Fear of Being Happy: How To Overcome Cherophobia?

Have you been in a situation where you were extremely happy but feared expressing it? I sometimes hold my happiness because I fear that I will jinx it! You do that too or am I the only one doing this?...

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Am I Addicted To Caffeine? | All You Need To Know About Caffeine Addiction

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Brush your teeth? Check your phone? Search for your caffeine fix? Most people stumble out of bed each morning and look for their caff...

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Know If Your Praises Are Pressurizing Your Child!

So many times we see people trying to encourage their children. After all, encouragement is important, right? Children seek validation from their parents. Even when they are infants, after doing the s...

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Does Gender Stereotype Language Impact Our Mental Health?

For a long time we all have been facing differentiation on the basis of our gender. Both men and women haven’t had anything easy. We get to listen to things that are bizarre every day. Don’t we? ...

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5 Quick & Simple Meditation Techniques To Help You Calm Your Mind

“Mediation is not spacing out or running away. In fact, it is being totally honest with ourselves” – Kathleen McDonald Many people believe that meditating means running away from the negative a...

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Is Your Teen Stressed? 10 Signs Your Teen Is Stressed & How To Help Them Cope

Stress is becoming more and more common these days. Whether you’re an adult or a teen, stress is something that is experienced by all. Let’s be honest, as a parent, you might think “what does my...

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Digital Self Harm A Rising Concern: What To Do When Teens Self Cyberbully?

Many of us, whether they be adults or teens, spend the majority of our time online rather than offline. Considering the current pandemic, more and more teens are spending their time staying connected ...

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10 Best Time Management Apps Of 2021

We all certainly are aware of the importance of time management but still fail to achieve it sometimes or almost every day. Time management is indeed an art and in today’s world of being so overload...

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444 Manifestation Technique: Manifest Your Thoughts With Angel Numbers

Have you ever noticed that there are some numbers that we encounter often in our day to day lives? What I mean to say here is that we tend to notice some numbers more than other numbers. Have ever won...

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