Planning To Take A Mental Break In Your Relationship? Read This Guide

Last Update on March 28, 2022 : Published on March 28, 2022

“I want a break from you!” might look like an easy phrase to say to your partner. However, trust me; it is really difficult to take a break in your relationship. Now, you must be wondering if taking a break will reduce your stress or resolve your anger.

Meanwhile, sometimes taking a break from your relationship can do the opposite. It might happen that you begin to feel anxious, think negatively, or become more stressed after taking a break from your partner. Temporary separation from your partner is not an easy thing to do, but sometimes it gets important for our mental health.

A mental break from your relationship can be a better way to press pause on your relationship for your mental health only when it is done in the right way. This blog works as a guide if you are planning to take a mental break from your relationship.

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Should I Take a Break From My Relationship or Not? Will it Work?


I asked some of the therapists and relationship experts if it is okay to take a break from relationships or not. They replied that if you’re doing it for yourself, for your partner, or for your mental health, then it is completely fine to take a break from your relationship. They said the fact is that we need to find a balance between our relationships and our health. We can still love each other and maintain contact when we are taking a break.

Some people might think that taking a break from the relationship is an act of break-up. However, the fact is that mental breaks can be a way to nurture relationships if appropriately done. Keeping intimacy in my mind, a long-distance relationship, or taking a break might break your closeness level. Meanwhile, the right amount of distance may help in optimizing love and intimacy without harming each other’s sentiments in the relationship.

Breaks are actually required especially when someone feels that the relationship is unstable. The pattern of breaking up and getting back again is referred to as relationship churn. This phenomenon is highly observed in young adults. The Brightside of this phenomenon is that it helps people discover their inner-self and pursue their personal goals. People can easily go back to the relationship to experience something new and apply skills that they have learned during the self-discovery process. It will benefit the relationship.

Moreover, taking a break in a relationship might bring a negative impact on the relationship as well. If you’re more likely to break up and not reconcile the relationship again, it might impact your future relationships as well. Therefore, before taking a break it is important to seek a break for the right reasons, establish clear boundaries, and use the time appropriately for gaining clarity.

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Signs you must take a Break from your Relationship


There are some signs when your relationship starts becoming exhausting and when you must take a break. Taking a break from a relationship should always have the right reason and clear boundaries.

Taking a break does not mean that your relationship has fallen apart, it just means that you’re taking some time to fortify your connection and deepen the meaning of your love.  Therefore, here are some check signs before you conclude to finally take a break from your relationship.

  1. When you feel you need to focus on your needs
  2. When your personal life and professional life are at odds
  3. When life is not going according to you and circumstances are telling you to do it
  4. When you feel there are a lot of differences between you and your partner
  5. When you feel your arguments, daily fights, and unhealthy discussions are increasing
  6. When your partner does not care about finding a resolution
  7. When you feel like your partner is a little clingierand you’re not getting the space you want to accomplish your goals
  8. When you begin to question the future of your relationship

How to Plan a Break from your Relationship in the Right Way?

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While taking a break is beneficial for your mental health, it certainly comes with some limits, clear boundaries, and finding the right path. Before taking a break, you must understand when you’re planning to get back together and what positive changes you are expecting from yourself and your partner.

Here is a small guide to help you seek a mental break from your relationship in the right way.

  • Set a time limit.
  • Clarify if you’re planning to get back together or not. Do not keep your partner on hold.
  • Establish clear rules.
  • Make the perfect time to bring positive changes in yourself
  • Make a decision together.
  • Seek relationship counseling if required

All relationships are not the same; they might need some time for strengthening. However, you can always seek a mental break for the right reasons and for getting clarity for your own personal needs. It will help in fostering a healthy relationship.

When appropriately done, a mental break can help you in various positive ways. That’s it, folks! I hope this blog helps you to gain some clarity to take a mental break in your relationship or not. Comment down your queries and experience after taking a mental break.

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