some physical activities which will help you change your mood instantly.

Choose anything from dancing, hiking, walking, exercise, etc. which will induce the endorphins along with other chemicals which will give your brain a signal to be happy. This will definitely help you in changing your mood quickly as it relieves anxiety and depression. Sometimes a 30 minutes healthy physical activity will get you out of the thoughts of dejection and anger. Many people consider this as a great way to cool down the ongoing thoughts in the head.

4. Give time some time:

Give time some time

In this point. we would say after trying everything leave it to rest on Time as it is said- Time heals everything’. You must have heard this phrase several times and maybe for the best you understand it better. It is when in the moments of despair and the sadness we feel the pain will never end, but that is not true. Time does heal a lot of situations just like the ever-changing seasons it brings in all kinds of days for you.

You can feel a certain way only for a while and then you have to get up and try to make a difference if you are looking forward to staying positive in life. The way you respond to yourself and the ones around you in this journey of changing the unhappy emotions in your stride and gaining from it will help you learn how to survive through the storm and then dance in the rain.

Additionally, spend time doing what you like the most, meet your loved ones. The company of people who understand has proven to relax the mind and thus driving you away from the unhappy emotions slowly. If you can not meet them, talk to them on the phone. Try watching the cute puppy videos on YouTube or watch anything which lifts your mood, if you are looking for a quick change in mood. There are several such videos available online which will always cheer you up and make you forget about the current events.

Summing it up:

Consider checking with a mental health professional or a counselor if none of these is helping you. Moreover reading this will help you as which implies you are interested in making progress.

We hope it helps you or someone you know who is going through a difficult time. Keep watching the space for more such articles. You can also leave your views below in the comments section if you wish to add some of the things you try.

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