Everything You Must Know About Self-Help

Self-help can be considered as an inner improvement procedure that focuses on bringing change in attitude. Self-help is building good habits and removing bad habits which force to live an unhealthy li...

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What is Resilience and Why Building Resilience is Important

This blog covers: 1. Definition and Meaning of Resilience 2. Why building resilience is important 3. Effects of resilience on mental and physical health 4. Building self-resilience 5. T...

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7 Best Stress Management Apps 2020: Throw Depression Miles Away

Intermingle With Technology For Good And Smile For Yourself Before loads of work, anger, anxiety, or influence of society swashes you in the deep pool of sadness or uncomfortable depression, make the...

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Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD): Talk To Us Because Winter Is Coming!

Is It Just Winter Blues or Seasonal Depression? Let’s find out! Seasonal depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) is one type of depression that comes up with the change in seasons. Seasonal ...

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How To Help Someone With Depression?

No matter how wrong things have gone, nothing can stop them from getting right. Learn how to help a depressed person. When a loved one is battling with depression, he may or may not ask you for hel...

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5 Ways On How To Stay Motivated During Depression or Anxiety

Come out from the clutches of stress while struggling with depression. We are here! Talk To Us!    Depression or anxiety can tag along with anyone for any reason, but the real fighter is someone ...

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Stay Away from These Types of Toxic People

Throughout our life, we meet different people and personalities. Out of this, some people leave unforgettable personalities, meanwhile, some people are easily forgettable. One should always carry an u...

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How to Stop Being Taken for Granted?

Being taken without any consideration may be a horrible situation to be in, whether it's together with your partner, friends, colleagues at work, or relationships with our loved ones. Do you know why?...

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10 Best Yoga Apps – Download Them Now To Lead a Healthy Life

The history of yoga dates back to 5,000 years and up until recent years, it was far away from technology. But, let us take a moment and ask ourselves isn’t technology there to make our life easy? An...

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