Chasing Happiness: Different Types of Happiness

Last Update on May 18, 2022 : Published on September 22, 2021

Aren’t we all looking for happiness? Before achieving goals and dreams, we all are looking for happiness and for some, it is one exclusive goal as well. Well, how do you define happiness? I bet everyone has their own meaning and definition of happiness. Indeed, happiness actually has its own forms and consequences of behaviors and circumstances.

Research shows that according to psychology, there are seven different types of happiness that help in building better mental health and completes our search for the pursuit of happiness.

In this blog, let’s read about the seven different types of happiness in psychology. So, let’s get started.

7 Different Types of Happiness

7 Types of Happiness

1. Joy

Joy might be the smallest word out of all seven different types of happiness but it’s huge. The feeling of joy is so pure and contagious. It basically comes from appreciating yourself and from the following mindfulness. But, the only disadvantage of feeling joy is that it can disappear if you analyze the reasons and details behind it.

However, joy can be easily found with the right perspective and attitude. Therefore, it is one of the most easily accessible forms of emotion you can seek.  In order to find it, you can engage in self-love or self-care and you can also try new things that seek your attention.

2. Excitement

Excitement stays longer than any other form of happiness however if you will look on the negative side, it can disappear quickly without any prior notice. The best part about excitement is that it brings motivation to our life. We can be excited about a new job, meeting someone in a relationship, or starting a new life. Basically, excitement makes us go through hardships and difficulties in life.

Excitement is such a positive word and feeling that it can make us do anything that brings joy in our life. It also improves our focus, helps in achieving goals, brings positivity, and whatnot. In short, the excitement keeps us going!

3. Gratitude

Gratitude is an emotion or a form of happiness that we all follow somewhere in our life; however, the only disadvantage of gratitude is that if we don’t focus on it, it can disappear. Research shows that people who express gratitude on a regular basis are healthier and happier than others who don’t.

In short, gratitude is like salt, if you don’t add it, you will never understand the taste of anything. Gratitude can be cultivated through love-kindness meditation, simple appreciation, living life to the fullest, and more. Cultivation of gratitude can save you from mental health issues like depression, stress, anxiety, and more.

4. Pride

Feelings of pride are a form of gratitude meanwhile competitive or smug pride is a negative thing. Pride is the greatest form of happiness one can be involved in. pride can be originated or created from family, friends, work, or yourself. Meanwhile, pride can also be developed from anything you focus on; you put effort or love into.

Moreover, cultivating a positive sense of pride can help in reaching goals and dreams. You can practice pride by keeping a journal or keeping a list of positive things that makes you feel better about yourself. Or you can also practice it, keeping an appreciation list or accomplishment list of yourself.

5. Optimism

Optimism is something that can be built with time and it leads to great success and satisfaction in life. Optimism is the combination of pride and gratitude which can be grown with the help of focus. People who are grateful for everything they have currently in their life have the ability to pursue success and goals in their life.

Optimists do feel disappointment however, they know how to balance it, minimize it, and outgrow from it. Negative factors do not influence them; they know how to focus on the positive side instead. Moreover, once you have cultivated optimism it can’t disappear easily from yourself.

6. Contentment

Contentment is all about being happy with your current belonging. Those who are less disappointed with their life feel lucky for what they have and always look for the positive side instead of drawbacks are people who practice contentment. Most people basically strive for this type of happiness as it comes from the combination of gratitude and optimism.

7. Love

We are all alive for a reason and that is love. Indeed, love is an infinite source of happiness and at each stage of life, we all crave it. It can be sought by anyone like family, romantic, partners, friends, and pets. Love basically enriches our life. It is a form of happiness that helps in reaching goals, successes, dreams, and whatnot.

I hope this blog helps you to understand seven different types of happiness according to psychology. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Till then, take care and be happy!

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