COVID 19 : 10 Q&A’s On How To Cope With Post-Pandemic Fear

Last Update on May 19, 2022 : Published on May 11, 2020

This quick round of questions-answers is meant to guide you with new positive energy so that you begin to enjoy the present moment and even get ready for coming times without the hint of fear.

Q1. Is there anything good happening during COVID 19

A. Venice lake cleared during lockdown.

Is there anything good happening during COVID 19

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B. Himalayan range visible 100 miles away

Himalayan range visible 100 miles away

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C. Spending Time On Health

Home exercise

With that said, relationships & quality family time can be seen with or without the physical presence. (Yes, thanks to regular video calls which were being missed earlier).

Q2. Is it a good time to sit back and rethink life’s aspects once again?

economy collapse after the lockdown

This pandemic situation has given some time to relax and revive everything from new and creative perspectives. So consider it as an opportunity! Do not try to unfold future which is not seen by anyone but stay in the present moment for your betterment.

Q3. Can COVID 19 be compared with other viruses?

compared with other viruses

We would say, don’t. In scientific terms, it is different from various other flus and viruses but we are taking this virus very strategically. When compared with previous virus attacks like Spanish Flu that infected 500 million people and killed 5 million, we have together kept the situation controlled. Imagine the numbers then and now! Moreover, the whole world is fighting together against coronavirus which was probably never seen in history before. So you shall rather hope for better outcomes in the coming future.

Q4. What should I do to prepare myself after lockdown?

social distancing

Lockdown will soon be over but it is true that a sense of contracting the virus may linger in our minds. The best way is to maintain social distance, talking to people 2 meter apart, sanitize everything you get in your home, follow self-care habits regularly and prefer working from home for about a few more months. Your alertness is the only weapon to keep you ahead even after lockdown is over.

Q5. How far social distance is going to help us?

How far social distance is going to help us

As Medical Science is rigorously trying to find cure and vaccines for the coronavirus, it is only social distancing that can help us. Thankfully, we are not facing a war-like situation and we can definitely cope with fear of viruses only with our efforts to stay distant from each other in the coming few months.

Q6. How to stay in the present without worrying about the aftermath of COVID 19?

How to stay in the presents

Firstly, if you are reading this blog on your device and able to consume food every day, you are already lucky and even ready to cope with post pandemic fear. Fear appears in our heads only when we think about the future. We understand that news pieces, channels and broadcasts are sending out some negativity but let’s deal with it like a Pro.

Secondly, the best actions for now include positive things like inspiring movies on Netflix, keeping yourself busy with fruitful activities and maintaining relations with your loved ones. This time and space may never come back again, so enjoy the phase with a smile. Also, learn about the guide on how to seize the moment.

Q7. How to deal with anxiety thinking about our future?

deep breathe

We would tell you once again that you must feel lucky to be safe and sound despite unfortunate conditions around the world. We have got you a guide on how to deal with anxiety during lockdown and how to make quarantine healthy for you. Deep breathing, listening to good music, practicing Yoga and learning a new skill online could be some of the examples.

Q8. What is the best way to deal with COVID 19 lockdown?

self care

One, don’t imagine this situation as a natural calamity and just a small aberration. Your thinking is definitely important to deal with corona pandemic.

Second, it is giving you time to focus on yourself. Promise yourself to be 10% physically better, 10% emotionally and mentally stronger and be energetic next few months. And this constant focus on yourself is surely going to give better results and opportunities once lockdown dissolves.

Third, take the lockdown as a challenge for yourself and be competent enough to win it. Mind you, fearing from it will never help being a winner.

Fourth, don’t make guesses for the future. Start enjoying the present.

We would also recommend you to take deep breathing exercises and Yoga sessions thrice a week to develop overall health balance.

Q9. How do I upgrade myself during lockdown?

stay healthy mentally or physically

Challenge yourself to become physically, mentally and emotionally stronger to upgrade yourself. With that, plan to learn a new skill like cooking, dancing, playing chess, etc. so that you can feel proud of yourself for being self-considerate.

Q10. What should I do at home alone and when I have no one to talk to?

learn something new

It is understandable if you are home alone and not able to be your loved ones. Situations come when you have no one to talk to and you cannot even think of going anywhere. In that case, you can think of reading books online, write gratitude journals, learn something new and workout at home every day. Also check out, what I should do if I have no one to talk to.


Many of your questions are going to be answered really soon. We would also like to tell you that some excerpts have been taken from Sadhguru’s video and you can choose to listen to him as well. The most positive thing about it is to know that viruses are part of the living cycle of nature. They have been living even before mankind and stayed within every organism of the world. But since 1970, 60% of the vertebrate populations have gone extinct and now the virus has made its space within humans. It’s alright if it has made space in between us, fighting and stopping it becomes our strong responsibility. Isn’t thinking great?

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