Who Is A Nutric Personality And Why You Should Keep Them Near

Last Update on June 16, 2022 : Published on June 18, 2022

We’ve all had one or two encounters with toxic people that have left an impression on our souls that it’s hard to believe when someone comes into our lives who is the opposite of toxic. The search for such kinds of people led me to a term I’d never heard of before – Nutric Person.

When I searched more on this term, I came across this definition, “a nutric person is someone who is supportive and fosters others’ growth and development.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all have one or more nutric people in our lives? In simple words, someone who supports, nurtures, and makes you feel good about yourself can be termed a nutric person. And this is supported by the fact that fostering positive relationships and meaningful social connections can help us thrive and even increase our resilience.

So, let’s explore who’s a nutric personality, the traits of a nutric person, and why you should keep nutric people near.

Who’s A Nutric Personality?


Just like a toxic personality comes into your life and leaves you feeling empty and drained – mentally and emotionally, a nutric personality is the opposite of that. When they enter your life, they leave a trail of positive energy, happy vibes, motivations, and happiness.

Nutric people can recharge you and make you feel better. Their energy is not only restricted to fun activities but they also make great companions. If you’re having a bad time or just want a good laugh, nutric people are there in your life to recharge your energy – mentally and emotionally.

A nutric personality is nurturing, empathetic, trustworthy, reliable, confident, and has a moral compass they follow.

One of the best ways to keep yourself surrounded by nutric people is to be yourself. When you’re true to yourself and have similar traits as a nutric personality, then you’re more likely to attract people with the same vibes.

Remember, positive attracts positive, and negative attracts negative.

It’s important to identify the toxic people in your life and avoid them. Just as important is to identify and attract nutric people in your life and keep them. You can’t change a toxic person but you can do your best to attract someone who can cancel the effects a toxic person leaves behind.

Let’s take a look at the seven personality traits of nutric people!

The Traits Of Nutric People

Knowing a nutric personality’s traits can help you easily identify them and attract them. Here are some of the common traits of nutric people:

1.They Are Active Listeners

When you talk, they listen. A nutric person will hardly interrupt you as you speak, unlike toxic people who want to be the center of all conversation. A nutric person will listen to you and even ask questions to make sure they understand what you are saying or want to share.

2.They Are Empathetic

Empathy is an important skill and nutric people are empathetic. Empathy is a skill that improves our interactions with others and this makes nutric people a must-have in your life as they can easily put themselves in your shoes and understand your perspective. They understand emotions and their importance and make an effort to support others.

3.They Are Decisive

Toxic people cause drama and problems but nutric people are the opposite of toxic, after all. A nutric personality doesn’t focus on problems but the solutions. They leave space for venting but in the end, will help you resolve your problems without much complaint.

4.They Are Optimistic

Optimism is also another ability that can help us feel better about ourselves and our lives. Nutric people are optimistic and will encourage you to focus on the bright side of things. They don’t want you to just feel optimistic but also encourage you and motivate you to enjoy the positive side of things to deal with negative situations.

5.They Have A Good Sense Of Humor

Laughter is good for our overall health and nutric people know this. They don’t laugh to be socially polite but they inspire the time with humor, positive energy, and fun vibes. They know how to make a joke and laugh at themselves without getting offended.

6.They Give Constructive Criticism

Nutric people, unlike toxic people, call you out on your flaws. Their criticism isn’t meant to make you feel bad about yourself but is geared towards encouraging you to become better. The feedback they give is constructive, not destructive. They know how to share their thoughts without making other people feel bad.

7.They Don’t Dwell On The Past

While your past may help you learn and improve, nutric people don’t like dwelling on their past so much that their present is overshadowed by their past. Nutric people like to live in the moment but also learn from their past without thinking about it much. They understand that life will have its ups and downs but they’ll eventually pass and leave behind a learning experience.

The Value Of Nutric People


Toxic people in your life can spread toxicity, negativity, and unhappiness. They can leave you feeling emotionally and mentally drained. The opposite of toxic people aka nutric people are the ones who support you, nourish you, help you grow, and leave you feeling cheerful.

Toxic people can be easy to spot as they are usually unhappy, insecure, and arrogant. They often say hurtful things and try to sabotage your happiness. Nutric people, on the other hand, care and pay attention to the damage toxic people leave behind. They are easy to spot as they encourage you when you face self-doubt. Support you when you need it, and make you feel happy when you’re down. For nutric people, your happiness means their happiness.

However, nutric people are not the solution to your problems. They can only uplift you, make you feel confident in yourself, and motivate you to do better.

Keeping a nutric personality around you is a good choice but if you’re struggling with psychological distress, it is recommended that you speak to a professional.

I hope this article helped you understand who is a nutric personality and the traits of nutric people. For more, you can write to us at info@calmsage.com or DM us on social media.

Have you ever encountered a nutric personality? Let us know in the comments below!

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