Mini-Guide: Thinking Disorder (Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and More)

This blog covers: What is Thought Disorder? Symptoms of Thought Disorder Conditions related to Thinking Disorder Psychotherapy for thinking disorder Looking for therapy for thinking...

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Stimming: Why Do People Stim & How To Manage

Stimming is known as a self-stimulatory behavior where a person is involved in self-repetitive behavior. This behavior acts as a pleasurable and fun activity to ease out the anxiety, frustration, bore...

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Everything You Need To Learn About Therapeutic Rapport

Therapeutic rapport might sound like a new term to you all. In this blog, I have tried to simplify the term and related content. To begin with the basics, maintaining a healthy therapist-client relati...

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When Your Child Is Resistant To Therapy, Here’s What Should You Do

The first step towards therapy is tough for adults alone, think the resistance in a child for psychotherapy. It is absolutely normal when children completely refuse to go for therapy or refuse to coop...

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Emotional Abuse: Signs, Impact, and Measures| Stop Suffering in Silence

When we hear the word "violence" we often just think of the physical abuse as it is evident, noticeable, and recognized. But on this International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Ca...

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4 Ways To Build Healthy Relationship With A Teenager

Teenage years are rough. There are a number of physical, emotional and hormonal changes that induce different behaviors in a teenager. For example, some teenagers show very high excitement, endless fi...

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Are You Sensitive To Caffeine? | Here’s What You Need To Know

Caffeine is a stimulant that can be found in tea, coffee, aerated beverages, chocolate, energy drinks, and even some medications. While some people need caffeine as a daily dose, some others may be se...

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Virtual Reality Therapy: Treating Mental Health With Technology

It hasn’t been too long that virtual reality has made its way into our lives and gave a new turn to the entertainment industry. However, use of virtual reality is not limited to entertainment alone ...

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Myths And Facts Associated With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

While researching and studying mental health disorders, I found that people are confused between Post-traumatic Stress disorder and acute stress disorder. Though, the explanation and definitions aroun...

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