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Signs You’re in a One-Sided Friendship And What to Do About It

“Watering artificial flowers will not make them grow,” — John Mark Green  There isn’t a…

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Signs you're living in the past

10 Signs That Say You’re Living in The Past [With Tips to Move On]

We love being nostalgic; it keeps our memories strong and our connections with our loved…

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How to Be Straightforward in Life, Work, And Relationships Without Being Rude

I am clueless when it comes to social cues, and it annoys my friends and…

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Signs you're in love with life

10 Signs You’re Falling in Love With Life Again!

Life is such an incredible journey, full of surprises and turns in every corner. With…

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What Is Traumatic Shock

This Is What Traumatic Shock Does to You [And How to Cope]

Trauma is an experience that can leave us feeling distressed and emotionally agitated. Trauma is…

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Lawnmower Parents

Lawnmower Parents: Are You One of Them?

Did you have one friend in school/college whose parents would come to the teacher to…

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Only Child Syndrome

What is Only Child Syndrome – Myth or Reality ?

Were you considered spoiled or selfish just because you were an only child? Or just…

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Beliefs You Have to Let Go If You Want to Find Inner Peace

The Search For Inner Peace Begins When You Let Go of These Beliefs!

In this dance of life, finding inner peace can be as similar as trying to…

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Lesser-Known Habits of Lonely People

The 10 Surprising Habits of a Lonely Person You Need to Know!

“The eternal solitude of the human soul is the most haunting thing in the world”…

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