Crippling Anxiety: Signs, Symptoms & How To Manage It

Last Update on April 29, 2022 : Published on October 24, 2020
crippling anxiety

When you are not able to manage your anxiety and it’s going out of your hands, it might have taken a form of crippling anxiety. Crippling anxiety is way too much to manage alone and may take worse forms, if serious steps are not taken on time. Some people who have experienced and are experiencing crippling anxiety also begin to face social phobia and panic attacks that eventually become dangerous with time.

Some of you might be thinking that anxiety is normal then why bother about crippling anxiety? Well, we agree that being anxious is just a reaction against stressful situations and facing it is a very common phenomenon. However, when this anxiety starts interfering with your day to day life and shows you fatigue, restlessness and even insomnia, it is no longer normal.

What Are The Symptoms Of Crippling Anxiety?

It is possible that you are facing anxiety disorder but let the medical professional help you in its diagnosis. There are some important signs that you could notice and communicate to a professional.

  • There is an overwhelming situation within you that doesn’t allow you to rest and sit calmly.
  • Constant worrying and fear
  • Your physical health is ruining
  • You are not able to manage your everyday tasks like attending meetings, making dinner, taking care of your children, etc.
  • Anxiety is sustaining in your life more than expected.
  • You have stopped socializing and missing out the activities that you were enjoying before.
  • Insomnia, dizziness, nausea or upset stomach
  • Heaviness in breathing and inability to sit properly

How To Deal Or Cope With Crippling Social Anxiety?

Well, you need to feel relieved about anxiety because you are not alone in this scenario. More than 40 million people in America are facing anxiety and it is one of the most common illnesses around. Moreover, there is no shame in accepting the truth and asking for help when your anxiety takes the form of crippling anxiety.


It is highly recommended to see a licensed therapist (for which you can drop us an email at and start the therapy right away. By dropping an email, you can go for unconventional online therapy and connect with a therapist through video calls or chats. The therapies that are helpful in treating crippling anxiety include:

Apart from therapies, you must also go for the following methods to control crippling anxiety symptoms within.

1. Track Your Feeling In The Moment

As soon as anxiety hits you and it starts overpowering, try tackling your current thoughts and question yourself the reasons behind it. Are your thoughts rational? Whatever you are worrying about, is it actually necessary? Bring your focus in the moment by using breathing techniques.

Try 4-7-8 technique where you have to inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds and release it slowly in the next 8 seconds. Repeat the method for eight to ten times to relieve yourself from anxiety.

 2. Identify Trigger Points

In order to identify all those points which trigger your anxiety more than common and lead towards crippling anxiety, start journaling it down. For example, drinking alcohol may be one of the triggering instances and it is when you realize it, you can take the right steps to cut it down.

3. Socializing

Your social group can help you to calm down the nerves and lower down unnecessary stress. Even if you are not able to visit your friends, make a phone call or video call to express your side. You can even choose to join support groups where other people facing crippling anxiety disorders may also be able to share their journey with you and motivate you for treatment.

4. Lifestyle Change

Indulging in exercises, meditation, and consuming a balanced diet could naturally support your act towards anxiety control. Include Omega-3 and zinc-rich diet on a regular basis and keep hydrating yourself to balance out the unease.


Q1. What is extreme anxiety?

People with anxiety disorders begin facing panic attacks very frequently that make them worry and fear about their everyday life, causing them extreme anxiety.

Q2. Is severe anxiety mental stress?

Anxiety alone may not be called mental stress unless it turns into panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder or phobias.

Q3. What’s a good job for someone with anxiety?

Thankfully, there are many jobs for people with social anxiety including writer, graphics designing, counseling, videography, gardening, dog training, etc.

Fight Against Anxiety

We are sure that learning about crippling anxiety has helped you to figure out the ways to cope with it and look out for the right treatment. We would still recommend you to reach out to an expert by either visiting them in-person or dropping us an email at Remember, you are not alone! So, get up and fight for it without feeling ashamed.

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