10 Signs You Have Low Emotional Intelligence (EQ) With Tips To Increase EQ

Are you unable to control your emotions? Or are you the one who can’t accept criticism but is never shy about judging others? These are not bad things per se but these behaviors indicate a low emoti...

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Meditation v/s Breathwork: What’s The Difference?

Meditation has a wide spectrum. We term anything that is related to calm ourselves down as meditation. We should understand that it’s not the case. Meditation can be combined with various other calm...

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Is Your Anxiety Worse In The Evening? Here’s How To Ease Nighttime Anxiety

As lights switch off and as you lay in your bed, your mind replays all that you experienced throughout the day. All the conversations that maybe didn’t turn out the way you’d expected. All the int...

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The Amazing Mental Health Benefits Of An Emotional Support Animal

Can you relate when after a long stressful day, you come home, snuggle with your pet and feel the stress melt away, or when you just want to cry your heart out, your pet lays its head on your lap and ...

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Are You In A Codependent Relationship? Here Are The Warning Signs You Need To Look For!

Are you the partner who compromises and sacrifices the most for your partner’s happiness? Or are you the one in the relationship who is codependent on your partner for approval and acceptance of you...

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10 Everyday Mindless Habits That Are Draining Your Energy [And How To Fix Them]

We can name it exhaustion, fatigue, or just tiredness but whatever the name, the experience is the same. It’s no secret that we feel constantly exhausted at the end of the day whether we did somethi...

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Alpha Vs Beta Vs Omega Male Personalities: What’s The Difference?

In the socio-sexual hierarchy, there are six types of male personalities that have been defined. Each personality has its traits and characteristics along with its pros and cons when it comes to defin...

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The Power Of Silence: Uncovering The Mental Health Benefits Of Silence

Can you hear that? The constant noise of the traffic outside, the non-stop pinging of your phone, the noise from the TV show your partner is watching? Can you hear that? The fact of the matter is t...

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How to Deal With Toxic Parents When You Live With Them?

When you are having a bad day, all you want to do is go home to your parents. They are comforting and you’re at peace when you’re home. Well, it’s not the same for every person your age. It i...

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