6 Health Benefits Of Living Near Water (Backed By Science)

Last Update on July 6, 2021 : Published on July 5, 2021

Close your eyes and imagine living in a home from where you can notice a water body! How do you feel about that? I am sure most of you would also feel as serene as I am feeling right now imagining running rivers near my balcony and thinking about living near a water body.

The fact that the sound of water is also used in meditation music also proves that its sound is good enough to keep your mind calm. In fact, water bodies are created artificially in those locations where spiritual teachings are the prime concern.

So what are the benefits of living near water and why do people take a vacation near the water body and stay there for long periods of time? Well, we know that it’s soothing but let’s also find out what science has to say about it.

Various doctors and researchers have claimed as well as proved that water has more properties than just looking at it and enjoying the vacation. It can drastically improve your mental health as well as physical health while opening you to limitless possibilities and still be peaceful about it.

6 Health Benefits Of Living Near Water

Here are some most common advantages of living near water that we often miss out to be grateful for but shall be surely considered.

1. It’s All About Breathing Fresh Air


When air is exposed to a considerable amount of water nearby, it helps your body to absorb more oxygen as negative ions are charged properly. It also increases alertness in the body by increasing serotonin levels and improves mood while cutting down stress. You must have also noticed that your body demands fresh air whenever your hormone levels fluctuate and go down.

2. Expect Better & Peaceful Sleep


Living near water has its own perks as your body and mind. A lot of people use white noise machines to calm their body and mind but those who live near the water body can naturally have a good night’s sleep.

Not only the sound but seeing the water body can clear all the unwanted thoughts and other distractions which disrupt the sleep process. Expose yourself to the water body every day and notice the beautiful changes within.

3. Improvement In Immune System

When your body is relaxed living by the water body, your immune system gets strengthened automatically. If the system is well strengthened then you are more likely to fight all the illnesses, diseases and other health issues.

4. Experience Increase In White Blood Cells

If you wish to count the advantages of living near water, you should remember that plants and trees that grow near water bodies give off chemicals like phytoncides. As soon as human beings breathe within, they can experience elevated levels of white blood cells which are capable of fighting infections and illnesses.

5. Your Happiness Is Greater Than Ever

As we said that the benefits of living near water bodies are backed up by science, researchers have claimed that our mind enters into a meditative state when it comes near the water. Looking and enjoying the water body gushes our minds with feel-good hormones like dopamine naturally. This itself makes people happier and relaxed in a much better manner.

6. Your Life Span Increases

When you are exposed to water, You will notice that when happiness increases and stress cuts down, healthy days are naturally added in your life. Even if you plan to indulge in leisure and fruitful activities like playing games nearby, practicing meditation, taking a long walk or going for a picnic with family, it improves interpersonal relationships as well as relationships with oneself.

Even the National Cancer Institute has shown that enjoying your time near a water body has the capability to increase your life expectancy.


While you have learned so many health benefits of living near water, we really hope that you take a break from your rough schedule and spend some quality time near the water body. Take your spouse, kids or parents as well and enjoy every bit of your peaceful time.

With that, make sure that you drink plenty of water as well as water is the secret tonic for better mental health. However, if you are not able to reach nearby water then water meditation can certainly help you with establishment of inner peace.

What are your views about living near water and the blog above, share them all in the comments section below.

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