How To Diffuse Any Argument: 9 Phrases To Be Used To Calm The Situation

Most of us have been a part of the situation where a normal conversation is turned into a heated argument and it keeps increasing because of wrong words piling on one another. Be it office, home, part...

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Mental Health Benefits of Doodling

Doodling! Does this word bring a smile to your face? Well, do you often find yourself making undefined and random art on a piece of paper while you are in the middle of a lecture or in between a me...

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5 Mental Wellness Tips To Keep In Mind This ‘Mental Wellness Month’

January is ‘Mental Wellness Month’ and that means that this whole month is dedicated to protect and promote your mental wellness. Wellness is a concept that is broken down into dimensions such as:...

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Podcast Ep. 34 – Do Not Let The Distortions Define You | Fix the Glitch

Do you often let others define you and tell you what is best for you? Well, it is fine till you take it in the form of inspiration and not the roadmap of your life. The reality that others try to por...

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Why We Don’t Always Get What We Want – Because We Self-Sabotage!

Self-Sabotaging seems a little tricky & usually individuals sabotage without even realizing it! Can you be one of them? Keep reading to know about the phenomenon & how to control self-sabotagi...

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Mini-Guide: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) In Children

Like adults, children can also experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after experiencing a traumatic event. Adolescents and children experience the same behavioral symptoms and emotional cha...

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5 Best Ways to Help Your Child Beat Winters Blues (Mental Health Tool Kit)

Parents are a comforting cushion for kids. Your child always needs you every step of the way. But they might need your support a little more during the blue season or what we call winter season. Gener...

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‘I Am Angry With My Mother. How Do I Release Anger Towards Her?’

‘Everything my mother does makes me angry!’ ‘Why am I so angry at my parents all the time?’  These are some of the questions that come to mind when some sort of strain is present between a...

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Coping Habits That Are Making Your Anxiety Worse & How To Change Them

Anxiety can make you feel terrible and it can severely affect your life in so many ways. It can affect your productivity, physical health, as well as emotional and mental health. There are times when ...

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