Top 21+ Uplifting, Inspiring and Feel-Good Latest Movies on Amazon Prime (2021)


Who doesn’t love to watch a flick featuring their favorite stars? Movies, indeed are a way to have a gala time with friends and family. But, sometimes movies go much beyond enjoyment. Some movies teach you life lessons, motivate you so that you get a reason to charge back up.

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There are movies that you can watch when you are exhausted, when you are low on your spirits and when your mind and heart seems to have shut off to situations. So, here are some uplifting, inspirational, and feel-good movies on Amazon prime which will give you a new perspective to deal with things. We are sure that after watching these movies, you’ll be filled with a renewed spirit to tackle whatever it is that comes to you.

Best Uplifting, Motivational and Feel Good Movies on Amazon Prime:

1. Green Book (2018)

Directed by: Peter Farrelly
IMDb Rating: 8/10

Star Cast: Mahershala Ali, Viggo Mortensen, Linda Cardellini
Awards: Academy Award For Best Picture (2019), Golden Globe Award For Best Supporting Actor (2019)

Watch Trailer:

Green Book is one of the best feel-good movies Hollywood has produced. It talks about relationship of two men amidst America’s racial segregation in the 1960’s. Initially, both the men don’t go along well since one is an erudite American-African classical pianist and the other is a crude, tough yet practical American-Italian bouncer.

During the course of their journey, the pair witness and sustains America’s injustices together and develops respect for each other’s talents. Eventually, both are able to nurture a bond of friendship.

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2. Lady Bird (2017)

Directed by – Greta Gerwig
IMDb – 7.4/10

Star Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts
Awards: Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture (2018), New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Film (2017)

Watch Trailer:

Lady Bird truly celebrates the message of womanhood and individuality which is why it is placed amongst the most positive movies on Amazon Prime. The movie shows the struggle of a mother whose husband has lost his job and how she works tirelessly to make ends meet.

It even shows her turbulent yet loving relationship with her teenage daughter. In the end, Lady Bird is able to fulfill her dreams of getting accepted in a university of her dreams and she eventually thanks her mother for everything she has done for her.

3. Fighting With My Family (2019)

Directed by – Stephen Merchant
IMDb – 7.1/10

Watch Trailer: 

If you are looking for feel good movies on Amazon prime, Fighting with my family is one movie to watch. Born in a wrestling family, Zak and his sister Paige are excited to have earned a spot to try out for WWE. it is then that Paige realizes that she’ll have to face the cut-throat competition all on her own. She drastically improves during training and even becomes the source of encouragement for her fellow trainees as well.

The movie teaches us that we shouldn’t give up during such circumstances and push ourselves harder and deeper and flourish, thereby cementing our own identity.

4. The King’s Speech (2010)

Directed by – Tom Hooper
IMDb – 8/10

Watch Trailer:

While all of us must be thankful for the life that god has given us, everyone has some or the other imperfection. And, if you are looking for a perspective to deal with your imperfections, The King’s Speech is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring movies on Amazon Prime you should watch.

It talks about how Prince Albert struggles through his speech impediment to ascend to the throne as King Geroge VI. Throughout the whole movie you’ll learn the value of hard work, determination and most importantly the power to believe in yourself.

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5. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Directed by: Steve Conrad
IMDb Rating: 8/10

Star Cast: Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Thandie Newton
Awards: MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough (2007), Teen Choice Award For Choice movie: drama (2007)

Watch Trailer:

Feeling let down and low on life? This is the movie you should absolutely watch. It is undoubtedly one of the ultimate feel good movies as it tells you that no matter how hard your struggles are but if you believe in yourself and in the love of your dear ones, victory is just round the corner.

It shows the struggles of a single father Chris Gardner who with his perseverance, grit and determination is able to bag a job at a prestigious company. Despite constantly being chastised by his wife for failures, despite being evicted from his own apartment, he and his son live in shelters, carry their day to day chores and eventually come out victorious.

6. The Theory of Everything (2014)

Directed by: James Marsh
IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

Star Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Tom Prior, Felicity Jones
Award: Academy Award For Best Actor (2015), Golden Globe Award For Best Original Score (2015)

Watch Trailer:

Looking for Amazon Prime movies that help you feel good? Take inspiration from Stephen hawking, the greatest physicist, cosmologist and author of our times. Despite being subjected to fatal illness at 21, he excelled both in his professional and family life. He married his college sweetheart Jane Wilde and even went on to become a lecturer at the University of Cambridge.

But, the movie is not just about the highs in the life of Stephen Hawking; they even enumerate instances when his relationship with his wife was tested because of his condition and how he overcame such difficulties and went on to author his book “A brief history of time”.

7. We Are The Millers (2013)

Directed by – Rawson Marshall Thurber
IMDb – 7.0/10

Watch Trailer: 

This lighthearted comedy apart from being an out and out entertainer teaches you that no good deed that you do goes unpunished. A small time pot dealer creates a fake family but eventually forges a family like bond and learns to understand the value of people.

8. The Art of Racing in the Rain (2019)

Directed by: Simon Curtis
IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

Star Cast: Milo Ventimiglia, Kevin Costner (Sound Of Enzo)

Watch Trailer:

If dogs are the only noble beings in the world that can cheer you up even during the toughest times in your life, the Art of racing in the rain is the movie for you. The film depicts the beautiful bond between a Formula One race car driver Denny and his golden retriever Enzo. The film also shows that dogs do understand everything that happens in their owner’s life which also prepares them to take protective measures towards their family.

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9. Instant Family (2018)

Directed by: Sean Anders
IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

Star Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, Isabela Merced
Awards:  Best Feature Film And Best Actress – Feature Film At Imagen Foundation Awards (2019)

Watch Trailer:

Instant Family is amongst those movies that will make you happy instantly. Feeling an obvious void in their married life, Ellie and Pete decide to go for the option of adopting kids. On their way of adopting kids, they stumble on the potentiality of adopting a teenage girl and go on adopting her two more siblings.

All the three kids are of different temperament and teach Ellie and Pete the ropes of raising foster kids as their own children and give them the hope of becoming a family.

10. The Wolf Of The Wolf Street

Directed by – Martin Sorcese
IMDb – 8.2/10

Watch Trailer: 

This is one movie which can motivate you to the core and is therefore one of the most motivational movies on Amazon prime especially if you are a budding entrepreneur. Though we’d not want you to learn the greed that Jordan Belfort developed over the course of time.

But, you can learn aspects like motivating your colleagues and employees, becoming focused on what you want and preparing a strategy for that and last but not the least you shouldn’t give up.

11. Southpaw (2015)

Directed by – Antoine Fuqua
IMDb – 7.4/10

Watch Trailer: 

No matter how hard you fall, if you have the will to get back up and the right direction, there’s no stopping you. After the tragic death of his wife in an accidental gunshot, a famous boxer even loses his daughter for being incapable of providing for her. But, then how he fights his circumstances with his determination, how he changes his boxing styles and how he rekindles his relationship with his daughter forms the storyline.

12. 3 Idiots (2009)

Directed by: Rajkumar Hirani
IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Star Cast: Amir Khan, Sharman Joshi, R Madhavan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Mona Singh
Awards: Filmfare Award for The Best Film (2010), IIFA Award For The Best Film (2010)

Watch Trailer:

The movie teaches us some very simple things through a perfectly yet emotionally crafted cinematography – if you learn something don’t do it just because it will get you good grades or a good job. Your learning become worthless if you have no interest in what you are studying.

And, even if you don’t get good grades or don’t bag a prestigious job, you will make something good out of your life. All in all 3 Idiots is one the best Amazon prime movies to motivate you especially if you are a student who is dealing with stigmas of the society which put them under the pressure of having better grades and jobs. Even though it deals with a serious subject, it is still one of those happy movies that will cheer you up.

13. A Brilliant Young Mind (2014)

Directed by: Morgan Matthews
IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

Star Cast: Asa Butterfield, Rafe Spall, Sally Hawkins

Watch Trailer:

One of the most recommended movies on Amazon Prime, ‘A Brilliant Young Mind’ at its core tells you that every individual is special. The protagonist of the movie, Nathan is a socially awkward teenager who finds it hard to comprehend the world. It is for this reason that he even isn’t able to understand people around him.

But, what he understands is numbers and he therefore develops an unusual camaraderie with an unconventional teacher, Mr. Humphreys and lands a place in British squad at the International Mathematics Olympiad.

14. Up (2009)

Directed by – Pete Docter
IMDb – 8.2/10

Watch Trailer:

The movie focuses on the relationships we have with people. And, it is only after they are gone do we realize their importance in life. It is not just with people, we even tend to undervalue things in life. It is one of the most feel good movies on Amazon Prime where a retired balloon salesman forges a bond with the young wilderness explorer and they together embark on an adventure up in the air.

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15. The Upside (2017)

Directed by: Neil Burger
IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

Star Cast: Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, Nocile Kidman

Watch Trailer: 

The Upside is an Amazon prime movie that will surely help you feel good with its comedic humor and the inherent message. It shows us that despite coming from two very different worlds, two people (here one is a quadriplegic billionaire and the other is a parolee) can forge a bond of friendship.

The second thing that the movie teaches us is that no matter how hard the situations in life are, you should never ever give up. Both the characters of the movie for instance are dealing with one or the other shortcoming and both eventually emerge victorious.

16. Freedom Writers (2007)

Directed by – Richard LaGravenese
IMDb – 7.5/10

Watch Trailer: 

The role of a teacher in a student’s life is crucial. Having said that, a teacher should also understand his or her students’ immaterial of what others think of them. Which is why Freedom writers is one of the most motivational movies on Amazon Prime.

It’s how a dedicated teacher doesn’t give up on her students who are otherwise considered incapable. She encourages them by assigning them reading materials that resonate with their lives and even encourages them to journal their thoughts. Freedom writers is also one of the best uplifting movies on Amazon Prime since it beautifully touches the issue of racism as well.

17. Invictus

Directed by – Clint Eastwood
IMDb – 7.3/10

Watch Trailer: 

It’s so wonderful to see how a sport of rugby can help unite a country. The movie is based on the true historic story of Nelson Mandela and how he joined forces with the captain of the South African rugby team in an effort to unite the country. The themes in the movie also touch integrity and compassion which one must possess. The movie also delivers an inspiring message which implies that if you have the will and determination, you can even change your fate.

18. Fisherman’s friends (2019)

Directed by : Chris Foggin
IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

Star Cast: James Purefoy, Meadow Nobrega, David Hayman

Fisherman’s friends are one of the best feel good movies on Amazon Prime which makes you understand the value of community and friendship over fame and fortune. The movie showcases how a cynical fast lying music executive is pranked into signing a group of fishermen and how he is able to fill them with enthusiasm and gain their respect. He doesn’t just get the respect of the fishermen but their families as well. During this journey he even realizes what success actually means.

19. Bruce Almighty (2003)

Directed by – Tom Shadyac
IMDb – 6.7/10

Watch Trailer: 

Haven’t we all at one point in time complained the almighty for not treating us rightly? Bruce Almighty is just a hilarious take on that. After having given the powers by almighty himself, Bruce realises that he just cannot answer all the prayers. Broadly, the movie teaches us some really simple things. First, never complain about small things and be happy not for yourself but also for others as well.

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20. Princess Diaries (2001)

Directed by – Garry Marshall
IMDb – 6.3/10

Watch Trailer: 

Though it is a light hearted coming off age teen comedy, it goes without saying that it is also one of the most uplifting movies on Amazon Prime. It journeys the transformation of Amelia “Mia” Thermopolis from a shy high school girl to a princess. As one of the most motivational movies on Amazon prime, it underlines a very important aspect that we all should learn that courage is certainly not the absence of fear but believing that there are things which are more important than the fear itself. It also teaches that you never know where your destiny might take you.

21. The Longest Yard

Directed by – Peter Segal
IMDb – 6.4/10

Watch Trailer: 

It’s never too late to redeem whatever wrong you have done in life. After a disgraced pro football quarterback, Paul Crewe is sent to jail, he is manipulatively recruited to lead a crew of inmates against corrupt prison guards. With his determination he forges a bond of brotherhood with other inmates and gets over the bloodthirstiness of the opposition.

More Inspiring and Feel Good Movies of All Time:

22. The Company Men (2010)

Directed by – John Wells
IMDb: 6.7/10

Watch Trailer: 

You would probably find this as one of the most feel good movies on Amazon prime if you have kind of hit the rock bottom in your career. Don’t worry if that has happened, watch this movie and you’ll learn a great lesson on adaptability which is extremely important if you wish to be successful during your career run or after it.

23. Chef (2014)

Directed by – Jon Favreau

IMDb: 7.3/10

Watch Trailer: 

Chef’s a heartwarming movie about a popular chef who loses his job after receiving bad reviews. In that process he even loses respect. He then opens a food truck to show the world that he still has got it and simultaneously tries to make amends with his broken family. After watching this movie you’ll be all pumped up to cook, travel and even love your family more than ever.

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24. School Of Rock (2003)

Directed by – Richard Linklater

IMDb: 7.1/10

Watch Trailer: 

Every individual is special and it’s all about nurturing their talent and most part of the movie is all about that. The movie disguised as a comedy talks about an accidental teacher who forms a band out of students in a classroom. While you might consider it as far-fetched, the movie also focuses on how important it is for the students to have a real life experience if they wish to learn something deeply.

25. The Intern

Directed by – Nancy Meyers

IMDb: 7.1/10

Watch Trailer: 

The intern is one of the most inspiring movies on amazon prime that conveys strong messages surrounding team value, age, integrity and a healthy purview of a work environment. This movie can especially be a great experience for all those who are working at a place where people from several generations work. Or, it can even be a great motivator for people who are building their business from the start.

26. Billy Elliot

Directed by – Stephen Daldry

IMDb: 7.7/10

Watch Trailer: 

Billy Elliot beautifully deals with issues such as gender stereotypes and social classes. The movie conveys a beautiful message to stay true to yourself no matter what others tell you. You might face opposition even from your near and dear ones, you might be ridiculed in the society but that shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your passion.

27. Turner & Hooch (1989)

Directed by – Roger Spottiswoode

IMDb: 6.2/10

Watch Trailer: 

Turner and Hooch is a 1989 buddy cop flick where a police investigator forms a bond with a dog. While initially, there isn’t any camaraderie between the two but gradually both work as a team and fight off crime. The movie delivers a great lesson of loyalty in the form of Hooch who eventually dies saving Turner.

28. Dead Poets Society (1989)

Directed by – Peter Weir

IMDb: 8.1/10

Watch Trailer: 

If you are looking for life lessons, this is one movie you should definitely watch. The movie revolves around how an English teacher inspires his students to break free from conformity present in their lives. Through the movie, you learn that no matter what people say, you have the capacity to change the world. All that is required is to think out of the box.

29. Jerry Maguire (1996)

IMDb: 7.3/10

Watch Trailer: 

One of the most inspiring movies on amazon prime, after watching Jerry Maguire, you will learn to take a stand for what you firmly believe in. The movie boldly highlights the value of principle and success that’ll motivate you to redefine success for yourself. And, for a working professional, it has a great message that it is not just about money but genuinely caring for people you do business with.

30. My Bodyguard

Directed by –  Tony Bill

IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

Watch Trailer: 

Bullying is an issue which is quite prominent in schools and colleges. Not just in schools and colleges, everywhere there is one or the other miscreant who tries to overpower people and make life hell for them. If you are in that situation and need motivation to fight back, My Bodyguard is one of those feel good movies on Amazon prime movies you should definitely watch. The movie towards the end even delivers a great message that sometimes you have to fight your own battles. And, in the end the earlier bullied protagonist is able to put the bully in place.

31. Midnight In Paris (2011)

Directed by – Woody Allen

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

Watch Trailer: 

Everyone has a past and there are many whose past is much better than the present. It is good to learn the past but it’s not good to romanticize the past at the expense of the present. That’s exactly why Midnight in Paris is one of the most inspiring movies on Amazon Prime as it teaches you that any “present’ can become a dull “present”. The best way is to embrace it. 

That’s It, Folks!

If ever you feel let down and want to recharge yourself again, pick up from one of the feel-good movies on Amazon prime like the ones mentioned above.

How did you like the list and which one of the above movies is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments section below. For more content on mental wellbeing keep reading Calm Sage.

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