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Feeling Defeated By Life

Feeling Defeated By Life? 10 Ways To Regain Control And Overcome Defeat

Ups and downs are a part of life but when the downs overpower the ups,…

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What Is Amaxophobia: The Fear Of Driving (And How To Overcome It)

Sitting in a car after experiencing a traumatic accident can make you nervous as it…

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Bipolar v/s Depression: How To Tell Them Apart?

Both bipolar disorder and depression are mood disorders and involve a lot of similar symptoms…

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Holotropic Breathwork: How To Do It?

Holotropic breathwork has recently gained a lot of popularity, especially among those people who are inclined…

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10+ Nervous Habits That Are Signs Of Anxiety (And How To Stop Them)

If you’re an anxious person, then the nervousness you feel when waiting for your date…

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Anticipatory Grief: Stages & Ways To Cope

Have you ever felt sad about something that has not happened yet? If yes, that…

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“I Hate Who I Have Become”: Reasons You Think This (And How To Overcome It)

Let’s do something, shall we? Go and take a look at yourself in the mirror.…

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Being Still: Explore The Benefits Of Stillness And How To Practice Stillness

Life is hectic. No matter how hard you try to accomplish your dreams or reach…

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Emotionally Constipation

Are You Emotionally Constipated? 10 Signs To Know And How To Cure It

Emotions are complicated, aren’t they? Sometimes, expressing them isn’t difficult but other times, you simply…

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