Emotionally Unstable Partner? Here Are The Ways To Deal With It

Last Update on December 4, 2020 : Published on December 6, 2020
How to deal with emotionally unstable partner

An emotionally unstable partner doesn’t sound very pleasant. You could always stand beside your partner in every emotional rollercoaster but the continuous emotional instances may become daunting to manage in everyday life. Even though the world sees your relationship as perfect and you are also growing together as a couple, you know the challenges being faced.

It is understandable that the love and ‘highs’ of a new relationship wears off with time but the underlying trust and affection keeps you going. However, some partners cannot take this process that easy and may take time to adjust into the situation. But as they adapt to the new changes, another set of challenges strike. Gosh! You must then be feeling how to deal with an emotionally unstable partner.

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Let’s look at the common symptoms that you can find in an emotionally unstable partner:

  • Angry outbursts for no apparent reason
  • Being overly dramatic and turning life into an unending drama
  • Extreme mood swings without a reason
  • Not being empathetic enough towards the partner
  • Not accepting their own mistakes
  • Showing their emotions intensely
  • Instead of taking responsibility, they blame you for everything wrong happening around.

Ahhhhh, this could be really overwhelming for another person in a relationship. Yet we understand your love and commitment to your partner. This is why this blog will guide you tips to manage an emotionally unstable partner.

7 Ways To Deal With An Emotionally Unstable Partner

Emotionally Unstable Partner

1. Take Some Time To Observe

When bothering instances keep going on, you begin to blame yourself. Instead of this, you need to keep calm and take some time to observe everything. Ask yourself if you have done anything wrong or is it just their insane action? Whatever be it, make sure that you do not react instantly and rather wait to analyse everything around.

2. Share Your Problem With A Close Friend

While you are juggling with unlimited drama, your mind stops figuring out the solutions and even gets drained. It is best to share your story with someone who can actually put their ears into it and give a clear view of the picture. They may share their opinion which you could comply with as per the situation.

3. Do You Feel That Your Partner Is A Narcissist?

If such thought has already struck, stop it right away. Your emotionally unstable partner is vulnerable in the moment and needs your support. They need your comfort, trust and love. Even if a narcissistic personality is what you perceive of them, you cannot blame them for their state of mind. Rather remind them about your love, strong and weak sides of your relationship and how you both together can make it best out of each other.

4. Beware Of Gaslighting

When dealing with an emotionally unstable partner, you must take care of your own mental health at an equal scale. While not engaging yourself in the drama, you need to refuse the gaslighting. Moreover, you can keep a record of their blatant lying, blaming, confused talks, and suppression of feelings so that they could be displayed to them when needed.

5. Demand Respect For Yourself

They could be verbally, mentally or emotionally abusive towards you or not speaking in a right tone with you. It is your own duty to demand respect for yourself or tell them how you want to be treated. If this respect is lacking, make sure that you end the conversation or move out of the room unless fulfilled.

6. Suggest Couples Therapy

Learn the signs if your relationship needs couple counseling and if needed, try couples therapy exercises at home. However, it is true that one single person cannot get better alone that easily and need your therapist’s support for early understanding. It is advisable to either go for online couples counseling or write us a message at info@calmsage.com.

7. Move Out Of The Relationship

It may not look like good advice here but if all your efforts have gone in vain and you are just  not able to breathe freely, move out. In order to fix something, you don’t need to put yourself into a daunting situation. Once satisfied with all your efforts, you can choose to take appropriate action as demanded.


It is certainly not easy to deal with an emotionally unstable partner. Although each individual deserves happiness whether they are aligned in a relationship or not. This is why putting yourself first and taking steps to cope with an emotionally unstable partner is a good go-through process. We hope that you both come out as a successful couple and spend the rest of your lives happily.

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  1. S. Wolfe
    S. Wolfe

    Thanks for such an insightful blog to help deal with an emotionally unstable partner. I hope they work.

  2. Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    it's really a sad feeling to deal with an emotionally unstable partner. If you haven't invested your heart and soul in, it's better to take an exit!

  3. CHTN

    I think filling up the communication gap and blurting out your emotions to the partner can resolve everything.

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