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Understanding And Coping With Eldest Daughter Syndrome

Shout out to all the elder daughters in the house! You’ve got “it” all, you…

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Golden Child Syndrome: The Psychology Behind Being the “Favorite” Child

Parents typically don’t have a preference for a favorite child – or so they say.…

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biking for mental health

10 Reasons Why Biking is Good For Mental Health

We all know how exercising is good for us, but did you know that a…

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Autism and Workplace: How to Create a Healthy Environment for Autistic People?

Living life with high-functioning autism can be challenging especially when you’re not able to express…

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Sundown Syndrome: What You Need to Know About it

Sundowning or sundown syndrome is a distressing phenomenon that affects people living with neurological disorders…

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Gratitude When You Feel Ungrateful

12 Ways to Practice Gratitude When You Feel Ungrateful

Gratitude is a word that brings images of flower bouquets, a sunflower meadow, and a…

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Are You a Sunshine Soul? Traits of a Sunshine Yellow Personality

Hey there! Quick question; Do you ever feel like you could single-handedly turn a dull…

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What Is Heliophobia (Fear Of Sun Or Sunlight)?

A lot of people on the internet asked, “Is the fear of the sun real?”…

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Modern Dating Guide 10 Types Of Dating And Their Mental Health Impacts

Do You Feel Distracted While Meditating? Try These Tips To Meditate Mindfully

Meditation is all about achieving a state wherein our body is relaxed, the mind is…

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