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6 Ways To Respond When Things Don’t Go As Planned

“Sometimes, good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.” — Marilyn Monroe When…

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10 Thanksgiving Self-Care Tips To Improve Your Well-Being This Holiday Season!

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday with a very special meaning behind the celebration -…

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I Don’t Like My Therapist Anymore | What To Do?

When I told people I was going to therapy for my depression, I was met…

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5 Dating Tips For When Dating Someone With A Histrionic Personality Disorder

For a person living with a mental health disorder or condition, it can be hard…

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Responding To Backhanded Compliments Is Not Tricky Anymore! Find Out How

We’ve all been there when an acquaintance has given us a “backhanded compliment”. I mean,…

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The Friendship Equation: How To Self-Diagnose Your Relationship?

Friends keep us going. Friendship is one of the main elements of living life joyously and…

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Performance Anxiety

Break The Cycle Of Performance Anxiety In 7 Simple Ways

Quite a common experience is performance anxiety if you look at it. Before any important…

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BPD Relationship Cycle

BPD Relationship Cycle: Here’s What You Can Expect (And How To Cope)

Relationships can be demanding in their rights - and I’m talking about mental and emotional…

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What Is Avoidance Coping? | Tips To Stop Doing It

Avoidance coping is one of the most common coping strategies people use especially when they…

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