An Overview To Types of Anxiety Disorders Therapies


Suffering from Anxiety generally involves concern, fear & rumination about the future. Such anticipatory feelings simply make the present a difficult endeavor.

Unfortunately, in recent times, Anxiety Disorders are taken as the most common psychiatric ailments especially among adults & children worldwide. Based on several studies, the lifetime prevalence rate for Anxiety Disorders is estimated at 34% of the population. Though, anxiety may serve a useful purpose (when it comes to alerting oneself about certain dangers) however, too much anxiety can impact the overall functioning & performance in daily activities.

So, if you are someone dealing with anxiety & other mental illness problems. Various therapeutic techniques can help them relieve symptoms in a short span of time. All these anxiety therapies have been evolved over time from early psychoanalytic approaches to the newest cognitive-behavioral therapies.

types of Anxiety Disorders

What Are The Different Types Of Anxiety Disorders?

There are a variety of anxiety disorders that can be treated with therapeutic treatments. Be it Panic Attacks, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), different types of Phobias, Social Anxiety or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The primary causes of all these issues follow similar patterns.

People with any specific anxiety disorder suffer from intrusive, obsessive thoughts. They may feel confused or find it hard to concentrate. They continue to feel restless or frustrated, which may even cause headaches, digestive problems, high blood pressure, and nausea.

Can Anxiety Be Cured With Therapies?

Absolutely! It is highly treatable. Despite going through several stressors to which our modern society is subjected to, there are different ways to respond without succumbing to serious anxiety issues. Experts state, “Anxiety is nothing but the absence of the harpy messengers that keep us tranquil.”

Rebuilding such tranquility in life is possible, thanks to various physiological therapies & treatments. This article focuses on different types of anxiety therapies that have been found effective enough to reduce & cure individuals from anxiety disorders & depression.

Different Types Of Anxiety Therapies:

Anxiety Therapies develop an awareness of what you feel, why you feel the negative way, what your triggers are & how you can work to change those reactions. The most common types of Anxiety Therapies are listed below:

1. Interpersonal Therapy

Interpersonal Therapy is one of the shortest types of anxiety therapies. It typically lasts not more than 16 weeks & it aims to resolve conflicts within current interpersonal relationships. If the reason for your anxiety is the disturbing personal relations in your family, social or romantic life, Interpersonal Therapy might be right for you. Techniques used by your therapist can include Clarification, Supportive Listening, Role-Playing, Communication Analysis & so on.

Anxiety Disorders types

2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy basically focuses on recognizing & changing thought patterns of patients that lead to troublesome feelings.  CBT Therapists work by helping you identify your negative behavior, so you can challenge your validity. Further, they work to replace those negative thoughts with more realistic ones. CBT has turned out to be an effective therapy for depression and anxiety. People suffering from anxiety disorders like panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety can rely on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for managing fear, panic & worry.

3. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Adapted from Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Model. This Anxiety therapy is a blend of CBT with mindfulness strategies to help clients understand & manage their thoughts, behavior & emotions. MBT therapy usually lasts for eight weeks. During the period, individuals might be taught what’s known as the ‘three-minute’ breathing space technique focused on steps like Observing one’s experience (for 1 min), Focusing on breath (for 1 min) & Attending to the body & physical sensations (for 1 min).

therapy for depression and anxiety

4. Psychodynamic Therapy

This particular type of anxiety therapy focuses on examining your past experiences & determining how they’re affecting your current life. Psychodynamic Therapists generally spend more time listening to their patients talking about their lives. They notice significant patterns & events that are playing a major role in creating difficulties in the patient’s life. Costs for Psychodynamic Therapy is often cited as the biggest downside. Since clients deal with therapy for years, the financial costs associated with the treatment modality can potentially be quite high.

5. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

DBT or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, where the therapist tries to identify & change negative thinking patterns of clients & pushes him/her towards positive behavioral changes. DBT often is used to treat suicidal & other self-destructive behaviors. The idea behind DBT comes from bringing two therapies together, i.e. Acceptance & Change. DBT Therapy is categorized into four primary parts: Individual consultation, Phone coaching (if needed), Group skills training & Consultation group for health care providers to stay motivated.

How Anxiety Therapy Work

How To Make Anxiety Therapy Work?

The different types of Anxiety therapies do involve work on your part as well, it calls for completing homework & dedication to learn how to apply what you learn on your own once you complete the course of treatment.  There are certain key points to keep in mind to ensure the Anxiety Therapy works for you.

  1. Practice Self-Care
  2. Ensure You Have A Social Support System
  3. Adopt Healthy Lifestyle Choices
  4. Try To Reduce Stress That Might Make Anxiety Worse


Treating Anxiety Disorders mainly focuses on psychological, medication & lifestyle adjustments & therapies. The course of treatment can differ for each person depending on their type of disorder. Just remember Anxiety is not something that you can’t overcome. Be kind to yourself, reward yourself for all the hard work you’re doing & practice self-care. To be honest, anxiety doesn’t just go away like that, but you can certainly manage it & live a happy & healthy life!

types of Anxiety Therapy


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