Overwhelmed At Your New Job? Here Are 7 Ways You Can Deal With The Stress

Last Update on May 6, 2021 : Published on May 7, 2021
Overwhelmed At Your New Job

Starting a new job? Are you overwhelmed or scared of new job responsibilities? Finding adjusting to your new job difficult?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone!

If you’ve joined a new workplace – either for the first time or the twelfth time, doesn’t matter – you are probably feeling a little stressed and anxious, right? It’s pretty normal. With a new job comes a lot of excitement and nervousness. So many new faces to meet, new responsibilities to tackle, many expectations to meet!

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and stressed but when (sometimes) the stress can be a motivator, in some cases, it can make it difficult to concentrate on your new responsibilities too.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best and effective ways to relieve that new job stress and anxiety.

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Stress affects millions of people around the globe and while in some situations, stress can be good, more often than not, stress can leave you feeling weakened and exhausted.

When you leave one workplace and enter another, you’re usually faced with a lot of responsibilities that can seem intimidating and feel overwhelming. This “starting a new job anxiety” can feel more overpowering when you have little to no previous job experience.

For a fresh out of college experience, a new job is a new and exciting prospect but it can quickly turn into panic and anxiety.

So here, I’ve compiled some stress relief tips you can use to deal with the new job stress and anxiety.

Tips To Deal With New Job Stress

1. Ask For Help

All of us want to figure things out on our own and while many perceive asking for help as a weakness, in reality, it is not. If you’re stuck on a particular task or are stressed about messing something up, ask for help.

Asking for help can help you understand the flow of the work and it can also be a way in which you can build a strong connection with your co-workers, managers, or supervisors.

2. Exercise

Stress and anxiety can drain your energy, fast. When you feel stressed, one of the best ways to release it is by staying active. Exercising not only helps boost your physical health but also your psychological health. Going for a walk or a run every day can help boost your self-esteem, confidence, and mood.

If you’re working from home, then take some time out to take frequent breaks and walk around in your house. Doing yoga, cardio, or stress-relieving exercises can also help you stay active.

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3. Acknowledge That You’re Learning

Every new job, in the beginning, is tough when you are figuring out the logistics of the new job. Remember, practice makes perfect, correct? So even if you mess something up, don’t stress about it. Accept and acknowledge that you are still learning and figuring things out as you go.

No one is expecting you to be perfect when you’re a newcomer. Go slow and find a routine that suits you. You need to feel confident in your ability to do your job.

4. Engage In A Hobby

Starting a new job is scary and challenging and all you want to do is be your best. You work hard and focus on your tasks, this may affect your mental health and make you experience burnout at an early stage. You are eager to invest your time at your new job, I understand but not engaging in doing things you love after work is not good.

Make some time for yourself, spend time with your friends and family, engage in a hobby – practice some stress-relieving activities to help you decompress and relax after a long day at work.

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5. Get Plenty Of Sleep

Adults need at least 6-8 hours of restful sleep each night to function properly. When you start a new job, it is important to understand that less sleep and more work is not going to help your productivity. Getting enough sleep is important if you want to succeed at your new workplace.

If you’ve not gotten a restful sleep, your mood will be sour and your productivity will be affected, and not in a good way.

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6. Be Realistic

At a new job, your managers and co-workers may expect a lot from you. So if you fail to deliver, don’t beat yourself up too much. Remember, even experienced employees can fail. To avoid such in the future, set realistic expectations and communicate them to your manager, co-workers, and supervisors.

It is always better to give yourself a chance to explore your limitations and set expectations. Try not to fill up your task sheet with too many tasks. At a new job, it is always better to start slow. Taking up many tasks at a time will only add to your stress.

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7. Seek Allies

Seeking allies, i.e., others who are relatively new to the workplace as yourself can also help you reduce that new job stress and anxiety. Talk to your co-workers or you can even share your concerns with your friends, family, or with your support group. Sometimes talking about what is stressing us out can help us figure out how to avoid or remove the stressor.

Take Care…

New job stress adjustment can be difficult but it isn’t impossible. New job stress can be dangerous to your overall health and well-being so taking care of yourself is important.

Remember, if you are mentally relaxed and healthy, you can take on any task and increase your productivity, eventually. Learn some time management skills, focus on the positives, and learn from your failures. Don’t give up just because you find your task difficult.

I hope the above tips will help you deal with new job stress and anxiety and will help you adjust well to a new workplace.

For more on workplace stress, you can visit our website or write to us at info@calmsage.com.

Be kind, take care, and stay safe.

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