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Thanksgiving Depression: Can It Be Real? (And How To Cope With It)

The Holiday season is upon us! Wow, hasn’t this year been exciting!? For me, it…

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10 Signs You Have Energy Vampires Near You (& How To Deal With Them)

If you believe in myths and folklore, then you know who, or rather, what vampires…

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Understanding Holiday Grief + Ways To Cope With Grief During The Holidays

Cheers everywhere! It’s the holidays! This is exactly what people expect during the holidays, right?…

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Approval-Seeking Behaviors: Signs & Tips To Overcome The Need For Approval

There are instances in our lives where we find ourselves struggling to decide on our…

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The Looking-Glass-Self

The Looking-Glass-Self: Theory & Examples

The identity that one has in society depends on their perception and idea of what…

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Complete Guide: Dealing With Depression After Breakup

When the breakup is mutual, it can help us find goals, perspectives, better outlooks, and…

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Gaslighting Parents: Signs, Effects, And How To Deal With Them

What do you understand by the word gaslighting? To me, it’s when someone behaves badly…

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Ways to beat the holiday blues

50+ Effective Ways To Beat The Holiday Blues

With the holiday season approaching, you all might be preparing yourselves to meet and greet…

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6 Types Of Common Relationships And Their Mental Health Impacts

Relationships are an essential part of our life. Relationships are our own social network which…

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