Best Things To Do While Under Quarantine: Making a Happy Quarantine

Home lockdown is very difficult especially for the ones who go to work every day! Calm Sage understands the pressure of working all day in a room or hall… it’s quite irritating. Right now for some...

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Gaining Weight? Stress May be a Factor.

Is your furious boss pestering you to work unpaid overtime? Kid unable to get into the college he or she wanted to? Are you on the edge of a divorce? I am not here to provide you one shot solutions to...

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How to Stop Emotional Eating?

Isn’t it emotional eating a real thing like If I talk about myself I do eat chocolates in stress and sometimes stress takes control over my mind that I cannot stop eating brownies or chocolates or c...

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Personality Quiz: Choose A Door and Know Your Personality

Knocking at a door can open ways to different opportunities in your life. However, the doors given below are a little different. They will open your way to know yourself better! Confused? These ...

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Learning How Mandala Coloring Can Be Therapeutic For You

Do you feel bored? Looking for an activity that is not only productive or fun-filled but also good for your health? Well, we have something to suggest. And no it is not yoga or meditation but...

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Ways to Relieve Stress in Working Moms: 5 Simple Tips

Moms, all around the world have been known to take care of everyone excluding themselves. Wherever they are, whatever they are doing, they always seem to go ahead and beyond for the people they care. ...

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COVID-19 LockDown Guide: Dealing With Your Anxiety the Right Way

With pandemic Coronavirus related information spreading all over, the anxiety is likely to swipe in. But, instead of letting our anxious thoughts and emotions take the steering wheel of our life and h...

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Conquering Exam Pressure

Regardless of whether you're a prodigy or just an average student, the stress and pressure of exams can bring down the best of us. Watch this video webinar to learn some professional tips on how you c...

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Rediscovering Womanhood

This International Women's Day let us break the shackles of inhibitions with some amazing and effective tools, and rediscover womanhood altogether. A gift from calm sage to all the bold and beautiful ...

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