Organized Home Organized Mind: Tips For Stress Relief

“Home is where the heart is”; this phrase resonates a sense of belongingness within our minds and heart. Home is where we come at the end of the day and where we want to be without the stress of o...

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Music Meditation: How To Meditate With Music

“Music can lift us out of depression or move us to tears – it is a remedy, a tonic, orange juice for the ear. But for many of my neurological patients, music is even more – it can provide acce...

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How To Deal With Jealousy In A Relationship?

Wondering if your partner is lying or hiding something from you? Is there anyone else who is trying to creep in your relationship these days or your partner is not acting like earlier? Oh well, you mi...

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10 Symptoms Of Serotonin Deficiency That Must Be Checked

Serotonin is a strong neurotransmitter responsible for mood, behavior, learning and many other body functions. It also impacts appetite, sleep cycle, digestion and various physical processes in the hu...

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Podcast Ep. 30 – Emotionally Detach Yourself

A quick fact – “If you are over-involved emotionally with someone you become so focused on them, it transforms unhealthy.” Healthy emotional detachment is an important skill we all should lea...

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How To Recognize & Cope With Quarter-Life Crisis

“Somewhere along the line, between the idealism of youth and the realities of adulthood, we become pacified by our jobs; we tolerate how we hurt the world so that we can sustain our lives. At some...

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Mini-Guide: Thinking Disorder (Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and More)

This blog covers: What is Thought Disorder? Symptoms of Thought Disorder Conditions related to Thinking Disorder Psychotherapy for thinking disorder Looking for therapy for thinking...

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Stimming: Why Do People Stim & How To Manage

Stimming is known as a self-stimulatory behavior where a person is involved in self-repetitive behavior. This behavior acts as a pleasurable and fun activity to ease out the anxiety, frustration, bore...

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Everything You Need To Learn About Therapeutic Rapport

Therapeutic rapport might sound like a new term to you all. In this blog, I have tried to simplify the term and related content. To begin with the basics, maintaining a healthy therapist-client relati...

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