Living In Panic Or Denial During Pandemic? Find What Dr. Faheem Younous Has To Say!

Last Update on October 26, 2023 : Published on November 19, 2020
Denying Or Panicking During Corona

The pandemic is becoming a part of our lives now. Coronavirus hasn’t seen a distinction between gender, occupational role, and place of residence or income. It has just intruded and shook everything.

Even after surviving almost a year with the disease, the reaction amongst mass is facing differences. Some have considered it a new normal and facing it fearlessly whereas others are still panicking or in denial. At the same time, we also saw former U.S. President Donald Trump denying the consequences of coronavirus too.

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However, Dr. Faheem Younus has something to say to all of you. Dr. Faheem Younus is head of Infectious Disease Clinic in the University of Maryland in America. He explained that

we will be living with the disease for coming more months and it’s better to neither panic nor deny the facts. Instead, it’s the preparedness which is going to stay as the constant fighting mechanism unless a vaccine appears.

Denial During Pandemic

When social media activists posted questions like why should they be scared of coronavirus when accidents kill more people every year, it shows their denying nature. But Dr. Faheem explains it with two facts; One, accidents are not contagious and Two, neither we have immunity against novel coronavirus nor the vaccine.

Panic During Pandemic

Many people have lost their sleep and calm during the horrifying scenario. Some are even overusing sanitizers to escape the contact from coronavirus or spreading wrong information amongst people. Dr. Faheem says that fear is far more contagious than virus alone and you must start living in ‘hope’. However, hope cannot be a strategy but a strong drive to surpass tough times.

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How To Deal With Panic Or Denial During Coronavirus Pandemic, According To Dr. Faheem Younus?

How To Deal With Panic Or Denial During Coronavirus Pandemic

As we know that the coming few months would only see a rise in cases whereas lifestyle is aligning with the viral load, you can follow a few methods as coping mechanisms.

1. Accepting the reality:

Denying and panicking will simply not help, to begin with. It will only make your life miserable. Hence, facing reality is the only solution you have. Moreover, it needs to be understood that when a virus has made its place inside the cell walls, it doesn’t flush out by simply consuming an immense amount of water.

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2. Changing the perspective:

Coronavirus is not deadly for everyone getting infected. If 100 people are infected at a time, 80 are likely to recover without the need for hospitalization. Critical cases like the elderly or multiple medical conditions may become a few reasons for succumbing. It is required to keep your immunity levels high and stay in touch with a family doctor during the pandemic.

3. Concentrate On Preparedness:

In order to be prepared for pandemic denial or throw the fear of pandemic, here are some points:

  • Keep a safe distance of at least 3 feet from people to avoid transmission of virus.
  • Live your life just like usual but keep washing your hands after every 1 hour, especially after coughing, sneezing or discarding the napkin you were using.
  • Keep yourself physically fit by walking in the park or breathing in the wild. The truth is that disease does not spread through air and requires close contact to transmit.

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4. Acknowledge Yourself With Proven Facts

  • Loss of smell or taste may also go due to overconsumption of anti-allergic medicines or other viral infections. Hence, these nonspecific symptoms should not become the basis of panic during COVID-19.
  • Wearing a mask all the time may cause breathing problems and lower down oxygen levels. It is recommended that masks are worn only in crowded places or when you step out in public zones.
  • If you are wearing gloves and touch your face with virus accumulated gloves, it can be harmful for you. Rather, stay away from gloves and keep washing your hands in between.

5. Denial Of Misleading Information

  • COVID 19 shall not be looked at as a food infection. The virus spreads with droplets of flu and ordering food from outside is not the reason for transmission.
  • COVID 19 doesn’t spread with grocery bags, plastic bags, shopping cards or ATMs. You can live your life in a usual manner and don’t forget to wash your hands every few hours.
  • There is no need to switch to an expensive antibacterial soap in the fear of pandemic. It is because the fight is against a virus and not bacteria.
  • The chances of bringing coronavirus home with your shoes is like getting struck by lightning twice in a day. So, you can be cautious with shoes not getting inside home but there is no need to panic about it.
  • Drinking vinegar, eating medicinal herbs or consuming excessive ginger will not protect you from a virus that has entered.

Although Dr. Faheem Younus has pitched in most important information that one must know during the pandemic spread, Team Calm Sage would also like to add in a few points as our contribution.

 Wellness Words By Author

By today, many of us have experienced coronavirus either very closely or fear of pandemic has just brushed aside. However, we believe that these tips, facts and fighting mechanisms against coronavirus by Dr. Faheem Younus might help you to continue your journey for upcoming months.

Also, make sure that you leave your house to develop immunity and breathe fresh air in. If you think you will save yourself from the virus by sitting in between four walls, you might not be playing it right.

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We would also like to know your side of the brave story during coronavirus in the comment section below.

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    I agree with this, we need to accept the reality and started living life to develop immunity. Wear a mask to stay safe and healty.

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