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How The Barnum Effect Influences Our Behaviors.

How The Barnum Effect Influences Our Behaviors (And How to Overcome It)

“This week will be fortuitous for you.” “You are on the right path” “The success…

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Shallow Person traits

10 Traits to Help You Spot a Shallow Person from a Mile Away

In our lives, we meet many people - some are worth keeping in our lives…

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The Benefits of Appreciating Yourself 6 Ways to Boost Self-Appreciation

The Benefits of Appreciating Yourself+6 Ways to Boost Self-Appreciation

If you’ve ever become flustered and uncomfortable when someone praises you, then you may understand…

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Regaining Control

Regaining Control: Effective Steps to Take When Life Feels Out of Control

Our lives have become stressful enough as it is, but throw in chaos and unexpected…

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Moodfit App Review

Moodfit App Review: An App For Bracing Up Your Mental Health!

Moodfit was recognized as the “Better overall mental health app of 2020 and not only…

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Touch Starved how to self sooth

Understanding Touch Starvation And Its Effects on Our Mental Well-Being

As an introvert, I’ve never been comfortable in a crowd or in a social environment…

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What is Jellyfish Parenting

Jellyfish Parenting Style: Let Your Child Take The Lead!

Have you ever allowed your child to take the lead but still controlled their actions…

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Avoiding Nitpicking in Relationships

Understanding Nitpicking: Definition, Signs, Impacts, And How To Avoid

It really annoys us when someone keeps on finding faults that are not even important!…

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Beat Depression Blues with These 10 Best Podcasts-compressed

Beat Depression Blues with These 10 Best Podcasts

When I was diagnosed with depression, there was very little awareness around me about self-help,…

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